Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, is sometimes referred to as the Little Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

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Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, is sometimes referred to as the Little Grand Canyon of the Pacific. ©2014 Vern Lovic.Here is a note I received today from a married couple that is considering a move to one of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future. I think they will probably be a good fit for life in Hawaii, but one never really knows. You have to try it and see how it works out for you. I think those that are realistic, enthusiastic, and understand that a real effort is needed to make it long-term on the islands, will make it. I do hope they write me again to tell me how it’s going!

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Hello Vern,

I was glad to come across your website and FB page! My husband and I are talking about making the move at the end of this year! We have discussed it a lot after coming to Hawaii and marrying at the base of Diamond Head 14 years ago! We always said we would be back!! We had lots of reasons in the past to not be able to make such a move, but those have all gone away. We have two beautiful dogs, both big breeds, it would have been very hard on them to make such a trip. Then we had a house that we needed to get out from underneath and of course having the funds to make the move!!

We have downsized to a quarter of what we used to have and plan to downsize to just clothing and family pictures and a few other small items to make the move. I am 56 and my husband is 53. We both have plans to find jobs, I am in the Restaurant Industry and my husband has his CDL.

As I said we have quite a bit in savings, we have been watching in Craigslist for jobs available and have seen quite a few apartments and homes in the Rental section that would work fine for us. We became Vegan 7 months ago and have spiritually awakened and feel the need to get away from the Rat Race here in Cincinnati, Ohio!!

We are very low key do not like the Malls, or the Traffic or just all the craziness here. We have been to Oahu but think that Kauai or the Big Island would suit us better. We made many visits to the Florida area thinking that might work for us, but it is just not the same as the whole Hawaii feel. We hope to get more involved with the Organic Industry and get more involved. We hope to find some Organic Farms that would be willing to let us work in exchange for our Food and even at some point housing. So anyway What are your thoughts on this and can you give a little more insight as to the other cost we may need to figure in or just your thoughts on our future move!! Thanks and hope to hear from you!

* * *

Ok, wow. This appears to be a couple that has done their homework and are very anxious to make the move. No timeframe was mentioned, but it sounds like they are not far from taking a flight over and giving this a shot. Maybe early 2015?

It sounds like they have cleared up their issues that were holding them back from making the move earlier. Smart. I also couldn’t agree more about downsizing to just clothing and family photos and a few other small items. Makes a lot more sense to me than spending heaps of money to move and then changing everything once you’re moved in for a couple years and realize you don’t need or like most of what you brought with you. Hawaii is completely different from Ohio!

There are some organic farms that take workers and offer a place to stay on Big Island and Kauai, so again, that’s realistic thinking.

They mention Florida – and heck, they’re both young, so Florida might work at another point later in life as they get up there in years and want to be closer to family and friends back in Ohio. There is also something to be said for staying on the mainland when you’re older and may have more trouble getting around. Just my idea anyway. We’ll see when I’m older if that’s true!

As far as what their costs might be, I couldn’t possibly guess. They mention having some money saved, so I don’t think money will be a problem. Jobs in the restaurant industry are fairly easy to come by.

I don’t know what really to say other than, it looks like they’re ready to go give it a shot at living in the paradise of Hawaii.

Please let me know how it all goes for you!


Peter Kay