There are worse things that could happen – right?

A guy had a layover on Oahu where he was then notified he was on the No-Fly List. He wouldn’t be permitted to take a plane off the island. Here’s the story->

Here’s what would get my goat… the man was not told why he was placed on the list – nor will he be told. ABC reported:

A Homeland Security spokesman referred questions to the FBI Terrorist Screening Center, which maintains the report. A spokesman for the center declined to comment on Hicks’ case. The government doesn’t disclose who’s on the list or why someone might have been placed on it.

Take away my ability to fly anywhere the No-Fly List is enforced, and be stuck wherever I am… and not have the slightest idea WHY?

Welcome to America… what a fine country we’re part of.

After ranting, starting with newspaper and blog interviews where I scream as loud as I can at anyone having anything to do with the list, I think then I would have had to make the best of it. I’d probably do a job search and pick something up to keep busy, living in Waikiki within a short walk of The Wall so I could bodyboard a lot.

I’d be OK with getting old and dying on Oahu, there are worse things that could happen.

Anybody feel like writing a book – how to live in Hawaii on $500 per month?