I lived in Waikiki on three separate occasions, so I know a little bit about what it’s like to live there – the good and bad, and there are both. The first time I lived on Amana Street, it is behind the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Waikiki. In 1986 I paid $675 for a studio. It was furnished and decent enough. The building had a pool. Quite OK for then. I was 20 years old and stayed there a year or so.

The second time I moved to Kapiolani Blvd by Kaheka Street intersection – near the Ilikai Hotel. Great spot, easy to walk everywhere – we had a pool and a much bigger 1 bedroom for $750 in 2002. I liked that a lot.

Third time I lived on Hobron Lane. 400 Hobron I think it was. Great building, small studio for $800 but with an amazing rooftop pool and barbeque area. Fantastic views, etc. Here, I’ll put a photo of me swimming in the rooftop pool – Google maps must have caught me just after I came up for air: (click on the photo to zoom in and see me!)

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OK, that is not me – but, anyway, there is the good and bad about living in Waikiki on Oahu, Hawaii…

Living in Waikiki – the Good

  • Walking distance to: beach, restaurants, parks, night life, shopping, colleges, Diamond Head, Walls, Ala Moana Park
  • Good places to run or walk – Ala Moana Park, Kapiolani Park, Diamond Head, along Ala Wai Canal, etc.
  • Save Gas
  • Good public transportation if you have no car
  • Ideal for motorcycle, scooter, or even bicycle
  • Easy to reach northeast – Makapu’u, Sandys, Waimanolo, Bellows AFS, etc.
  • View of Diamond Head and/or the ocean – I always had ocean view, it’s hard to beat that
  • Weather is pretty ideal – not too much rain or dryness, not hot for too many months
  • Jobs are more common in and around Waikiki and town, it’s the metropolis center of Oahu

Living in Waikiki – the Bad

  • Food is more expensive – restaurants, grocery stores, anywhere in Waikiki
  • Rent is more expensive and places are smaller
  • Parking fees, parking hard to find, parking tickets
  • Police standing in side streets to catch you without seatbelt
  • Police speed checks
  • Traffic is insane during rush hours
  • Tensions run a bit higher in Waikiki – people are stressed from the “Bad” things about living in or visiting
  • Waikiki
  • Rats and cockroaches are found more in Waikiki – (not a fact, just my opinion)
  • Air quality can be bad
  • Noise can be extreme sometimes – cars, trucks, concerts, idiots screaming at 3am.
  • Dealing with crowds of tourists and residents doing the same things you want to do