A friend in Honolulu rents out a couple units and we’ve been chatting back and forth about his recent bad time with it.

From what I understand, a girl with two sons needed a place to stay. Apparently she didn’t have the initial money down she needed, but convinced my friend that her Hawaii welfare checks would pay for it when they came in.

Well, the Hawaii welfare checks came and she disappeared pronto – leaving my friend stuck for $4000. She even told the neighbors that it was OK to take whatever was left inside the unit – she left the door open for anyone to come in!

Seems to me that renting apartments, villas, and houses in Hawaii is something that goes wrong quite a lot.

Anyway, here’s his video on YouTube about it: (it has been removed)

Do you rent a unit out in Hawaii? Any horror stories with it? How do you go about giving credit to people that just can’t afford it?

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