At one of our live shows, Dylan shared a great story of theft and recovery which I really think you will enjoy. There’s a deeper lesson here that you can apply in your community to make it a safer and reduce crime.

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Video transcript

i’ve got a really good story to share
with you that illustrates why the big
island is a bad place for criminals and
also i’m going to share with you some
takeaways from this story that you could
learn to apply in your own neighborhood
to make it a better and safer place
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we got into a discussion about crime you
know what areas are
crime-free or reduced crime in hawaii
and dylan
told us a great story
about my my father-in-law recently um
got his truck stolen from his driveway
and they live in a really safe
neighborhood so so much for crying free
for 30 years you know he’s parked his
truck in his driveway with the keys in
it so that kind of changed the dynamics
right well we can only guess but what
probably happened was been some stupid
kids that were in the neighborhood maybe
looking in cars trying to you know see
if there were any valuables or whatever
but since there were keys in the truck
they drove away with it well what
happens next is the real part of the
story and
it’s a classic example
of how hawaii’s tight-knit communities
come together and in it also is the
lesson for you that’s the cool thing
about the world today you know small
town and social media is immediately
the word went out on social media and
the truck was kind of a unique truck and
um i think my wife had a hundred shares
on her facebook post and everybody knew
about it right i mean everybody was on
the lookout for this truck so quickly
the truck turned up like within within
12 hours the you know these kids figured
out that this is probably not a good
idea and um just just abandoned it near
a grocery store near the house and and
we found it so within 12 hours
the truck was found and returned to its
rightful owner and it’s not hard to
imagine why i just mean these kids who
are all over social media themselves
right are probably on facebook saying
hey dude man look everyone’s kind of
sharing that we just stole the car dump
this damn thing hurry up quick man
there’s like a 10 000 views on this
thing just imagine that conversation
easy so we got a happy ending right but
there’s a deeper story and this is the
one i want you to hear but the funny
part of that story was that there was
you know so many people knew about it
one of my wife’s friend’s husbands was
driving home and he passed what he
thought was the truck so he immediately
u-turned and follows this truck 10 miles
back into kailua he was up kind of where
we we live follows this this truck into
the um the ross parking lot and then
parks next to the guy and gets out and
starts walking towards the truck and the
guy gets out of truck and says hey this
is my truck i promise this is my truck i
know everybody’s looking for it this is
my truck it’s not the stolen truck
because i guess this guy’s been had been
confronted several times that day
already because everybody in town was on
the lookout for this truck so why is
hawaii a bad place for criminals because
we have tight-knit communities we look
out for each other everybody knows
you know i know you’ve i know that
you’ve heard of similar stories uh you
know and on anywhere across the mainland
especially like when there’s like
calamities or storms like snowstorms and
things like that uh you know it brings
the neighborhood together and people
look out for each other that’s something
that we kind of practice here every day
in hawaii
maybe it goes to our islander culture
the fact that we have to look out for
each other we gotta take care of each
other that could be a big part of it but
that tight knit looking out for each
other watch out for your neighbor is a
big part of local culture and it’s one
of the reasons why
on the big on especially
not a good place for criminals
oahu is different it’s more urban
there’s density you know you don’t have
you don’t have the sense of community
with people in the condo building right
although you do see it in neighbors
neighborhoods everywhere
but certainly on the big island so how
can you use this to make your community
kind of obvious by now isn’t it
look out for each other
establish good relationships how well do
you know your neighbors
how well do your neighbors know you do
you help each other out you know like
for example in our neighborhood you know
we’re not like you know we’re not like
best of friends or anything but we know
each other very well and you know when
um when anyone goes on vacation or one’s
gonna be out for a few days you know we
talk to each other we know who’s out we
know who’s in we know who the strangers
are we report on them right away this
makes the neighborhood safer so here’s a
clarifying question for you
what could you do
to make your neighborhood stronger what
could you do
to give a stronger sense of community
and fellowship
in your neighborhood answer that
and i’ll guarantee you have a safer
place to live all right got a question
for me
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and we’ll see in the next one
i’m peter k
and i am living the dream in a great
safe place
it is hawaii aloha