Where’s the safest place on Oahu?

We started with this question from Jess of Waukegan:

There’s crime everywhere, but, what spot would be the most safest one in Oahu to live in

And as usual it turned into a great discussion with perspectives from across the state.

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o we got a question from jess of
waukegan mahalo jess who says you know
there there’s crime everywhere but what
spot would be the most safest one in
oahu to live in so let’s get some
answers and let’s go around the state
let’s get some answers from maui the big
island and oahu
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what’s the safest most crime-free area
on oahu scott got right to the point
safest place on the island’s probably
going to be hawaii lower ridge so yeah
hawaii law ridge has a gated community
inside a gated community and there’s a
security guard
on the outside of the gated community
was and i jokingly say that scott was
only half joking because the truth is
while of course crime rates vary
from one district to the next oahu is a
really safe
place no matter where you live now
like any place else
crime rates will vary based on a lot of
factors one of which would be the
socio-economic makeup of the area
and if you look at it that way you know
the more high net worth neighborhoods
are probably going to be the the safer
ones that east oahu stretch from diamond
head to hawaii kai is going to be the
most consistent
um neighborhoods as far as nicer
neighborhoods safer safer neighborhoods
now keep in mind we’re talking relative
crime areas what someone might think is
a bad neighborhood in hawaii
could be like
an awesome neighborhood on the mainland
you can live on oahu anywhere in
relative safety there’s not a single
neighborhood that i feel uncomfortable
going into here here on oahu and i used
to live in kalihi for a little while um
and yeah so did i had some of my
children my best nicest neighbors were
were my neighbors in kalihi what about
maui um i mean maui overall is pretty
safe i i would say
some kind of
plan gated community might be your
safest community versus being right in
town like downtown lahaina or wailuku
most of
my friends and clients and people that
live in these places i mean they do not
lock their doors they don’t let their
now is there any place on maui that
would be considered an unsafe area
there’s no
neighborhoods that i could think of that
are you know really terrible or unsafe
so to really emphasize this i
specifically asked heidi is there any
place on maui where you would feel
unsafe and i thought this was
particularly revealing coming from a
woman’s point of view no and
i’ve definitely felt unsafe in
like other big cities on the mainland in
certain areas but on maui there’s
nowhere i’d feel
scared yeah what about the big island
i’m of the same mine i don’t think
there’s anywhere that’s unsafe but you
know as heidi pointed out what really
makes the place safe
is not so much the district
but your neighbors one one thing that
helps you be safe is it doesn’t really
matter the neighborhood you’re in but it
matters kind of who your neighbors are
right in my my old house i had two
retirees in the and they called the sack
my my
neighbor across the street was a
policeman like i literally could just
leave piles of money in my garage open
and nobody would ever take it because
there were you know there was just
there’s somebody in the yard doing yard
work or walking around or whatever at
all times and so as long as you’re
friends with everybody they’re always
gonna look out for you and dylan shared
a really good story
about how the neighbors are what create
safety in your neighborhood my cousin
stopped by one time and dropped
something off and i immediately got text
messages from my neighbors saying hey
there’s somebody in your in your
driveway you know with a box you know
and it was a car they didn’t recognize
it’s the relationships that you have
with your neighbors your immediate
community that makes the biggest
in safety so what’s the takeaway here
number one
hawaii is a safe place no matter where
you live number two you can live in any
district on any island and you’ll be
fine number three
it’s your community your neighbors that
will have the most profound effect on
the immediate safety where you live so
really you want to have really great
relationships with your neighbors and
help each other out helping each other
out is a fundamentally island cultural
value that’s what this place is all
about we’re always working to help each
other out
that’s one of the biggest lessons you
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