You need to consider different things when picking a home to retire in and Hawaii has a few twists.  I go over the key considerations you’ll need to account for so that you can get the perfect house for your retirement in Hawaii.

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what’s the right kind of home for you in
hawaii in retirement well you know you
put hawaii on your list of places to
retire is hawaii the right place for you
and if it is what’s the right home for
you so in this video we’re going to go
over three things you really need to
to find yourself the perfect home for
retirement in hawaii
i’m peter k and i’ve been living in
hawaii since the 80s
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right home in hawaiian retirement is
part of another a whole series i put
together for retiring in hawaii i’ll
have links in the description at the end
of the video so you’re going to want to
check out that whole series all right so
let’s get that house picked out
that house picked out that you want to
get in retirement three things you need
to think about number one
a small house is the way to go here’s
the biggest difference you’ve got
and when you’re talking about the size
of a home in hawaii versus the mainland
on the mainland you know people want big
homes like scott’s parents they had like
four or five thousand square feet of
home and it was just the two of them in
hawaii our homes are way smaller for
example this neighborhood i’m going
through right now is considered part of
oahu’s urban core
where the homes were built a long time
ago and they’re 900 or even 750 square
feet to 1500 square feet why is that one
of the reasons is but our weather is so
warm all year round that you carry that
out outdoors you’re going to spend a lot
of time out on the back deck and your
home actually can become bigger if you
if you do have a back deck and a little
patio space in the yard and things so
not only is your house probably going to
be smaller but you’re probably going to
be spending more time outdoors here than
you would on the mainland so why bother
building up all that space right if
you’re going to live outside anyway see
because in hawaii your home is not just
the four walls
that make up the structure your backyard
is considered part of your house
because you spend a lot of time there so
one of the big reasons why homes in
hawaii are smaller
is because we don’t live in all of that
indoor space we live in the outside
as well as the inside
real estate homes in hawaii
is some of the most expensive in the
if not the world so what you want is you
want a small house
you also want to have a good outdoor
component so what that might be for
example is
to have a nice yard
or if you’re going to live in a condo
you want to have a beautiful view well
maybe like this one right out over here
if you’re looking outside of your condo
and seeing ocean and vistas and
incredible views
hey like this right
not bad
if you can’t a you know a big covered
area again it’s not
part of the square footage of the house
but it’s a space that you can enjoy like
for example if you live in a condo how
good is the recreational area those are
considerations you could go for the
small condo because you’re going to hang
out by the pool number two
don’t get a big house assuming you’re
going to have family visiting often but
you say i need the big house with the
ohana or extra area because my kids are
going to be here all the time i hate to
be the one to break it to you but you’ll
soon find out and then after two years
the kids have not come at all or they
come once now i put together another
video in this retirement series that’s
all about
family visiting and realistic
expectations with family visiting but
the takeaway here
don’t buy a bigger house assuming family
is going to visit because they’re not
it’ll be cheaper if you get a smaller
house to fit your lifestyle today and
then for those few times when family
does come over go ahead and rent the big
all the money you saved can more than
for that nice big house that you could
all be together in when they visit hey
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and be a part of that okay number three
what kind of features are you going to
need in retirement now this one’s going
to take a little bit of planning you’re
going to really think this through
because the house you’re going to live
in in retirement is going to probably be
feature wise from a house that
you know you might normally get in other
words there are there are certain things
you’ve got to have in retirement that
you don’t need in a regular house for
example so if a garage and maui is
important to you
it’s very rare to find
a condominium with the garage on maui
that is extremely rare so you say okay
look peter
i don’t have to have a garage
can i still get a condo in maui well
yeah you can
but there’s not a lot of residential
condominiums in the resort areas that
don’t have any stairs a lot of these
were just built with stairs because
they’re kind of
built on a ridge or built to maximize
views i don’t know about you
but i don’t want to be going upstairs
in my retirement years so if it’s going
to be a condo on maui you better get one
on the ground floor
ground floor has other issues like
got to think about that
but on oahu for example
stairs aren’t a problem for condos i go
into a condo high-rise where i’m taking
an elevator i’m not really dealing with
stairs because
most condos
on oahu are high rises with elevators
no stairs to climb now personally for me
single family home flat lot
no stairs that’s the way to go but
if you want the condo the high rise with
the elevator that could work the other
plus for the condo
is if in your retirement you are
planning on traveling visiting family
going places it’s a lot more secure just
to lock up the condo especially if you
live in a secure building lock up the
condo and off you go you got nothing to
worry about single family home and you
gotta worry about security he’s gonna
watch over the house while you’re gone
you know one of our subscribers ray he’s
retired and he’s also a member of the
islander ohana and you know he summed up
pretty uh pretty succinctly the kind of
features that he wants in a home
in hawaii in retirement walkability no
stairs walk-in showers handicap usable
real kitchen yes two broken hips ah yeah
ray uh
when you’re considering the kind of home
you wanna have in hawaii
in retirement
it comes down to three things first
stay small you don’t need the big house
not gonna need it
don’t get a house bigger than you need
because you think family is going to be
coming over and number three
make sure you’re clear on the features
you’re going to want
that relate to retirement
handicap access
stairs those kinds of things knowing
what you’re gonna need is gonna really
help you narrow down quickly to finding
the perfect house all right
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