What’s the Worst Kind of Person to Move to Hawaii?

Some times we get these golden gems that spontaneously come up at a show and this time was one of them.

Dylan shared a “public service announcement” where he talked about the worst kind of person that moves to Hawaii – and it’s probably not what you think. Take a look and drop some comments on what you think!

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what is the worst kind of person that
recently moved to hawaii we’re going to
find out
aloha i’m peter k and i connect with
people that want to live in hawaii so if
that’s you you definitely want to get
subscribed to the channel and get the
notifications we come out with a new
video every other week my friend dylan
came out with what he called a public
service announcement when he talked
about the worst type of person here that
moves to hawaii he called it last holly
off the boat syndrome
last holi off the boat syndrome what
does that mean what that means is that
you got here two or three years ago
bought your house and now you
every day online about people more
people come in and how bad it is right
and that’s the worst kind of that’s the
worst attitude they have you know you
you were we let you in you came here you
got your piece and now you don’t want
anybody else to come and a lot of times
the people who are online and are the
loudest about this are those people
right it’s not it’s not a truly local
person that’s from here it’s these
people that maybe came a couple of years
ago and now have this attitude like they
know what’s best and they’re gonna
they’re gonna cut everybody off so don’t
be don’t have last holly off the boat
syndrome because that’s the worst you
know there’s a hilarious south park
episode that actually talks to his about
this very topic and i’ve linked to it in
the description i do agree with dylan
i mean i mean i don’t know if it’s the
worst kind of person but
last holiday off the boat syndrome is
unbelievably hypocritical because what
they’re basically saying is
well now that i’ve moved here and by the
way it’s got nothing to do with skin
color what they’re basically saying is
hey now that i’ve moved here now that
you’ve accommodated me now that i’ve
gotten mine now that i’ve got my house
no more development no more homes
which if i mean
give that just a little bit of thought
it’s pretty ridiculous i mean this
touches on a controversial subject about
development but there’s always an issue
here on development we’ve talked about
this many times there’s a fundamental
conflict with development people on one
hand want more affordable housing but
there’s only one way with economics to
get more affordable anything which is to
make more of it but if you ask people do
they want more development almost
everybody says no
so you can’t have it both ways but one
thing’s for sure it’s incredibly
hypocritical that now that you’ve gotten
here now that you’re here no one else
can come here when you yourself got here
either recently or generations back i
suppose the only people who have a
legitimate who could legitimately say we
don’t want anyone else here are you know
made it 100
native-born hawaiians
they may have a legitimate beef
everybody else
no so if you do move to hawaii
respect to people respect the culture
be grateful as heck of how you got here
because this is the greatest place on
and whatever you do
don’t catch last holi off the boat
syndrome it’s a bad disease
i’m peter k and i don’t have last
holiday off the boat syndrome aloha