What will Maui Property Taxes Cost You?

We put together a quick summary of how you can estimate your property taxes on Maui. Keep in mind that this is just a rule of thumb and your actual tax bill will vary.

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these details but heidi why don’t you
give us a quick overview what the how
would you calculate a property taxes on
on maui really quick
and as you can see on this chart their
properties are taxed based on how they
are being used and there’s all these
different classifications
um the highest property tax rates are
going to be
for timeshare
which is almost
of the value
uh short-term rental hotel resort
and then
owner occupied is significantly less
so i’ll just do a really quick
illustration for
for a million dollar house if it was
owner occupied and then i’m figuring in
the 200 000
tax exemption
that you get
you might be paying about two thousand
dollars a year in property tax
if it was a secondary residence it would
be about six thousand and fifty dollars
if it was a long-term rental it would be
about forty eight hundred dollars and if
it was a short-term rental about 11 150.
so i mean there’s
quite a variation based on how the
property is being used