Strategies To Buy In Today’s White-Hot Hawaii Real Estate Market?

I asked our experts this question at a live broadcast:

What tips do we have for those discouraged about today’s market yet want to buy something? What do you do? How can you make this work?

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you know so the only question now is
what tips do we have for people who are
discouraged about today’s market right
they’re going in you know scott uh you
had mentioned there’s you know there’s
only like 400 uh listings on oahu
there’s like 300 listings on the big one
that has like one-tenth the population
of oahu or something like that um so
that’s way out right it’s way out so
so let’s let’s talk now about let’s
shift so what do you do right so what do
you do how do you okay and you and you
wanna buy so how do you make this how do
you make this process work scott why
don’t you start us
start us off on this one what do you
what do you tell someone that okay i get
it scott i’ve decided i’m gonna buy i’m
gonna pay what i’m gonna pay this is my
price etc
but man the market’s crazy what do we do
what kind of things do i need to know to
thrive and do well in today’s kind of
crazy market i am going to buy now what
yeah i mean it’s it’s just an education
in the process part of part of what our
job is is to give you the information so
you can make the best decision if i
don’t come in and give you examples to
tell you stories hey we’re up 22
okay what does that mean
right i’m going to give you stories and
and and explain to you okay we’re buying
an ocean point
the last
five five clients i’ve worked with on
the buy side we’ve been competing
between 10 and 15 offers and we’ve been
75 000 over asking i’m just throwing
weird numbers out and just making stuff
up but
i’m gonna sit down and explain to you
this is what you should expect this
here’s your situation how do we how do
we try to get you into the best position
possible and it’s just a it’s an
information sharing process
and and a lot of times what happens is
people have to get rejected once or two
times ago okay light bulb goes off now i
see what you’re talking about
so it it’s working with someone who’s
been in the business for a long time who
knows how to
position your contract in the right way
make you understand that market gets you
comfortable with what’s going on in the
market so it doesn’t feel so
just like a big shock and out of the
norm and slowly walk you through that
process so here’s what’s here’s what’s
come out of me enough all these
discussions of all these you know i
thanks to you folks i’ve become a a a
an educated enough to be dangerous uh a
person uh outsider in in the market but
look what i’m what i’ve caught from what
you’re saying is that i think sometimes
we think that that the buying process is
somewhat mechanical uh you know somewhat
like the way you go buy a car or uh some
you know like something like that or you
go out and you know you walk into a
store or or where because of covid we’re
we’re used to kind of clicking on a
button and saying bye and you know buy
and insert credit card and something
shows up on your doorstep
you know uh you know a few days later uh
but but what i’ve caught from from you
guys is saying that no the buying
process here requires you know kind of a
good understanding from what’s going on
but also you really have to kind of
understand what things that you want
what things that who’s the seller what
kind of as much as you can know about
the seller and what do they want how can
you make your offer as appealing as
possible what sort of little tweaks do
you kind of want to operate do you know
everybody what’s the network like that’s
not like it’s not like buying something
on amazon you know we get fooled right
because we think that we buy it’s like
amazon oh yeah so there’s zillow so i
can kind of click on buy right and just
kind of buy the house no it doesn’t work
that way there’s a lot of human factors
to it uh dylan why don’t you kind of you
know there’s i think there’s you guys
have got some great stories on the human
factors because i think that’s the key
about this and people don’t understand
and again not to give us the pitch that
yes you want to work with us as realtors
well i’m not a realtor but dylan and
scott are realtors and we’re not here
obviously we’re here because we want you
to buy from us but it’s not so much yeah
buy from us it’s that you want to be
with an expert who has done this before
and understands the human factor