Show start 2/4/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 2/4/22
Whales being freed
Visitor fees will be increasing
Oahu Short Term Vacation Rental laws changing
Update on Red Hill contamination – prices going up?
Big Island News Update
Oahu News Update
Housing market compare Big Island vs. Oahu
Can I no longer rent a home for 30 days on Oahu?
Will market be affected by Red Hill contamination?
Maui News Update
Dicussion about Hawaii’s Racial Diversity
Where else on Earth can you find Hawaii’s unique diversity?
Maui Beachfront lot with cottage
Townhome on Oahu under $500k
Big Island 5bd/5ba on 6 acres
Can I buy land and build a pre-fab home on Big Island?
How to remedy issue of bad resident manager in condo building?
What’s the generational mix of new home buyers in Hawaii?
Closing motivational thoughts

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Show Transcript

ll right well aloha kakahiaka everyone
i’m peter k and today is february 4th
2022 and you are part of the aloha
friday hawaii real estate show welcome
and we actually have some early starters
over here let’s kind of let’s first get
into my uh with my my friends over here
i’m with uh i’m with dylan onaka who’s
visiting who’s visiting dylan nanaka
who’s on the big island
visiting us virtually
no naka who’s on the big island and
scott startsman who’s on oahu welcome
guys uh we got some early some early
risers jim jim stevenson has once again
reclaimed his spot as the first guy on
the show uh jim god bless you uh not in
uh 15 minutes prior he kind of put this
one in here uh aloha friday terrible
weather here on the mainland sorry to
hear that i’m not going to tell you jim
i’m not going to tell you that today is
an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous day in
in hawaii but i’m not going to say
anything i wouldn’t say anything like
christopher is with us welcome back
christopher longley uh aloha kakahi
you know i
can i take credit for starting a little
trend of the aloha kakahiaka trend i
mean not that not that i’ve invented the
phrase by any means anyway hey uh scott
let’s let’s go counter clockwise scott
give us the update on oahu what’s the
background is stunning scott it’s a
perfect site it’s a perfect background
yeah i don’t think there’s cloud in the
sky today i mean it’s literally
i guess i can be the one to say it’s
perfect weather out here you don’t have
to say it
but it’s it’s one of those days i mean
it went i went for a run around the park
earlier and and to go work out down at
the pull-up station and the
the air was cool but there’s not a cloud
in the sky it’s like perfect weather you
look up on the laws you can see all you
know the entire mountain range all the
ridges going up and whatnot it’s just
it’s stunningly beautiful and the
temperature is perfect you still got a
little bit of cool air
uh so it’s not overly hot but yet the
sun’s out it feels good on the skin you
feel nice and warm on the skin from the
sun well well said scott and i i i hope
you all if you got your sound turned up
or if your sound is good i hope you’re
all hearing the doves in the background
uh i’ve got them it’s kind of funny you
know scott because i’m they’re they’re
tweeting it at my house and i’m hearing
them on your house and i’m hearing at
mine and i don’t know who’s who’s who
over here before we go to dylan i want
to say hello to everybody else who’s
joining us over here auntie joyce is
back aloha to all welcome back auntie
joyce love you love that you’re here
patrick the regular all the regulars are
kind of all showing
good to see you buddy but patrick’s uh
patrick gave us a quick weather report
that’s what it’s like right now in
raleigh north carolina scott isn’t that
like near your stomping grounds or
something like that right aren’t you
you’re in that area yeah i grew up in
charlotte and then i went to school in
the mountains in north carolina my
parents are in winston-salem i got
friends in raleigh so i got a whole
bunch of people back there that’s ass
that’s what i thought and uh jim where’s
heidi we don’t know i think uh heidi i
think she’s having some technical
difficulties uh we hope that heis gonna
be here and uh we can’t wait to bring
her back into the fold she’ll i’m sure
she’ll be here she’s not uh like you
know left no and it can’t you know
permanently at that time mark mark
whitehall uh mark welcome back mark good
to see you buddy mark is an islander
ohana alumni uh great to see mark and
bernard welcome back uh bernard barnes
back welcome back hello scott yep scott
is i’m glad to see your you guys have
have connected uh corey aloha it’s
friday it is friday man thank god it’s
friday tgif takes on a whole other
meeting in in hawaii
dylan i’m strong until we’re going to
get 70 degrees patrick if it’s 70
degrees it’s time to you know wash the
car you know we’ll go out in shorts and
you’re you’re all set right um hiding
from hello from freezing minnesota marco
margulis uh
man minnesota you know you’re you’re
second to chicago just kidding you’re
colder than than chicago over there
aloha from portland 13 days until we
arrive permanently awesome awesome jen
that’s fabulous good congratulations all
right that’s the that’s the quick lineup
dylan give us the update uh like like
the shirt dude
you got like new digs there what’s the
the new background new what what’s going
this is my off this is my office studio
usually usually i’m at at home and so
this is it’s similar but different so
yeah this is i’m at the office today i
had some stuff to do
in town so i figured we should shoot the
show from from town today and yes this
is a
monohydral designer and uh i like this
one because it’s like i don’t even know
what the difference in materials are but
i know that this one when you dry it you
don’t have to iron it it just comes out
perfect ready to wear so that’s
important to me
so that is my that is my criteria that’s
that is my criteria right there again is
that anything
my new requirement is it has to come out
of the dryer and i gotta be able to hang
it up and then use it yep if i aren’t
the darn thing forget it i am not doing
it not not doing it looks
dylan it’s looking good and the mic is
sounding great too by the way uh let’s
see who else came in here ray jumped in
hey ray welcome back way aloha from
washington state ray we’re really happy
that you are are here with us
uh let’s see so normally well it’s 10
o’clock let’s rock and roll normally we
would ask we would ask uh heidi about
her coffee but uh patrick is is digging
the shirt right right patrick it’s kind
of a kind of okay let’s zoom it over
it’s kind of a cool shirt i kind of like
that pattern what what is that some kind
of a fern fern design what what is that
i think so i think so i don’t know
exactly again my wife my wife buys these
so i can take no credit for the
selection i just had to pull them out
the closet and wear them so that’s right
you just say thank you dear thank you
for the sure that you ordered from me
i’ll put it on and tell me what you
think of it and then that’s all you do
daniel’s back with us aloha daniel
welcome aloha daniel and val well happy
aloha friday with the shakka absolutely
awesome on aloha friday look at that i
got to show one once again scott no
thank you scott for giving us this live
background right behind you you know
what’s cool about your shot is that you
got that nice blue in the upper right
hand side of the screen here which is
catching the nice blue uh
the blue piece so that’s kind of cool
not a not a lick of wind blowing either
i mean those palm trees are about as
still as can be and surf surfs up on the
south shore there’s a swell that just
bumped in that’s like three foot local
so it should be about almost head high
today oh man that’s that’s uh that is a
winning combo man light winds uh light
winds on the south shore that’s that’s
glassy uh auntie joyce says the shirt
matches the background perfectly right
that’s what i was thinking right auntie
joyce is like just like it’s just like
dylan it’s as if you planned it it’s
almost like you thought that through
actually before you showed up and of
course god bless you but we know that
you didn’t i did not
and uh uh scott is uh daniel’s asking if
that’s a wren spooner i don’t think is
that the rent yeah you you know i got i
probably got 35 rin spooners that’s
about all i’ve ever bought so that’s it
man rent ren’s the one and auntie joyce
agrees scott’s got a good shirt on also
credit where credit is due thank you
thank you yeah yeah thank thank you
auntie joyce for that great great
comment absolutely all right i think
it’s time let’s uh let’s get into our
news here and hopefully uh hopefully
heidi if you’re watching you can join in
but uh holy height is gonna hopefully
heidi is going to join us but let’s let
us move on we’re going to hit some news
over here real quick quick updates uh
let’s kind of get into a let’s see what
if we try no let’s do it this way okay
so by the way i um
i forgot to mention this uh at our our
last show but i am no longer posting
coveted numbers uh i think we’re done as
far as i have declared i am declaring
him the pill so can i see me say this
i’m officially declaring covet is over
i’m not posting any more uh figures i’m
not posting any more covas this it’s
over it’s going to be coming it’s going
it’s i’m declaring this i am declaring
it the endemic it’s going to be with us
for the rest of our lives and we’re done
with it and that’s that so that’s we’re
not going to post any more numbers but
uh there was some uh so for those of you
that love whale watching i know uh this
was for you heidi but for all of us that
love watching who doesn’t right uh free
the whales they’ve been some cool
stories of rescues uh they’ve been maui
there was a
humpback wheel that was free there was
140 feet of line in gear that was uh
there was tangling up a whale and on
kauai it was 2500 feet of cord so we are
freeing the wheels which is kind of cool
green fees coming and i’m not talking
about golf here gang
it looks like there is a an increasing
move uh
that’s kind of what making its way
around the legislature that is going to
be increasing of green fees and green as
an environment green is in saving the
environment so
i thought i had this story but um
uh so what what looks like it’s going on
is that the uh
there yeah here we go so in maui so what
it’s what’s gonna happen is that you
know they’re looking at kind of a
visitor feast and so they’re gonna be
attacked on and i don’t know how they’re
going to do it maybe when you stay at
the hotel or when you kind of there’s an
additional tax on something they haven’t
figured out but it is making its way
through the legislature uh that they’re
they’re they’re asking for visitor fees
that would fund environmental protection
and conservation projects so be prepared
for hawaii becoming a little bit more
and uh oahu a short stvr stands for
short-term vacation rental i want to
hear from scott on that one but it looks
like it’s making its way and they’re
going to be just me a 90-day minimum for
what’s what counts as a short-term
vacation rental so if it’s anything 90
days or less you’re considered
short-term vacation rental if it’s over
90 days it’s a longer term that used to
be 30 it’s going up to 90. now there’s
an interesting part here i wanted to
share with everybody we talked about
this red hill uh fuel spill issue you
may have been tracking this but uh one
of the things that’s particularly
interesting is that there is a
what’s going on now is that actually
people were were thinking that maybe the
the red hill uh fuel thing was going to
uh people were going to leave the market
or people weren’t going to be
it was going to you know depress housing
prices in fact the opposite’s happening
housing prices might be going up the
reason why they might be going up is
because that the red hill system is
going to right now they’re pumping like
something like 5 million gallons of
water a day to kind of clean that system
out there was a fuel spill inside the
water supply so they’re kind of pumping
out 5 million gallons a day and because
of that
they gotta they may have to put a
moratorium on building new housing
because new housing needs water don’t
have the water because we’re pumping out
the you know basically we’re plumbing it
down the drain literally
and so that’s going to reduce supply
anybody who knows economics 101 knows
when that demand is the same and supply
goes down the prices go up so i want to
hear from scott on that one as well
uh and then of course let me zoom in
over here uh we got perfect weather
except for a city it’s gonna be a little
bit cloudy but look at those look at
those temperatures gang that’s the part
that blows me blows me away about hawaii
look anywhere on the planet earth you’re
not going to see temperatures that
consistent within one degree for the
whole week and that’s just the way it is
we live
we are lucky to live in hawaii we are
living in the aloha state let’s go
counter let’s go clockwise dylan give us
anything any news any kind of news or
any real estate market news anything
you’d like to give us an update about on
the big on
yeah nothing pretty nothing too exciting
going on the big island just a you know
another beautiful day over here um the
real estate news is the same i mean it’s
it’s still it’s still crazy still stuff
going on the market and selling for over
asking price there’s really no slowdown
it’s really sometimes surprising there’s
there’s very low inventory and you know
i just saw a house come on the market
across the street from a house that i
sold in 2020 and
it was for eight hundred thousand
dollars more than the one next door sold
for a little bit nicer house but very
surprising and the the guy i sold the
house to said hey you know maybe we
should buy that one and i could sell my
house to my brother and i said sure let
me know you know what he said but it’s
got to come down on price a little bit
and then i see a full price offer come
in from one of my agents you know that
afternoon so it’s not gonna it’s not
gonna come down on price so people are
people are buying everything that’s out
it’s it’s i that that’s an amazing
statistic right that thing has just not
that has just not stopped uh the the
train that that began with with covet is
is still still running uh and i just and
i just came back from vegas last week at
a conference and um
you know all real estate experts are
saying economic experts are saying this
is this is really a four-year run we’re
in a four-year run so it’s not really
going to slow down um there’s nothing
really showing that even if interest
rates tick up a little bit which
everybody is in agreement is already
happening it will continue to happen you
know maybe they’ll top out at like four
and a half percent which is still
historically crazy low um if you look at
it historically but yeah there’s no
there’s there is no end in sight i heard
an interesting concept right our
interesting perspective is
the the best deal in the market today is
the house you buy today six months from
now right so
if you’re looking for a deal just buy
anything that’s on the market today
because in six months it’s gonna feel
like a deal and then in 20 years it’ll
feel free right but the and we’ve been
talking about this right this is like
the thing we’ve been talking about you
know month after month after month after
month you know you said just buy now
because you’re going to feel better
about it
a week from now you’re going to feel
better about it but um everybody who’s
waiting you’re waiting for prices to be
you know that’s going to be and that’s
boy that sure sounds like there’s a
that’s that’s the same kind of thing
that people say when there’s bubbles and
we’ve talked about why this is not not
like a bubble but when people kind of
start to talk about those kinds of
things like buy now because it’ll be
it’ll be you know buy with the
anticipation would be higher in a few
months that that’s that’s bubble talk
although we’re not in a bubble we know
at least we don’t think we are we don’t
think we’re in the bubble bath that’s
helped to be true that’s that’s helped
to be true for the last 24 months
i would not bet against it here i would
not bet against it let’s put it that way
i would not bet again i would not sell
now thinking that i’m at the top of the
market that is for darn sure that is for
darn well and here and here’s a really
interesting another interesting um
perspective that that i heard also and
it’s all about perspective is
the conventional wisdom is we’ve been in
a seller’s market for the last 24 you
know 12 months for sure 24 months pretty
but really
it’s been a buyer’s market because if
you were a buyer in the last 24 months
you’ve reaped all the benefit if you if
you sold in the last 24 months you lost
money you lost equity right so the real
beneficiaries of the of the market the
last 24 months have been buyers not
necessarily sellers so in the
conventional wisdom yes it’s a seller’s
market but you know seller who sold six
months ago probably lost 20 30 40
dollars in equity if they had waited
right so the buyers are the one that
have been reaping the benefits that’s a
you know what so we’ve had a few have
any if anyone of you that are watching
right now have bought in within the past
two years can you kind of give us a
comment that to confirm or deny uh what
dylan is saying do you feel better that
you bought uh you know within the past
24 months if you did pop it in there uh
we got a couple of comments here before
we we get to scott and on oahu so so
scott i think daniel’s trying to catch
up with you he’s got 20. he’s on you
said you got like 30 some odd uh 30 some
odd shirts uh rinse spooners uh he’s
he’s got 20. so he he’s making his he’s
making his way up there uh we
uh welcome red circle silver x aloha
welcome back and we’re good good that
glad that you’re here uh we had daniel
we had a house that went for nearly 1
million over asking that dude that is
amazing that is crazy
1 million over asking that things are
nuts yeah indeed they are nuts
uh and uh we have another a great friend
who’s joined us joan valentine joan is
an islander alumni ohana member the
under ohana alumni and joan great to
have you back with us uh i met john a
person it was great we had a great time
we went to his amazing experience went
to the makapuu lighthouse and it was it
was so cool we i planned it which was
just right where it was one of these
days where the um it was a full moon and
the full it was a sunset
and uh 10 minutes uh between the sunset
there was a moon rise so we went to
makapuu lighthouse it was amazing we saw
this incredible sun uh sunset uh uh
going down below coco head and then we
turned our heads around 180 degrees and
boom watch the watch the full moon rise
was it was amazing it was incredible uh
we got a comment here mark whitehill yep
bought in july mark if i’m not mistaken
bought with scott um scott helping you
uh you have bought in july and it’s
already way up excellent great great to
hear that mark i’m so glad that you guys
did made that move uh and jd reynolds is
back jd welcome aloha it’s paula lima
what paul lima means but i i hope i
pronounced that correctly scott uh give
us the update on oahu news short-term
vacation rental comments anything you
wanna you wanna speak to about oahu
market news etc
yeah the uh short-term vacation rental
component passed you know i had heard
the rumor that they were at least they
adjusted it to 90 days but i’ve i’ve
kind of said my piece on it the main
thing is is that if you’re in resort
zone waikiki in the resort zoning
components where you can do short-term
rentals you’re not affected it’s for
residential apartment zoning anything
outside of the resort zoning so
where if you had a condo before or a
house in a neighborhood you could rent
it for 30 days at a time
that was the minimum it’s now bumped up
to 90 days so
they had over 200 people testify against
that bill and they still passed it so it
is what it is
the interesting thing is
we go back to this and i’d love to hear
what dylan knows i mean
i’m not even going to touch really on
the standard market other than that we
have 387 active homes on the market
right now we started off january right
at the beginning in december which is a
slow time at 3.95 so we’ve even lost
some i was hoping we were going to get
back into that 450 range at least
so we have very little inventory but
um i did a deep dive because i want to
change it up you know every status quo
on the regular market nothing’s changed
price inventory is really tight a lot of
buyer demand and prices are going up
so i’m going to give you the luxury
market side 2 to 3 million
sales for 2021 versus 2020 are up 162
in the three to five million range sales
number of sales are up 135
from the previous year
inventory is down 63 percent in both
those categories
uh prices per neighborhoods are up 20 to
25 percent and the 5 million dollar and
up range sales are up 60 and inventory
is down 42 percent so
across the board
you see it from every price category
number of sales everything prices up and
inventories down and i just i looked at
the international foreign buyer
investment as well
in 2018
japan sales were 400 million in sales
volume we’re at 100 million now we were
actually where
we just hit yeah we just hit 100 million
we’re at 50 million in 2020 so we bumped
up but we’re still nowhere near so we
don’t and we don’t really even have the
foreign uh investor back yet so that
just kind of gives some perspective on
a different different look at a
different portion of the market same
dylan you want to comment on that i i
any kind of i’m sure some well how about
the 385 listings on oahu that’s still a
mind blower to me
you’re you’re muted
yeah it is mind-blowing
because on the big island we have 417.
so literally with 20 to people we have
more listing more homes listed than than
all of oahu the difference is awesome i
just want to have for a quick so to
point that out to everybody so on the
big end we have 417 listings on oahu we
have 385. oahu has a populism give or
take of a million people and dylan on
the big on is what two used 200 how many
uh what’s that just under 200 000. yeah
okay so 200 000 versus a million that’s
that’s just to give you an idea it’s
five times the density
the big difference though is is if you
if you add in condos right there’s a lot
more condo listings on oahu than they’re
on the like we’re down to like 60 condo
listings on the whole island on on the
big island so yeah it’s it’s definitely
still low you know that that number is
normally that holmes number is normally
around 1 1300 kind of floats in between
there but it’s been down below 500 for
12 months you know so this is not this
is not a new thing but again some some
some per
perspective shifts right
we complain about the lack of inventory
and it’s definitely a
obvious thing right we’re definitely low
inventory but if you look at the number
of sales right and scott just alluded to
this if you look at the number of sales
and we’d look on the big island you know
normally around 5000 properties sell
every year last year 7 700 properties
sold so there’s no lack of inventory
there’s plenty of inventory right
stuff’s coming on the market and stuff
is selling so
the inventory is just the problem with
inventory is it’s just not staying on
the market very long right so it feels
like there’s nothing there but the
reality is there was 50 more properties
that sold in 2021 than than the previous
year right so there’s plenty of
inventory it’s just a matter of are you
out there to scoop it up when it’s when
it becomes available
boy that’s really revealing that’s
really i mean that really tells me well
here’s what it tells me it tells me that
that the
the the the um supply demand price curve
has not been hit yet in other words
people are still it basically it’s still
the property is still quote cheap so to
speak right it’s still cool and and
that’s why it goes back to no bubble
right right i mean right
because because the demand is there and
it’s soaking up every bit of supply that
that comes on the market no matter what
you know
where it’s at what price it is it’s
continuing to get bought up so what up
yeah that that that is that is amazing
we have got go ahead scott um yeah no i
was going to also say you know i i
looked back at those
2006-2007 numbers for us on oahu we did
12 500 units that’s condos and single
family homes for sales and there was
less inventory then meaning
uh you know there’s been new
subdivisions new condo high rises that
have been built in that time frame so we
would have the potential to have more
inventory now and we we hit 11 i think
11 200 last year on total number of
sales so we’re not
from a number of sales side we’re still
not back to that 2006 2007 market so it
is hot but there’s obviously still
upward movement to go if we really
needed to go on that sales capacity side
yeah that’s crazy we had a couple of
comments that have popped in over here
first of all tom is back with hey tom
tom is from the uk if i’m not mistaken
com welcome back aloha everyone uh jan
gave us a comment here great and this is
i love this channel i purchased a town
house on the big island in february 2021
townhouses in that same complex are
listing now at almost 50 percent and
selling for more so there you go so jen
are you glad you bought yeah let me let
me answer that question for you
uh jason’s back jason uh uh jason is a
member of the under ohana uh i’ve been
away from a while now because i’ve been
swamped at work but scott is really
rubbing it in with that backdrop and
sounds of the ocean yeah you know here
i’ll rub it in some morphe there you go
that you got the coconut trees and
except they’re not moving but yeah you
know so but but i but i assure you uh
jason it is it is a uh it is a real life
it is a live shot uh
jan to clarify yeah jan that’s fine you
don’t have to do that but glad that you
did clarify my statement person and the
600 is now listening in the 900s that’s
pretty amazing but that’s just you know
not within what a year uh and and uh jan
janna’s with us howdy from the frozen
tundra of princeton texas leaving for a
10-day trip to the big island on sunday
can’t wait to get there make sure you
look up if you’re looking for a property
that makes janna make sure you you reach
out to dylan him and his team can help
you guys
let’s check out what their situation
looks like
does the short term and daniel ask that
the short term 90 day meaning i cannot
rent a home for 30 days now which was my
basically yeah unless you’re in if
you’re in the resort area it doesn’t
matter but if you’re outside the resort
area that 30 day is now becoming 90.
however scott uh that’s been passed but
i don’t think the mayor has signed it so
i don’t think it’s come into law yet is
that correct scott
yeah i i just saw that they had voted on
it so i i think it does have to go to
his desk first yeah so so daniel uh you
know maybe maybe they’ll grandfather you
in if you kind of make your reservation
now call the i would call the the people
that you’re that if you’ve been talking
to anyone who’s doing short-term
vacation rentals you want to reach out
and call them directly and ask them
about what’s going on you may get some
kind of a
grandfathering or maybe they’ll allow if
there’s a contract in place or something
like that i don’t know what the law is
don’t don’t take my word for it you need
to kind of to look on that
all right great hey guys is there
anything else we want to go on on the
news before we we move on anything else
you want to report big island oahu
anything that kind of stands out
scott what do you think about that red
hill thing uh the opposite effect of the
red hill uh fuel spill uh there may be
putting a clamp down on building new
homes which again is going to drive the
price further up i don’t think you have
anything that you you you heard on that
well that area doesn’t really have a lot
of developable land anyway they’re just
kind of single individual lots so i
don’t really see this having a huge
you know it was interesting and
brubaker’s always talked about this we
we typically because the restrictions
that city and county put on building new
construction here
they swung the pendulum so much that we
can’t even put out enough supply to
satisfy the local demand much less the
off off island demand so we always have
the supply demand imbalance
this just will add to it it just
it’s just not going to have a huge
impact because there’s not large
developable parcels within that sector
i think the uh you know based on what
we’ve experienced with covid and now
with with this i think the general rule
of thumb is if in doubt prices in hawaii
will go up so don’t you know i mean
don’t do do not bet against the the
hawaiian market uh not a good idea all
right uh let’s move on unless dylan you
want to jump in with it but we’re going
to move on to our uh as dylan says it
next slide please uh so gang look i’m
going to give you all a picture if
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that newsletter all right so guys you
know what i was thinking about dears um
and it’s a
i want to say
oh there’s heidi there’s heidi you know
i was just gonna say
i didn’t see you on the scroll bar there
heidi i know how long that you’ve been
waiting patiently i’m glad you’re here
welcome heidi
oh thank you peter i i just got on so
entering the show island time my
apologies there were some technical
difficulties but
super excited to be here and good to see
everybody and and yeah um
just jumping in right now so i i don’t
know what i meant but
that’s all right well here i tell you we
missed you heidi and if you missed heidi
popping in the comments are you glad
heidi’s back popping give us some
comments about your your your welcoming
welcome heidi back everybody uh heidi
the um uh well i guess the question is
before we move on is there anything on
maui on the maui news i talked about the
there was a whale that was freed uh that
was where that was tied up in all all
kinds of 120 feet of roper supplies like
that that they free we freed the whales
and maui aim maui news you want to
report on either that or on the real
estate market side and things of that
nature heidi
yeah i mean freeing that whale that was
a big success that was over off the
coast of maui um on ukumahame and
pretty exciting working together to
to free a whale it was tied up in
over 100 feet of fishing line i don’t
know maybe peter went over this before
the real estate market on maui i mean
continues at a
rapid pace um with strong buyer demand
no signs of slowing down we have
170 homes on maui and uh
137 condos on maui currently for sale so
um inventory’s tight it’s i mean it’s
the way it’s been for the last six
months but
we just keep going and i mean there’s
always new things that come
come to market i mean the market just
keeps moving so
um hang in there don’t give up
uh you know yeah heidi you know it’s
kind of funny as you were saying unless
i was thinking myself you know we should
just have a pre-recorded video that we
play each time that that says how’s the
market you know and you guys we just
kind of play the same video again
because it’s like
it’s the exact same thing well heidi you
know jim is jim is glad to see you heidi
uh yay heidi’s back glad to see he’s
back on the show and jones welcoming you
back uh and so uh uh jim’s happy that
you made it uh and julie juliana you’re
my favorite although i just came back
from stand up paddle boarding in the
canal the beauty of living in hawaii
that’s that’s the old you know julian
that’s like my favorite thing that’s
like the make people jealous by telling
them what you just did in hawaii that’s
like a total pastime right we do that
all the time uh instagram photos etc etc
people are always doing that it’s the
old it’s the old hawaii envy uh the
hawaii envy statement god bless juliana
i hope you had a good time uh the canal
are you santa paddle boarding in the
alabama canal that’s that’s a
that’s that’s that’s hazardous that’s a
hazardous zone there scott go ahead yeah
that’s that’s kailua actually she’s over
in kailua oh the kailua okay
and it’s 10 25 in the morning she’s
already taking a break that’s that’s a
pretty nice day right there
10 25 yeah open yet and just another
just another day in paradise right stand
up paddleboarding on the in in kailua
beautiful beautiful settings
all right uh let’s move on and i’m glad
that heidi’s here because i really want
to i’ve got a kind of a fun topic i want
us to all to to chat about and chime in
on so
so here is the here’s the topic i kind
of want us to touch on for today which
is uh hawaii’s racial diversity so uh
what’s interesting about hawaii hawaii
is i got i’ve always loved a hawaii’s
racial mix it’s just beautiful i was i
was enthralled by it the day i i landed
almost 40 years ago and so um you know i
kind of wanted to touch base to give
everyone else a a sense of what this is
all is it’s like what hawaii’s racial
diversity how do you see as hawaii is
different how is it different from
the eve your experiences on the mainland
or what we kind of see or hear on on the
mainland uh how is what makes hawaii a
different racing got incredible racial
integration what makes hawaii different
and what is it that you like the most
what what is that that really kind of
sticks out the most that you uh that you
like about hawaii’s racial diversity and
then finally you know why do you think
that’s the case why is it different here
why what makes hawaii why is it what is
what what do you think are the
underpinnings the underlying
fundamentals that make hawaii this
amazing racially diverse kind of
beautiful place so those are the topics
that’s the general topic i kind of want
to get your guys sense on this uh why
don’t we do this how about
heidi i tell you what heidi want you
warm up a little bit on this sort of i’m
not going to kind of throw you into it
right off the bat so why don’t we kind
of start with you dylan why don’t you
kind of you take a crack at it what’s
your what is your sense on this overall
topic you know why what’s it different
what do you like the most and why do you
think that that’s the case here
you know i don’t have i don’t know if
i’m the most qualified to speak on this
because i don’t have a lot of you know
uh experience other places i have lived
in other places um
for me it’s just a sense of
living on an island in the community
that that creates right so
you have to if you live in a big city or
a place with a lot of people you could
be mean to somebody and maybe never see
them again but when you live on an
island in a small town
you don’t you don’t really have the
liberty to do that if you want to last
for a long time and so
there’s that sense of community where i
think you know you don’t want to burn
bridges and you want
to make sure that you know it’s a golden
rule right you want to treat people how
you want to be treated and there’s this
sense of collective community i don’t
know if it comes from the plantations or
just the you know the hawaiian culture
from back in the day but everybody’s
responsible for everybody else right
there’s this collective sense of you
pick up the trash at the at the beach
even though if it’s not yours
um you you know if you see a kid in the
street that looks lost you just take
care of them you know i mean you you
everybody has a sense of
responsibility to everybody else and you
know that’s something that i think
is definitely i mean unless it doesn’t
exist in other places but it’s
definitely more universal and stronger
here and like you know like we said in
the past right if you don’t have that if
and that’s not something you know that’s
not that’s not a racial thing or a
cultural thing it’s really just a
human thing and the humans that don’t
have that don’t make it here right so it
almost is a self
a self-weeding out process with the
community here is is if if you don’t
have that just you know if that doesn’t
appeal to you you don’t you don’t last a
long time here
yeah i think that that’s a really really
good point that you bring up i think
it’s the fundamental part of island
living you know it’s it’s a fundamental
part of what you got in this on a small
tight island community which is kind of
no matter how big or small hawaii may
feel it’s it’s a tiny tiny tiny place in
so many ways scott what’s your what’s
your take on on this topic
yeah i mean island living in in the
tropics in and of itself is going to
lend itself to a slower pace a more
relaxed pace a more you know enjoy the
weather enjoy the environment that
you’re in but then when it comes to the
racial side of it
it’s such i haven’t been to a place
where it’s such a cultural melting pot a
diff you know a number of different
races that are all together and i’ll
never forget when i moved out here two
years a couple of years later i went
to charlotte north carolina and my my
soccer coach from high school happened
to say that hawaii was one of his
favorite places this was over 20 years
ago because of the number of races
living together in harmony that we don’t
have a lot of racial tension and and for
me i’ve always told people and this is a
part of the reason why i’m here is i
feel like it’s as close to living in a
foreign country as you can get without
leaving the u.s and in doing so you know
that we had so many immigrants from the
plantation days and things and still do
that we have so many different cultural
you know different cultures that bring
their impact here and they’re all
embraced in some different way they’re
all adopted so from food the cultural
there’s a sense for me of being able to
constantly learn and try new new foods
and try new ways of living in things
that i think is is an amazing place to
and and that i can’t get in most other
places and and the people here live in
harmony for the most part
yeah is that that harmony certainly from
from various places uh certainly
honolulu is especially is such a
multi-cultural area it’s got so many
kind of different influences i could
definitely see that thing and the living
in harmony is definitely a big piece
heidi what’s your what’s your take how
do you what what have you kind of
observed uh what do you kind of see
what’s your favorite what do you like it
what do you think about it why do you
think it’s it it’s the case
well i think how is it different i mean
that’s going to come from a point of
reference on
on where you’re from
one of the unique things about hawaii
compared to a lot of other us states is
there’s no one race or
skin color that is just overwhelmingly
on maui for example
census data shows i mean about
asian 30
white and a little over 30 percent mixed
race and pacific islander so
it’s really um
a mix of people from different cultures
and heritages and
even people who are you know ha are
white there’s portuguese there’s
white people from california i mean it’s
just it’s kind of a
mix of people i
i recently helped some clients purchase
a home here on maui and
they were raising uh two young boys who
were um mixed race and they were just so
happy to move here because
they came from a community
a really nice suburb
in oregon and
every other kid in the school was white
and here in hawaii they just fit in i
mean they’re
just like everybody else so they were
really kind of excited to be able to
um have that experience for their kids
growing up in a place like this
yeah it’s it’s really amazing and and
you know i’d like to uh thanks heidi for
for bringing that up the the
multicultural the mixed race stuff is
like just a natural here it’s just like
it’s kind of that’s the way it is right
it’s everything is mixed over here which
is like so cool um you know i want to
ask the those of you that have recently
moved here that are watching give can
you throw some comments on him you know
what’s your take on this topic i’d love
to hear from you what have you seen as
the experience what’s what’s been your
perspective what do you think is you
know what do you what do you like about
it uh what’s different about it like as
heidi said very correctly speak spoke
heidi you know it’s really the the the
the how it’s different could only be in
the context of where you’re from which
is why dylan can’t tell us why it’s
different because he was born and raised
here so he doesn’t know how he’s
different but you heidi you know you
came from you came from a small town in
the midwest and scott you came uh from
the uh from north carolina i guess
that’s considered what southeast uh the
southeast coast um
and so it’s i’d love to hear from all of
you uh especially those of you who just
went there mark mark whitehill throw
some comments on here joan joan put it
here uh thank you joan i grew up in new
york which is a true melting pot but
here it seems at least so far from me
i’ve been lucky to not meet any quote
strangers everyone is friendly and
welcoming yeah you know i give it to to
tell you my perspective on this whole
thing i had um uh i
uh i was born in chicago and uh lyft
came to hawaii when i was 21 years old
and what really
struck me about the the melting pot was
i thought that hawaii is much much much
better integrated uh culturally racially
than chicago is for example
chicago like like jones says like like
new york it’s a melting pot there’s all
kinds of you know got everyone’s there
in chicago
they people kind of keep to their
respective neighborhoods there’s
chinatown there’s greek town there’s
there’s the italian district there’s the
black district uh there’s the hispanic
district and they and there’s like these
little pockets so you can kind of drive
from one little pocket to another but
there even though there’s a melting pot
it’s like all the if it’s a melting pot
not really because all the ingredients
are separate
whereas in when i came to hawaii what
really struck me and you know you could
just kind of see it in your neighborhood
is like you know you got the filipino
guy with the you know i’m you know just
rattling off on my own neighbors the guy
japanese korean filipino
uh you know polynesians and they’re all
on the same they’re all we’re all in the
same block and this is
and this is the case almost universally
throughout hawaii i love that idea of
the um that the a true cultural melting
pot where people are living side by side
and i think that’s that’s that’s an
amazing that’s an amazing piece um
there was i think what other i think the
other thing that really kind of struck
me and uh
when i when i first when i first came
here i never forget the first time
was that uh
i was like couldn’t have been here for
like more than a couple weeks right and
and i’m cruising in waikiki and
and i’m and i’m and and i i saw a
what really struck me was i saw a
a mixed race couple it was a japanese
girl and and a uh an african guy
and i saw the two of them and what was
so cool about it was that
no one even gave it a second glance zero
it was just like
who cares it
like nothing right uh whereas you know
in in certain areas of chicago at the
time this was in the early 80s and you
know that you may have gotten at least a
couple of second glances right it would
have been something odd something out of
the ordinary i think that that was the
issue as i kind of verbalized this it in
hawaii it was nothing it was not at all
it was like par for the course totally
natural totally normal where in chicago
it’s like oh gee i haven’t you don’t see
that too often um so i don’t know if
what you folks got any any sort of
comment that that you want to add in on
that uh
about this that this topic
scott how do you scott go ahead yeah i
you know the part of the question is is
what do you what do you love about it or
or why for me
part of what i love is the fact that
there’s so much for me to learn from
other people from based on their
backgrounds they come from different
areas they bring a different perspective
on life and i love that aspect and i
feel like also that has a reverse to it
if you come here and you aren’t
open-minded and you aren’t respectful of
the fact that
there is a lot of diversity here and you
are close-minded it can be very
challenging for you as well if you move
here and aren’t aren’t willing to adapt
and open up and accept
you know how things are done here
you’re muted peter
thank you scott uh ray array uh thank
you ray for uh for for putting this out
there ray says i spent six years with
the army on oahu years ago loved the
people culture and way of life so much
we finally bought a condo and we’re in a
position to do so i’m so glad you did
next week awesome right terrific
excellent excellent excellent welcome uh
good good uh glad to hear that that’s i
mean that’s that’s what it is man and
you know and dylan i think to your point
um i i think that’s the there there is a
a big piece of the the island culture
and i got to believe it goes down to you
know to the the host culture the the
native hawaiians that kind of got the
whole ball rolling um you know to to
live on an island and survive when when
everything has to be something
soul-sourced right you can’t import
anything because that’s all you’ve got
you’ve really got to help out you’ve got
to help each other out right and you’ve
got to have this sense of family and
community and you have to look out for
each other for your own survival if not
if not a selfish reason is for your own
survival and i think that very thing and
the other part dylan what you said this
is very true you you made a comment uh
which i love which
is you know on the mainland you could
kind of be nasty that to somebody and
you’ll never see them again it ain’t
gonna matter you know and and i remember
you know some some uh some nights being
with some with some some friends back
when i was you know young and stupid and
my my young friends doing stupid things
i’m thinking i don’t care i’m not gonna
see that person again
not the case in hawaii you’re probably
related and you don’t even know it uh
you’re going to see them at the next job
and if you don’t i don’t know if you
want to expand on it at all but that’s
that’s what’s been my observation no i i
it’s funny because i just had this
conversation with my son the other day
where i had a a brand new agent that’s
joining the industry who’s my classmate
and i hadn’t seen her in
you know 20 plus years really um
even before high school i think but
um he asked me he said why you know why
why is she joining with you and i says
well because i was nice to her in high
school like i mean you know
i don’t know i mean but that’s how
important it is and the way you act and
the way you treat people is you never
know 20 years later you could be in
business with them right or you could be
doing something and i we have that all
the time where we run into people that
you know we haven’t seen in in decades
but if if you were a good person they
remember the person that you were right
regardless of all the years that have
gone by and here’s just another little
example of this this like the way we do
stuff in the island so we have four um
guests here for my jiu jitsu gym
for a seminar this weekend and we had
planned to train last night and long
story short that the place we were going
to go which we couldn’t because of kobe
yada yada
at about noon we found this out and
so instead we just shifted and my coach
tells me hey can we just can we just
have dinner at your house so we can at
least you know feed them dinner and and
get together with everybody and i said
you know of course so the text messages
start flying and literally between noon
and five o’clock we put together dinner
i think there was probably almost 20
people you know 22 people or something
like that with the kids and everybody
and we had we had korean chicken
teriyaki pork
smoked barbecue
you know like like like american like s
southern barbecue pork belly
and uh short ribs you know with poke and
and i mean so you had this massive feast
you know in like five hours notice and
they they couldn’t believe it you know
they’re like how do you guys do this and
it’s like this is what we do you know i
mean everybody says i’m gonna do this
i’m gonna do that i got the drinks i got
the tables and you know we pulled off
this huge this huge event in like five
hours notice so
and the most diverse set of food you
could ever eat right i mean amazing
amazing spread of diverse food so
great great story that kind of
summarizes the whole thing and kind of
one one spell swoop right yeah
right it’s like it’s the racial
integration you know as symbolized by
the food right an incredible variety of
food right
you know the island way which is
everybody kind of pitches and yes it’s
called the potluck but still you know
it’s everybody kind of pitching in and
kind of being able to ramp it all
together and doing it at someone’s home
doing it so much so all that that’s a so
that’s a great encapsulation
encapsulation encapsulation uh dylan of
uh of uh where where where hawaii is at
uh juliana commented julian if you could
expand this hawaii was fortunate to not
be impacted by the colombian exchange i
don’t know what that means uh we’re
talking coffee a
dollar of extra i’m not too sure if you
listen on what you mean by that i’d like
to know more about it and uh
email says you said it perfectly scott
thank you uh joan is chiming in that’s
jones referring to my uh my talk about
the pockets in chicago jones says that’s
true in new york there are pockets also
here in hawaii people are people and if
you can’t accept that don’t move here
that’s what it is man i mean
it’s it’s the coolest thing patrick’s
got a little story first let’s see about
a year ago after i had been tuning into
your bi-weekly broadcast for a couple of
months scott and i talked on the phone
one afternoon nice scott absolutely
confirmed the non-racial tension in
hawaii as found in the east coast of the
mainland you know patrick i’m so
thankful because so far hawaii has
avoided this whole you know identifying
by race kind of a deal right um
in hawaii it’s interesting because we
identify but it’s almost in a joking way
right you you know i mean it’s it used
to be more in style than it is now it’s
less in style there was a great comedian
uh what’s his name dylan the the guy
that the filipino guy that makes fun of
everybody um well there’s only t and
there’s frank de lima frankly
he was the classic guy rapper uplinger
was kind of probably dribbling
yeah it was a whole classic and and
frank de lima is the guy if you do a
google search frank de lima and find his
videos he used that he was classic
famous for making fun of everybody uh
replenisher did there was another guy
too uh i forgot his name but he was he
was almost kind of like borderline he
was like a down ring like a local don
wrinkles i forgot his name was ready
but it used to be you know we used to
always make fun of everybody everybody
because like heidi’s points right to
heidi’s point everybody um
thank you malcolm
that’s the guy
uh malcolm
you know who does that you know who does
it now is joe coy
he kind of does it on a national if you
if you watch joe coy’s comedy it’s very
um because he’s filipino so he makes fun
of filipinos but he makes fun of
everybody you know but it’s it’s a good
it’s the same kind of style of comedy
how do you spell that last name koi
k-o-i or
k-o-y okay oh why go look at joe
everybody yeah so this was a classic
thing in hawaii and i think part of it
part of it was heidi to your point which
you know you said it quickly but it’s a
very it’s a very profound thing
everybody in hawaii is a minority there
is no
no one’s at plus 50
no one everyone’s at like you said heidi
we’re all at about a third a third a
third it’s a third asians third
polynesians mix third third caucasians
give or take and like you said heidi
even the caucasians break up even
further because
for some reason in in hawaii a a
portuguese guy is not seen as a is not
not considered a holy guy he’s
considered a portuguese guy you don’t
call a portuguese guy you call a
portuguese kind of portuguese
or portuguese um which is interesting
and that’s why i kind of as as a greek i
always felt somewhat
actually it’s kind of funny i’ll i’ll
really reveal kind of a little personal
uh not even a story but something that i
knew that hawaii i knew that hawaii was
the place for me and
the reason why i knew that hawaii was
the place for me because in chicago
you’re not a greek you’re an effing
greek in chicago but when i came to
hawaii uh it was it was exotic when when
i told uh you know when i was at the bar
and and the girls would ask me where are
you from i said i’m from um uh what you
know what your makeup said oh i’m greek
now in chicago like greek
you know but in hawaii it was like oh
greek wow cool exotic interesting
haven’t seen that before and that’s okay
i know i’m in heaven i am in heaven when
when when a greek in in when a greek is
seen as an exotic as an exotic being as
opposed to an everyday immigrant that
just got here i knew i had uh i had
found heaven that’s my little fount
heaven story uh for sure i knew hawaii
was my was my my place uh bernard thanks
bernard uh bernard says i grew up in the
philippines my wife is japanese and i am
chinese what place on earth besides
hawaii would allow me to have that
community speak those languages eat
those foods and mix lifestyles from
those three ethnicities all in close
proximity with such balanced diversity
boom man if i could scream into the mic
i would just like bernard you nailed it
right there i just kind of want to i
think i want to leave that on the show
like leave that on the screen for the
rest of the show that is fabulous and
well put exactly exactly correct and the
answer bernard is nowhere
nowhere but hawaii nowhere but hawaii
can you get that kind of an experience
uh well well well said uh
uh red circle silver x uh joe joy
netflix honolulu special was pretty
great there you go i have to
i canceled my netflix subscription but
when i renew it i’ll i’ll get back into
it i’ve i realized there’s no point
having multiple subscriptions if you’re
only watching only one series so right
now my my wife and i are going through a
series and on hbo max and when we get
done with that i’ll go back
but uh excellent joe joe joy on netflix
when i renew my netflix subscription i
will get that uh jason you’re a greek
i’m a greek yes that that’s exactly
right jason well well said buddy uh
and uh
joe coy sorry there you go thanks for
the spelling on that excellent and uh
david uh completely not relate to the
current conversation but i have to ask
what the initials mean after everyone’s
wow put a little greek in there bravo
uh the the initials are related to
they’re real let’s just real real quick
what th they’re really because they’re
realtors of some type real fast what
what do they mean i’m not going to tell
you let’s go clockwise dylan then scott
then heidi what do the initials mean
dylan you’re muted
broker in charge broke ranch art scott
realtor associate realtor associate
realtor broker there you go that’s what
that’s what they all mean all right
what’s good what’s complicated is like
every island has a different
abbreviations and stuff too so it can
vary like what you know like re on oahu
is rs on the big island it’s just so
it’s crazy but it’s just vegetable soup
for uh or alphabet soup for real estate
there you go it’s the alphabet soup for
saying i’m in the real estate
business essentially and and you guys
are doing because there’s some sort of a
legal requirement right whenever you
whenever you’re kind of talking about
real estate you have to kind of uh uh
disclose it or whatnot so yeah daniel
you are welcome buddy hey speaking of
real estate it’s uh we’re coming around
the court of the hour before we move on
everybody make sure please uh you have
you got any questions make sure you get
them and now because we’re kind of
coming up on the hour we got a few
things stuff that we want to cover if
you have any questions whatsoever about
hawaii pop it in over there love all the
comments as usual you guys are what
makes the you guys are what make this
fun so uh let’s move on to our next
little segment here called diamonds and
deals so we’ve got our friends who put
together some great properties that they
feature they either you know they’re
either diamonds or their deals or
sometimes they’re both uh so let’s get
to the first one here this is a
lower wai ehu beach road in wailuku maui
half acre gated beachfront lot with
cottage and two water meters not one but
two water meters for one for the low low
price of 1.5 heidi let’s hear it
well this is direct oceanfront direct
beach front land um
a little over half an acre
there is a small
home on the property that was
it’s an older home but it was just
completely remodeled in 2020 and you can
the picture of the kitchen in the top
right hand corner
the home itself is one bedroom one and a
half bath just 740 square feet
but then the picture right below it you
can see the outdoor kitchen which is
probably another
748 square feet um
but really the value in this lot is you
could live in this cottage and
build another home right in front of it
right on the ocean
or do a host of different things the
zoning would allow for
its interim zoning so you could have an
agricultural business
school medical facility
um duplex i mean there’s just a lot of
different things the zoning would allow
and yeah i wanted to show the picture of
that outdoor kitchen which is
about as large as that cottage so i
thought that was cool that’s totally
cool we had talked about that previously
that a large part what makes one of the
things that where hawaii properties are
very different is that you you live an
outdoor lifestyle and this concludes
having an outdoor kitchen heidi i got to
tell you for 1.5 you said this is
beachfront this seems
extraordinarily cheap to me like this is
like really really really low price for
a beachfront
half acre what’s the what’s the what’s
driving how come this price is so low
um i i mean it’s kind of the
the area it’s in um
and there were definitely you know it’s
there are definitely some things to look
into i mean before you’re gonna embark
on a building project but
um happy to get into the details with
anybody who wants to talk about it
yeah it just seems uh it seems amazing
uh we got a
real red circle silver x says my wife
and i are looking to land on the big
island hamakua coast what kind of
inspections or property related issues
should we be looking out for what kind
of empty lot checklist should we have
let’s cover that when we get to dylan’s
property i’ll hold on a second thank you
red silver for asking that question uh
let’s see what’s who’s next on the thing
here we got uh who’s let me move it this
way there we go palm villas listed for
465 is that you do who’s is it is that
you dylan that’s me scott
tom villas let’s let’s hear it yeah i
wanted to kind of show it uh affordable
unit i like this complex ewa beach um
this is in ewa beach it’s palm villas
they have two different basically two
different types of floor plans i’ve sold
a couple of these in in here the ground
level as you can see has the the larger
lanai space you know um you can have a
little bit of grass in there or or
you’ve concreted it all the way this is
an upper floor unit been renovated
two bedroom one and a half bath 716
square feet and as you can see in the
middle picture on the left hand side um
the complex has pool and and kind of
barbecue area and stuff so this is about
as for affordable on the nicer
relatively newer
construction side here on oahu in
kind of the urban stretch area so if if
this is pretty much would be kind of
your entry-level level townhouse price
so i kind of wanted to show this this
side of things for now
you know scott this this this i hope
this gives you folks hope uh 465 is is a
you know is a
is a you know what the median price of a
single family home is about a million
but uh this this uh dare we say this is
affordable so scott thanks for uh for
for bringing that one in um
so let’s see here uh i got a couple uh i
got a couple of questions up here but
we’re gonna hold off and dylan you know
on your why don’t you dylan give your uh
give your property first and then we’ll
go back to the uh the question that uh
red circle silver uh give and i think
i’ve got your slide as well red silver
so dylan what is this for
this is this is perfect for a red silver
is this is this is six acres in kalapawa
which is right um kind of near
honoka on the hamakua coast so
six acres got this huge house you have
actually a two bedroom ohana
disconnected from the house also
backs up to like a hundred acres um so
you’ll never have anything on that side
of you all of the lots in this area are
six acres or bigger so you don’t have
any real neighbors nearby but yeah one
point you know 1.6 million for a
compound basically and very nicely done
inside so if you want country living
on the hamakua coast this is an
outstanding option
this is insane this is insane red circle
silver you you know you don’t have to do
a if i’m not mistaken let’s so let me
kind of flip this real so well first of
all let’s talk about this property dylan
this is insane this is insane i’m
looking at what six acres i mean i love
the i love seeing the thank you all for
you know we don’t plan this out but the
contrast is amazing right so what do you
want from 1.5 either you can get like
the beachfront prop the beachfront
property in maui with the small home on
and the outdoor kitchen or you can get
the 5 bedroom 5 marathon six six acres
or you could buy three town homes on
oahu uh
all all for the low low price of one
point five uh
gang this is this is dylan i
the the flooring of that kitchen looks
amazing that looks like some sort of a
cola floor or whatnot oh if it’s cold
and up it’s beautiful yeah i think it’s
real hard wood flooring throughout yeah
and you know back to the question about
about buying land on the hamakua coast
you you really need to
there’s a lot of questions you need to
ask and you really need me to talk to
somebody who knows what they’re doing
because there’s a huge diversity we’ve
talked about this before with buy and
land where
the pricing doesn’t make any sense right
so you can look at two different lots
that look very similar but have very
different prices and there’s all kinds
of things that go into that is there
infrastructure is there water is there
electric what’s the access like um you
know how buildable is it do you need to
do a bunch of grading i mean there’s all
of these questions so so when you look
at land objectively kind of online and
you haven’t taken that second level look
at the actual details of the lot
there’s some things that can very
vastly affect market value and so yeah
reach out let’s have a conversation you
know i can give you a list of things to
start thinking about but really it’s
hard to shop for land from afar you have
to be here you have to go look at it put
your boots on go walk around and really
get a feel for is it you know what are
the views look like potentially if
you’re going to build them there’s all
kinds of things that that um it makes it
really hard to you can you can shop for
a house you know a condo from the
mainland especially if you’re familiar
with the areas and the complexes but
with land it’s difficult
you know i i’m gonna i took i’m thinking
i guess uh red circle silver x let me
know if this is the if this is the right
slide if you submitted this one in it’s
it’s similar it’s uh from river of los
uh aloha we’re looking to buy land on
the north side of the big island are we
allowed to put a prefab modular house
instead of a traditional wood frame
construction are there any building
codes or common code restrictions along
the hamakua coast that may be a barrier
to a prefab home it’s not going to be a
tiny house on a trailer but a
traditional house foundation style on
building what do you guys think uh there
goes uh red circle silver says haha not
me but my wife okay i i caught it i got
the hint so dylan you’ve already you
basically kind of said look there’s a
lot of things you have to do you really
want to get a hold of a professional is
there anything you want to comment on
specifically here on pre-fed versus wood
home et cetera
that’s a loaded question because there’s
so much that goes into that too right so
what you want to do is make sure you get
somebody on the ground uh you know
architect building consultant that knows
the county code because at the end of
the day it’s it’s what the county is
going to approve you may or may not have
ccnr’s in a specific neighborhood many
pieces of land on the hamaco coast will
not have ccnr’s so that’s not going to
be a a barrier but
you know what you’re going to build it
has to be approved by the county right
and until you ask the county hey this is
what i’m going to build is it okay you
don’t really know i can’t tell you for
sure you know
there’s lots of different types of
prefab homes right and is it up to code
where it come from what kind of
materials is it those are all the kind
of things that the county building
department is going to have to review
and approve um before you’ll know for
yeah thanks to so uh red circle in the
in the comments in the the description
of the show you’re you’re coming on
youtube there’s a link click on the link
it’ll take you to a forum uh love to
hear from you
go ahead you know the little piece i
always inject to this right is when
people have a great idea that’s going to
be super cheap they think they’re the
first one that had it and nobody’s doing
it yet and you’re probably not the first
one and there’s probably a reason why
people aren’t doing it
there’s a reason why people aren’t doing
like a tiny homes question that we get a
million times right we get a million
tiny homes questions right and it’s
always always the same we’ve gone
through how complicated tiny homes are
and that’s the whole thing so you’re not
going to save a darn thing with a a a
tiny home uh scott we got one for you
here uh from american asian couple how
do we remedy the issues living in condo
when resident manager does not do their
job properly who is the higher level we
need to get in touch with in waikiki
scott how would you respond to that
yeah well the resident manager works for
the board for the association you if
you’re an owner or a member of the
association so i’d go the board first
then you can go to the property
management company as well who who helps
out because they’re going to have to
you’re going to want to document some of
these things and do it via email and if
you do it with the property management
company then they’ll document it as well
and and but
the resident manager works for
the association so that’s the above step
for you it’s going to the board go to
the board i was i was once a board
member uh actually board president of of
a condo association and you know when
people would come to us we would take
the request seriously it’s not that it’s
a tiny community it’s a little condo go
to the board find out who the president
is go to the board president don’t mess
around go right to the board president
say hey
and and and show up at a couple board
meetings i’ll usually those board
meetings you can attend them you can’t
participate because you’re on a board
member but you can typically you can
participate uh gil welcome back gil gill
a says i read an article that there are
31 million more millennials now buying
homes with that said what does the data
show as the types of new home buyers in
if you guys have any data on that do you
guys have any feedback on that or who’s
buying the homes is it millennials is it
any sense just empirical
d all the above i mean it’s you got
people moving transitioning here from
uh you know from the mainland and it is
an expensive place if you’re coming here
from out of state you know to buy a
single family home you got to have some
decent disposable income and and because
rates were low and things started moving
you know we get plenty you know the
younger people are moving into the house
buying or townhouse buying or condo
buying typically is the first step over
here and moving their way up but yeah
it’s i mean it’s
yeah it’s everybody that’s yeah that’s
why we haven’t that’s why we got so many
buyers and so little inventory that’s
what that’s what’s snatching up anybody
else want to comment just kind of jump
in and kind of say that i’m gonna we’re
gonna move on because we’re almost out
of time here uh uh let’s see patrick
gave us a nice comment thanks page my
hello guys and heidi another great
program look forward to seeing you all
again in two weeks look forward to
seeing you too buddy uh and uh and alex
welcome back buddy sorry for getting in
late don’t be nothing to be sorry about
alex nothing to be sorry about all right
let’s uh let’s go to our
we’re gonna roll this up over here and
go to our our closing let’s pop up our
closing thought our clothing’s closing
thought slides uh let’s kind of hit this
one here this this got to be dylan go
ahead dylan start us off with it
that’s not me
ah who is this one okay oh that was me
go for it go for it heidi let’s hear it
uh if you always do what you’ve always
well where’s the quote
i thought you had it memorized
you’ll always be where you’ve always
been thank you peter
right here try one more time let’s do it
let’s do a retake go ahead one more
always do what you’ve always done you’ll
always be where you’ve always been i
mean so
very simple and obvious but just a
reminder um i mean
for myself or for anyone if you want to
accomplish something different or get to
that next level i mean you can’t do what
you’ve done in the past to get to where
you are now you have to do
do something different so i just i found
that inspiring thank you heidi you got
it you you gotta you’ve gotta shake it
up you gotta shake it up who’s got the
uh tim tim tim grover quote that one is
me so tim grover was the keynote at the
conference i was at and if you don’t
know who he is he was
like the strength and conditioning coach
for michael jordan kobe bryant dwyane
wade i mean the greatest basketball
players in the last you know in our
generation and so one of the things he
talked about was the greatest winners
have the shortest memories and in the
context of
if you’re going to be a great winner you
cannot dwell on your losses and you
definitely can’t dwell on your wins
right so they forget quickly and they
move beyond missing a shot and just look
towards the next one or once you win a
championship you gotta focus on the next
championship and
i definitely think that’s that’s
applicable in our world in our business
and you know especially in this market
right now if you’re looking to buy right
if you if you dwell on the offer you
missed out on and you’re not focused on
the next offer or the next house or
continuing to look and continue to have
that positive mindset you know you’re
never going to accomplish your goal so
have a short memory
well said it’s a aka live in the moment
live in the moment live in the moment uh
jones says sorry i miss you in two weeks
i’ll be in the city of hope in
california for my annual checkup well we
we will have a seat here for you we will
have a seat here for you joan and we
will welcome you back with open arms and
alex as well said scott what’s your
what’s your what’s your motivational
closing motivational thought for for
yeah i um i mean i’m a systems guy and
i’m planning and and data kind of guy
but you know i read one that was pretty
good it said you don’t always
need a plan sometimes you just need to
breathe trust let go and see what
and uh yeah it’s kind of piggybacks off
of what heidi was saying you know
just get out there and do it sometimes
it’s the best way
what’s that breathe trust and what let
go and see what happens breathe trust
let go and see what let’s see what
happens yeah uh mark got a phone call
halfway through
yeah mark will we will see you all later
uh and so i’ll give you mine so mine’s
kind of an interesting one so i i as you
all know i enjoy i love reading proverbs
and there’s this great proverbs section
that talks about animals and talks about
how amazing ants are that they could
provide for themselves yet they’re super
tiny or or a
locust kind of line up in a line up in
line and then it said the lizard can be
grasped in the hand yet it is found in
king’s palaces now this is not so much a
motivational thought but this is to tell
you that 4 000 years ago geckos were in
the freaking palace so geckos are
everywhere there they’ve been everywhere
uh they’re gonna be in your house in
hawaii they’re all over the place you
can’t get rid of them and they were
around two thousand years three thousand
four thousand years ago in king’s
palaces so um if you’re gonna live in in
hawaii you’re gonna have
that’s my closing motivational thought
all right everybody so we’re gonna we’re
gonna roll this out and uh ray’s gonna
be at dukes next friday night dude ray
you know i was gonna say you throw a
party there ray we’ll we’ll uh and let
us know and uh jd reynolds says breathe
through the nose yes indeed all right
folks give us your uh throw your
goodbyes let’s go uh counterclockwise
heidi then scott and then dylan say
goodbye everybody
aloha everybody have a great weekend
aloha everybody have a good one
have a good one folks see you in a
couple of weeks jim see you in a couple
weeks everyone y’all take care aloha