Sea Level Rise Disclosure Will Now Be a Requirement for Real Estate Sales in Hawaii

How will this affect the market and the price of oceanfront real estate?

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and you know the other thing kind of
newsworthy in terms of like the real
estate world is they they
may first they’re going to implement
this um
sea level rise disclosure that we have
incorporate into our contracts and
that is going to have an interesting
effect on you know if if it’s not
already for some buyers scary enough to
buy on an island with a volcano and
possible tsunamis and hurricanes and
everything else and now we’re telling
them you know your property could be
underwater in the future you know
um it’s going to have an interesting
effect on oceanfront property or
low-lying properties i mean hawaii big
island doesn’t have as many because it’s
a younger island but if you look on
kauai and oahu you know
telling somebody that the sea level is
going to rise three feet in the next 50
years or whatever which again is a lot
of debate over that um
could definitely disincentivize and hurt
property prices right in those in those
areas if you’re going to disincentivize
people from buying them or scare them
off from buying them so you know another
interesting thing that the legislature
has done which you know
we’ll see what the consequences are