Our Maui expert is here – get your questions in for our show next Friday 7/24!

We’re happy to announce that Heidi Dollinger is joining our real estate team of experts and will be at our next show.  If you have questions about Maui, get them in at the form below.   Heidi and I did our first mini-show and she answered this question from Ralph and Carley in Washington DC:

We’re planning to retire to Maui when COVID19 is over and have three questions at this time: #1. What are the real estate taxes for full time single home residents in Maui based on the recent regulations. We haven’t been able to get clear answers from our research online. #2. We are concerned about the drought conditions and water supply on the west coast of Maui. Last year’s fires reminded us of CA which we are trying to avoid. #3. Finally, we hear general references to lower availability of medical treatment on the islands other than Oahu. As we are in our mid-sixties, but both healthy and active, this is of concern. Can you address the availability of medical services on Maui?

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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