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Show Start 9/02/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 9/2/22
How Hawaii Wins the World Series With Aloha
Question for Ohana: What % supports banning vacation rentals?
Oahu Market Update 9/2/22
Big Island Update 9/2/22
300 acre development in Kona – scam?
Big Island Condo Stats
How soon before moving should we look for a rental?
Is the crime spike a COVID artifact or the start of a trend?
Are water shortages in Hawaii an issue?
Is it difficult or expensive to demolish a house on Oahu?
Can I get home, land, and a view for $400k?
How likely can a new realtor sell 1 home a month?
Rare lot in Kona ready to build
Kailua 8bd/10.5 ba oceanfront $30M
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Show Transcript

foreign good morning it is September 2nd 2022
and you are live with us on the Aloha Friday Hawaii real estate show welcome
everyone I’ve been looking forward to this so happy to see you all and of course we gotta uh let’s say we’re gonna
warm up we’re in the uh we’re in the pre warm-up phase we’re going to give this about five minutes or so so if you’re
listening to this if you’re watching this on a pre-recorded basis you may want to skip forward five minutes but if you skip forward five minutes you’re
gonna miss out on on meeting our all of our friends around and we got some we have a special we have someone special
here so let’s let’s okay everyone guess what’s going on over here so we had Scott who’s with us from the alanova
Wahoo and we have Kelly who’s with us from the big on Dylan can’t make it so Dylan thank you for sending Kelly
because she’s awesome and we’re we’re excited to to have everybody and uh introduce you all to to Kelly uh let’s
do this first we have a bunch of our friends who jumped on earlier before we’re going to go around we’re going to warm up our mics in a minute over here
but first I want to say uh Aloha to uh let’s see uh Kaili from Molokai and uh
welcome a new profile this is the hot spot you’ve been a regular uh a regular uh audience member and it’s great to see
you again and finally we I get to put a a face and a name behind the uh behind
the the thing which was formerly The Hot Spot Molokai so great excellent and Jim Uncle Jim is back with us although I
have one beautiful day in New York City not nearly as good as in Paradise never in New York is New York New York
is awesome Hawaii’s not New York New York will never have weather like Hawaii Jim love you welcome uh and Barbara is
back with us welcome Barbara uh after 10 years I’m visiting Hawaii in October excellent I’m the senior who taught on
Oahu back in the mid 50s wow mid 50s here’s what’s going to be interesting
Barbara is this Barbara is this your first time back since since the fifth no you said after 10 years okay so 10 years you’ve been here 10 years ago welcome uh
Hawaii calls always and always you know there’s something about Hawaii for certain people that once you’ve been here you just never it never leaves you
and you just have got to come back because this is the only place it’s the only place that does it Joan is back
with us Auntie Joan Joan Aloha everyone and how old Labor Day weekend absolutely looking forward to it uh what do you all
got planned for Labor Day weekend I’d like to kind of hear what your folks have got going on Hawaii always makes it
great to have a three or four day weekend depending on what you’re going to be doing Paul is back with us Paul uh Ventura County California welcome
welcome back Paul good to see you buddy uh and Adam hello Al hello from Rainier Washington Adam first time commenter
welcome welcome to our show uh enjoy you’re gonna meet a lot of good fun people here and Aloha I know Riley I
think I know who that is Happy Aloha Friday welcome good to see you uh glad you’re glad you’re here with us love the handprint uh Patrick Pat McKenna is back
hey Pat how’s it buddy uh Aloha from the ninth Island no more Germany heading to Oahu next Wednesday Patrick’s making the
move uh he yeah uh Scott was uh Scott partnered up with him and uh Patrick has
announced he’s he’s making it Wes hey Wes welcome Wes is an alumni as is uh Auntie Joan uh Wes is an alumni of The
Islander Ohana hanging out from Oahu welcome Wes good to see you buddy uh Jeremy’s back so the whole gang’s here
see so Kelly we’re we’re in good shape uh we’re hanging out with with everybody auntie Joyce is here happy auntie Joyce
is just happy that that’s it that that’s that’s it right there uh she probably was going to say happy labor day but
happy is the right word uh Mac maximum salad Aloha from town Justin West
excellent uh Jess and uh uh Jess and Wes Jess give us the uh uh I want to know
what the maximum salad meaning is there is is there is there a company that that that that’s behind it and uh hosting
troop 101 in Allah for the long weekend now that’s gonna be cool so this is a
Camille Nui is an area on East uh East Honolulu East Oahu that that is just uh
well the whole East part of the island is is absolutely amazing this is great uh Happy Labor Day yes from heat wave in
the Bay Area well uh welcome Joyce uh I’m glad that you were able to make that the Heatwave all right let’s uh let’s
let’s say let’s let’s warm up our microphones uh let’s kind of start with our with our special guest for today
Kelly Fill Us in what you doing what’s going on uh let everybody know who you are
Aloha everyone I’m Kelly Fuller I’m over here on the big island I know I have
some really big shoes to fill and I work on Dylan’s team so I’m so excited that I
have the pleasure to speaking with you guys today thank you for having me on I love The Islander Ohana I’ve had the
pleasure of working with a bunch of you find your little piece of paradise over here on the big island so very excited
to be here this is a great show and yeah coming from my Lanai here I am a condo
realtor I I’m a specializing condos so I have a condo here in Kailua Kona and I’m
right here off of Ali e Drive and coming to you from my Lanai here man did you rehearse that or something
that was like that was like a that was like a perfect intro it’s like right on the money and it’s kind of it’s kind of
fun because we can actually see and if we if I look in the reflection I could almost kind of see yeah right I can
almost kind of see the the some kind of a nice view there anyway uh welcome Kelly it’s really great to see you and
and Dylan if Dylan’s when Dylan will be watching us Dylan you did good man thanks buddy uh we appreciate it Scott
philison man the the colors are looking good the camera’s looking good what’s happening yeah so I get I didn’t talk
about this last time I got a lemon lime Ficus here um as a new plant new my new friendly
Edition but I’m coming to you from my shoebox my my place isn’t as glamorous as Kelly’s now so I’m not on my Lanai
anymore so I’m in a little shoebox room and this is my my office um I’ve actually been up it’s been an actually
interesting week because I from the development side I started to swing things back up again a meeting with my
the team of people that we put in place and then uh the investors kind of talking to everybody about you know
getting money and capital together and I’ve been talking with my team I really realized it was what we talked about
last week DPP now is running a year on being able to give out building permits
so we’re having actually second guess you know part of what we’re looking to do is bring bring housing to to Oahu
which is what we need right and um we’re having actually now second guess that thought because dpp’s taking over a year
to get building permits done and it’s you start to look at it and the process is just broken and we’re waiting for
Belanger at this point to step in and reorganize because it’s start I know the local contractors are starting to get
frustrated so any anyway that’s kind of been my my thing I’ve been running around all week trying to figure out the
pieces into the puzzle yeah well DPP everybody stands for Department of planning and permitting
and these are the folks that we have to go through to kind of get our permits and well Scott I I wish you best I I know that is that is not a uh not fun
nor trivial hey Auntie Joy says welcome Kelly Love part of Dylan’s team hey everybody by the way I sure said
everyone say hello to Kelly everybody uh let’s give her let’s give Kelly a shout out so uh Judy is here with us Judy is
also an Islander Ohana member and Judy uh has worked with with Dylan’s team probably work with with Kelly uh
good to see you uh and and Kelly Collins looking forward to learning more real estate Insight hey Kelly that’s what
this is about so look if you’ve got a question Kelly pop it in the comments right now let’s let if you got some that
you’d like to know let’s get targeted let’s get like and you know where we’re talking about this uh immediate gratification let’s get some immediate
benefit out of there so all right gang look it’s 902 we’re gonna move on to the next segment over here let’s uh let’s
move on and get to our little uh got the news going on over here yeah let’s do
that all right so uh got some fun stuff I I it’s kind of always fun to kind of pull you know well first of all
I want to thank you all because you know I know I normally never would go through the news like I do it now but now
because I we because we do the the show uh every other Friday it sort of forces me one of my rituals as I kind of go
through and kind of pull out what’s interesting and this is really fun so now I I kind of stay fully informed anyway so um so
here’s what’s going on so the World Series win with Aloha so get this so um
this is for uh for Baseball fans uh the uh uh the the Hawaii Little League the
Hawaii little leagues uh I don’t even know what I should know what the name of the team was right didn’t do a good job of that but anyway uh Hawaii won the
Little League World Series and apparently they’re like a really winning team uh they’ve they’ve won I think like
three three World Series or something like that um and and this time around they they
totally kick butt it says here for the last week and a half uh no team came close to Hawaii they got uh they had a
13-3 win in four Innings this was the championship the World Series game uh
they played uh kurakal uh in it and uh they just killed it uh six games all
victories uh in this in the series of the closest margin was four runs Hawaii
outscored opponents get this 60 to five so the Little League World Series they
absolutely killed it but here’s what the fun part was what really kind of stuck out to me and here is the the winds with
Aloha so here’s the cool part uh that really is is such a reflection of local culture and local waste so moments after
the Honolulu Little League defeated the local team Kauai how to claim the Hawaii
state championship so this was earlier in the series for the State Championship the players were invited to enjoy a big
dinner with their opponents now when do you hear about that when you hear about a winning team trouncing the other guys
and when they’re done saying hey come on over let’s have some some dinner together that is that is winning with
Aloha and I thought that was like the coolest part about the whole story so I thought you all would enjoy that it’s a great part it’s a great reflection of
what Hawaii is really all about okay so moving on there’s a there’s a purely and Kelly I don’t know if you heard about
this story so if you feel like commenting on it when when your segment comes but there’s some interesting development controversy in South Kona
apparently there’s been some construction work that has started on a 324 acre luxury resort area in opihale
uh which is South Kona just I got I got a ring from somewhere just south of um
and apparently there’s like construction that started but there’s no permits no permits have been made and there’s a
website that these guys that I’m not going to tell you what the website name is because it seems kind of fishy but there’s a website well I’ll tell you
what it’s invest in corner y’all y’all adults go take a look at it invest in
um and they’re apparently asking for donations or Investments so it’s kind of weird they’re like asking for the Investments or donations uh to get the
thing started they don’t have a permit but they’ve started kind of there are some bulldozers on the property so it’s kind of interesting I’m curious where
this is going to go I thought that was kind of interesting access fees are coming we’ve been talking about this for a long time gang access fees are coming
there is no doubt about it in my mind uh access fees meetings they’re going to start making visitors pay for uh going
to basically parking at parking lots or going to to common events uh this is to
me it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a done deal it’s not legally a done deal but it’s all but but here and interestingly
enough on Maui uh Maui’s even going one step further uh Maui’s saying that you
have to uh to show your residency uh it’s not Hawaii residents it’s Maui
residents so if they show a Maui zip code so if you’re from if you’re a quote local with Hawaii driver’s license
Hawaii resident uh when you go to Maui uh you’re gonna be just like another visitor uh this is coming
um and and so uh just all be aware of it and there’s there’s an interesting collection of uh statistics that are
coming in fact I’ve got this to share with with you guys um let me here’s a question for you all
so here’s an Ohana question and we’ll kind of we’ll cover the answers later on in the show so there was a uh they took
some surveys uh about a local resident uh sentiment and one of the question was
uh what PR was a they took a survey of people that support
eliminating vacation rentals illegal vacation rentals on the island
so here’s the question for the Ohana put your guesses in the comments what percent pulled what percent surveyed are
in favor of eliminating illegal vacation rentals put your percentage in the answers let’s
see who comes closest what percentage of residents pulled are in favor of
eliminating illegal vacation rentals that’s that is is the question so so pop
that one in and let me know what what you think shrinking Beach friends Scott I’d like to get your comments on this one it comes around if you know I know
anything about this this uh uh this this issue looks like they’re considering increasing this uh increasing the
setbacks uh from the Ocean looks like they’re going uh currently it’s a 40-foot setback from the uh from the the
shoreline what’s the finest Shoreline and they’re considering movement between 60 and 130 feet so that you’re going to
have a if you’ve got a beachfront property uh I don’t know what’s going to happen with that but Scott I don’t know
if you heard about that but uh let’s uh if if you have a lucky for me and tourism is back the the numbers are back
just the way that they were before pretty much uh tourism is is is look at right back at pre levels it bounced back
really almost immediately and the reason why I bounce back almost immediately if you look at that weather uh over the
past for the next week it’s perfect weather all the time it’s probably cooler in Hawaii I’m curious about that
so look at the temperatures gang so for this week we’re going to be in the looks like the low 80s 83 82 83s for
the highs uh is this warmer or cooler than where you live I’d like to know about that so fill us in all right let’s
get back everyone uh let’s go through our our Roundup over here we’re going to get some of the the local perspective
why don’t we go counterclock guys we’ll go first to Scott and then we’ll go to to Kelly Scott give us the update what’s
happening with Oahu market update anything you want to share if you have any input out in that setback or anything any anything else you’d like to
talk about about Oahu over the past few weeks uh yeah the setback makes no sense I mean most properties that are going to
be Oceanfront are going to be our residential zoning our zoning and you’re probably talking a lot that’s
you know 100 feet deep so if you put a setback at 130 feet deep how are you
going to build on that property you’d have to be on the back neighbor’s property or in the street at that point so a lot of that doesn’t make sense
um you know the other component is the flood component where you typically go up rather than back to deal with the
flood zone uh issues they had dealt with this before the the other way you get around this rather than tearing down the
house and rebuilding new is you leave a certain percentage of the existing house there and basically just rebuild brand
new around that and that way it’s a repair permit or an addition and not a full-blown new uh new home permit so
they’ll figure out a way to get around that um so that that doesn’t it I don’t see that making a whole lot of
sense and what it’s what is it going to do other than prevent people from being able to build on their property
um as far as Market stats go I talked I’ve talked about it before you know there’s restriction in inventory or
sales are slowing down well I wanted to talk about the luxury market today so three million to 10 million and then 10
million plus is the Ultra Luxury um and it’s interesting when I dove into the numbers the 3 million to 10 million
range sales are actually up four percent we had 104 sales last year year to date
and we have 108 this year um so that so the luxury Market is still
very strong on top of that number of bid UPS 28 of those homes sold this year
were bid up above the asking price and we have six months of inventory Which is less than half of what a balanced Market
would be so that just regular luxury Market three to ten million ranges strong sellers are getting 100 of what
they’re asking for properties on average but the Ultra Luxury Market which is 10 million plus is where it’s really
exciting or really interesting we’re up 39 percent in number of sales for 10
million dollar plus properties this year and Oahu is leading the state in the number of Ultra Luxury sales with 18 the
uh the highest price home sale was a little more than 23 million in Lanikai
and the highest price condo sale was a little more than 12 billion and that was in Park Lane and 65 percent of the
buyers are cash buyers um so significant strengthen in the
luxury market and part of that is going to be people have cash you’re in an inflationary position where do you put
your cash where do you invest your cash to hedge against inflation and real estate becomes one of those components
uh one one other thing September 7th by the way is the date the Japanese can
travel fully unrestricted so now we should continue to see that
International and Japanese buyer on Oahu is the number one uh foreign buyer so we should be able to see more or less they
should be able to come back uh pre-coveted numbers without any restrictions without any hesitation so
that’s going to be an interesting date to see and there’s also a luxury condo that I my gut tells me they’re going to
get approval on September 7th at the hcda meeting so I could kind of coincide
with with that component for being able to announce that new tower so interesting
that is I mean that is fascinating I think it I think it’s pointing to a trend A continuing Trend which we’ve
been seeing for a long time I wish I had an economist on the show uh to kind of share their Insight but you know Hawaii
seems to be kind of getting further um you know uh I don’t know what the word is but we’re getting you know a uh
the a influx of very very high net worth and individuals
um an out an outpouring an out flux of middle class and so we’re you know I
mean we’re kind of being left with us or in the very very high upper upper class and and and and the and the folks that
are are are lesser off um interesting um interesting contrast going over there thanks Scott for the input we got a bunch of you know I
mentioned uh so so before we we get to ukulele I want to give what the what the
answer is or with a with a bunch of great percentages that popped in so the answer is 71 71 I think uh Joan was uh
Joan hit at 70. yeah Jones said Jones said 70 I think Joan was the Joan was the closest one I believe 71 uh are in
favor of eliminating vacation rentals this can be an interesting political issue if this goes on that that’s why
these user fees are are coming gang so if you’re gonna if you’re gonna make a trip to Hawaii uh you want to do it before these things kind of go up
because it is coming there’s no doubt about it uh and you know Kelly there’s a question for you if you want to hit this
if you can uh Norm who was a member of the Eleanor Ohana on alumni says we’re
going to need to rent on the big island as we look for our home wondering how soon before moving we should look for a
long-term rental 90 days or so anyway that’s Norm’s question but Kelly give us the update uh whatever you want to share
from the Big Island any kind of statue you’ve got or any kind of news if you heard about that development in South Kona or anything else go ahead
yes that development in South Kona that 300 some acres is definitely trending in
some Facebook groups right now we’re seeing it’s a lot of he said she said I’ve heard rumors that they don’t have
enough water they need to change the zoning and apply for special permits so
not too sure what’s going to happen with that it is located down south so it’s a really remote Off the Grid area that
they’re looking to build this development and they are looking for investors so if this does happen it’s a
long-term project it’s going to happen a ways from now so yes let’s talk about
some condo stats so I’m a condo girl I’m in the trenches of the condos every day
and here I have some stats for comparing last year and this year for the sales so
last year we had a sales volume of 67 million looking at this past month
August of this year we’re at 56 million so you can see that the market has
shifted the the sales volume is going down as well as the number of sales so last
year August we had 83 condo sell and this past month we had 63. so the
numbers are going down there as well as the median though although the number is going down we have a
little bit of a higher median price so last year we median 484
000 for a condo and this year we’re looking at 540 so the median is going up
even though the transaction numbers has gone down and this was very interesting to me to
see that the final list price to sold price so there for a while we were looking at a hundred percent so if you
were looking to purchase a condo you were paying more than likely sales price
of the ask price or over asking and we’re not seeing that anymore right now
this past month we had 98.9 percent uh the final list price to sold so me being
in the trenches seeing it the right now there is negotiations happening the
market shift there’s negotiations people are getting it at list price if not
under so very interesting to see thankfully that that’s a great stance uh
and I appreciate you sharing a little bit of that South Kona thing uh you know this seems to be a general Trend we’ve
been seeing a sort of a a softening not a dropping but it’s sort of a softening of the market except for except for the
multi of except for the multi the multi what did you call it Scotty the ultra Ultra Luxury yeah
is that like is that like Ultra Luxury like Ultra Maga I don’t know if the two are the I just the word Ultra just kind
of popped in my head I I couldn’t I couldn’t help it hey um uh Kelly do you have some uh what would you tell Norm uh
who’s kind of saying hey look um you know how soon before moving should we look for a long-term term rental what kind of a lead time so if
Norm is looking to rent on the big island and as they look for their home what what kind of advice would you give
Norm best practice to kind of get that rental kind of squared away yes absolutely like everywhere rentals
are hard to come by I recommend as soon as you find out what area you want to be renting in
um definitely reach out to a property manager sooner than later get on Facebook Marketplace start making those
connections a lot of times I’ve been seeing for rentals people will put it up a week before they need somebody or
maybe six months in advance so it’s definitely good to just keep your ears open and get in there make some
connections as well as if you’re if you are flexible with where you’re looking
to rent if you’re not specific to one area that gives you a lot more options and maybe gives you a little bit more
time that you don’t have to start looking right away you know one thing that’s a really great point you know uh Facebook Marketplace
is really helpful uh Norm my my uh to chime in with uh with what Kelly saying my recommendation would be get a look on
Facebook Marketplace just to give you enough feel for what’s going on with the market and how those rentals are popping up and kind of what it’s looking like I
would because of the because the nature of the game I would get some kind of a short-term vacation rental in like an
Airbnb or something like that uh you know in some you know in the general range of where you’re going to go get an
Airbnb so you’re there uh you know allow your give hopefully some flexibility a couple of weeks and during those one or
two weeks that you’re there hunt like crazy and pick up something as soon as you can and then you can kind of that’s would be my recommendation by so uh
thanks Norm for the question thank you Kelly for for sharing uh that Insight you know the um
uh uh so there’s a couple of shout outs here first of all so so Kelly Bishop who’s a member of the Eleanor Ohana and
and I guess UK it seems that you guys know each other so Kelly says oh from clay to Kelly so that’s really kind of
cool uh Master says hello and uh as a condo Queen Jesse Jesse is thank you
Jesse for for uh for showing up uh it’s great to have uh wonderful fans what’s
you know you know we take we we take a wise weather so for granted right we’re just like it’s yeah it’s another
beautiful day it’s gonna be in the 80s or whatever yeah of course but check these out these these temperatures are like crazy so Norm Livermore uh 108 by
Monday I can’t even imagine that uh Christine’s uh 90 plus uh 90 Plus in
Denver uh mid 90s in in Austin um uh 109 to 114 degrees in Stockton uh
110 in La 105 uh in California it’s like you know I tell you man this is you know
again we take it for granted and it’s just that’s just the way that we are as uh as you humans but man
um uh yeah it’s like it’s a heat wave gang and you know heat waves come they come
they every so often we get a heat wave and that’s the way it is and uh Joan thank you uh Joan Auntie Joan for chiming they not only what they crushed
it even announcers said they played with true Aloha Spirit uh Joan thank you for uh for for giving us the the input it
sounds like you watched a few of the games or or uh stayed in it which is terrific um and yeah uh congrats to the kids uh
Max sell it out maximum salad Max salad max out max out macaroni cell that’s a
big that’s a word play Sorry in just the stream of conscience I can’t help it uh
is it you know is it Kai is it Kylie or Kaili that’s I don’t see if there’s a
glottal stopper there now I’ve been getting into pronouncing Hawaiian words so now I’m reevaluating my my word so I
say is that number one is that or is it number two Kylie I’d like to know uh uh
Kylie says uh we’re listening on the shower when this show came on moving to Oahu October 1st taking the Abe Lee
class uh starting November tell Abe I said hello um make sure you tell Abe that Peter K
says hello uh starting in November hope to be like so by end of December thanks again for all the info yep we’re looking forward to it keep us keep us keep us
posted keep us posted all right uh let’s see if we got anybody else and then we got to say hello to over here oh auntie
Joyce says Norm I did the same thing before Dylan found us a home I looked at condos that took people over 65 and deal
directly with the owner in keahou so there you go uh Norm says you just hibernate all day yeah I I I guess
that’s that’s that’s where we’re at right uh and uh oh thank you for the price it’s keali okay
no oh there’s a glottal stop okay there you
go all right cut Ely thank you for the the glottal stop the glottal stop makes all the
difference in the word thank you uh I’ve got it now all right excellent
um all right gang I think I think it’s time to move on we did our market update went to a quick a quick show a quick
show plug hey look if you’ve gotten here because you’ve got the the notification on the newsletter and they gave you the
links to the show welcome if you did not you want to go to you’re going to have a dialog box pop up
put your email address in get on the newsletter you’ll get all the uh the notifications and all the invites uh to
a future shows so glad that you’re all here and uh let’s move on let’s see uh uh let’s see uh Jenna Jenna says we’re
having nice Hawaii weather like here in East Texas 75 degrees in a gentle rain okay well kinaya is with us who’s an
Islander alumni uh an alumni from the honor Ohana and Kanaya was mentioned you said can I in the 90s if I’m not
mistaken right so interesting we got uh well you know Texas Texas is a big is a country unto itself
so I’m sure it’s got micro climates and in many ways the way uh Hawaii does all right hey uh let’s move on I was you
know I was going through some um I got a big question I kind of wanted to kind of start us off with on some kind of a discussion it’d be interesting to kind
of see Kelly especially uh what what you so Kelly I didn’t ask how many years have you been on the big island now
four I’ve been here four years okay great thanks um so I don’t know if you’ve if it’s
been loved to to see a shift but what popped up was this is that I saw a story that uh there was a there’s a rising
crime on Oahu and uh uh there was a rise in violent crime history if I get the
answer up here so um violent crime is up uh by nearly six percent uh and murder rate is up high
two as well and thirty percent it’s kind of a disturbing kind of a statistic on the other hand uh uh uh property crime
burglaries and cars that car thefts have dropped in that same period one of the comments that they gave was like you
know the covet thing has kind of thrown everything off because everything was quiet people were isolated before during the covet period so crime was low and
now that we’re kind of all out uh crime is rising it’s just interesting though because you know I Scott I want to get
your your take on this so here’s the big question you know the sense of Scott you’ve been here for a long time over 20
years um what is your what is your sense uh let’s just I see what the limit is to
Oahu and and Kelly uh when we get to you if you have any stories you’ll share all all for it
um what’s your sense Scott you know is do we have a do we think is it a is it a
cultural thing going on that that that’s kind of what popped up in in my head right is this a cultural thing or is
this a coveted flu have things really changed is there a different five have things kind of gone on I’m it seems to
me that there’s more violent there’s more violent stories violent stories in uh in in Hawaii on Oahu used to be a
rarity the way I remember it they were a rarity it was like a rare thing going on when you’d hear anything like a gunshots
or whatever I’m seeing it a lot more now I don’t know if it’s just me being aware of it I don’t know if it’s the media I don’t know if it’s culture Scott what’s
your take on it yeah well so I still look at it a little bit I mean how how many murders do we
have a year what is it in the state I think it’s like 45 or something it’s significantly lower than any other state
in fact I think by national average where half of what you know the national average would be for for murders per
capita and whatnot so um you know it’s relatively speaking you know if we if you go up 30 on on that
for the year then okay yeah but the number is still relatively low compared to a lot of areas I’ve always looked at
it this way you know this is a state where family is important we have a lot of multi-generational living
um you know people look out for their neighbors much more so than than in areas where I was growing up you know on
the mainland and things and people look out for each other it’s a small island community and therefore
um if if the neighbor’s son’s getting out of line you know the community kind of Embraces them in that kind of sense
or looks out for them um and I tend to think that there’s is less violent crime here than somewhere
else due to that kind of cultural effect that of taking people in that that are
kind of going by the wayside I see this more the spike being more of a an economic component and a coveted
hangover you know like you mentioned before we’re having more wealthy people come into the state and more middle
class leaving which it’s getting harder economically and and job-wise for for people so that therefore you’re going to
have more of the petty cron component that um that increases due to an economic
Factor but I’ve there’s not a neighborhood that I feel uncomfortable going into here on Oahu on the real
estate side even some of what we would consider some of our rougher neighborhoods I’ve never had an issue with it I drive a Mercedes SUV
um you know and I’m in business clothes and I don’t feel uncomfortable I still don’t to this day so I haven’t noticed
it and I’ve always felt much more safe here than than in other places of and when I’ve flown to other cities and
watched the news man it’s like the first five stories are a murder right and that
doesn’t happen on the news here we have it occasionally right when there’s a a story that is out of the norm and gun
control is is heavily regulated here too so there’s a lot less people that have
guns in Hawaii yeah thanks man that’s that’s a that’s a good Insight I it’s going to remain to
be seen I it would be it this could very I hope it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a covid
uh covet effect uh I’ll tell you so what I was thinking since is you’ve been here for four years where did you come from
and and how does the vibe uh why don’t you speak to how the vibe in Kona feels
um crime wise versus the vibe where you came from what’s the difference between what’s the biggest difference that you’ve noticed
yes so I’m from a small town in Ohio so there is not very much crime there
thankfully um but I would say I feel I’ve lived in Kona for four years and I feel very safe
here we have great um public forces we have great police officers and I’ve always felt safe here
nowhere that I don’t feel comfortable walking in the night or going into town at night
um so to speak on that you know I would agree with Scott that in some of the other neighborhoods there is more petty
crime happening due to economic and you’re going to hear a little bit more of the car thefts than you would here
but other than that I would say it’s an economic um phase we’re going through right now
due to you know the times so yes but I feel safe here in Kona and I’m very
thankful for that I I be I’m able to walk to the beach at night and I and I feel good about it
excellent thanks thanks Kelly I appreciate that hey we got a question from Paul Paul says hey on the mainland water shortages were in the news this
week is that ever a problem on the islands uh you know um maybe you guys can can speak to this Paul uh not right
now there have been some times when uh when we’ve been there’s been some dry spells uh some drought I think if I’m
not mistaken Maui’s uh there are some drought-like conditions if I’m not mistaken on Maui uh maybe Molokai
Molokai as well uh uh where we’ve asked to kind of cut back on our water usage I
haven’t heard anything about water usage cutbacks here there was a little bit of a thing on the uh based on the the Red
Hill issue where they turned off some pumps and were getting us ready to to kind of cut back our water usage that
never materialized Scott and Kelly uh you guys want you want to add to that
Scott I’ve never on Oahu I’ve never dealt with the the shortest component in
fact even working with some some developers and stuff when they’re going to get you got to go to Board of Water
Supply to get water commitments and water meters and I’ve never seen an issue with them not issuing it I’ve seen
it on the Big Island book when I was doing work over there but the somebody had told me it’s because the they don’t
have enough pumps or the pumps on don’t work as well that it’s not necessarily a
water shortage issue but I do know we used to deal with it a couple of times when I lived on the big island where
they asked to conserve water but mostly I’ve never had had an issue with it and
I’ve been here what 23 years now
you’re muted Peter thank you now give me a little mess in
your mind so so Kelly have you had any uh the time that you’ve been there have you heard of any kind of water shortages or or cutbacks or currently at least for
this season no right yeah yeah no not in the towns nope I mean you’ll hear it from time to time a big chunk of the
island is on catchment and if it doesn’t rain that can cause water shortages so
you will hear that from time to time in those communities but when you’re on the county water no I haven’t heard
okay yeah so so Paul hope that answers your question the basic yeah the basic answer is yeah not not really it’s not
been uh it does not occur we’ve thankfully we’re fortunate for we have a a fair amount of uh a good amount of
water supply all right um there was another question that I want to pop it in oh yeah here it is uh thanks uh
thanks Jeff by the way folks this is what we’re this is what we’re here for this is what makes the show hopefully interesting put your questions in if you
got a question about anything about real estate pop it in so Jeff asks us hey is it difficult or expensive to demolish a
home on Oahu Scott you want to take that of course yeah not um not difficult I mean you got
to get a demo permit um from DPP from Department of planning and permitting um the main things are when you’re going
to to demo it you got to make sure there’s no lead pain or asbestos so if it’s an older home you got to be careful with that
um I was quoted for the front house went pre-covered probably I was right it was
roughly in the 20 to 25 Grand that it was quoted we ended up doing it through someone else for a little bit less than
that but um yeah costs have gone up since covid I I even just was looking at my roll-off
cost the other day for a dumpster A big dumpster which is what you would get when you’re doing that demo and the cost
had gone up about 15 20 just on those alone so um yeah that’s kind of the range General
range 20 25 000 and but you got to be careful with some of the uh you know
lead paint in asbestos oh you’re muted
I keep I keep I hate it when that happens uh we got a couple of of comments there we’re chiming into the uh
to the rising crime the rising crime topic uh let me see if I get this right here if I could what kind of what’s the
right graphic oh we’ll just we’ll just do it this way okay so Michelle cook says hey I think it’s been mostly domestic violence and or mental illness
related on Oahu there’s definitely been a mental illness thing the mental illnesses of course is the tracks almost directly with with the wholeness uh
problem and uh that that’ll be interesting Michelle if you have any uh stats that kind of throw at thrust that
would be uh great to great to see uh Norm the norm says Scott the difference in the news in Hawaii compared to the
San Francisco Bay area is huge yeah I mean that’s the thing right Norma I mean you hit you Scott mention this and you
you hit it right it’s see in Hawaii we’ve been spoiled right because like you never hear anything in Hawaii so
like you know one person you know one sort of violent crime and and on Oahu is
like front page news it’s the first it’s the top story it’s the whole big deal and so uh whereas on the mainland it’s
just like it’s another day so I would look I was born in Chicago so you know Chicago has become a sadly legendary for
what it’s been uh Anthony Joyce says I left the labor I I left the Bay Area mostly about safety because of crime we
had to quit going to place because of being accosted even on a crowded Street feel safe on the big on yeah it’s really
you know San Francisco was really I loved San Francisco I love I love the
thought of San Francisco um it was my my second it was my second choice if I was going to move somewhere
but Hawaii one all right gang uh pop in your pop in your your questions let’s
take a few uh we we got some slides I’ve got some prepped let’s kind of let’s take these and kind of see where where
we can where we can go with it we got um so this is a question from uh Rich of New Jersey uh and and Rich says hey is
it realistic and possible to buy a piece of property uh with water views for 200
000 or less and build a small 800 square foot home for say another two hundred
thousand so rich is asking basically if you could you know can you can you get can you spend four hundred thousand for
a home 200k for the property 200k for the house uh I’m curious to see what Scott’s got to say about that so Scott
if you so so here so here’s a question so Scott how would you fit someone in why don’t we do this let’s talk let’s
let’s go with Kelly first and then we’ll go with Scott so Kelly if someone said hey look we’re looking for something with you know give or take uh for 200k
and 200k or 400k total what would you kind of how how would you respond to that and then we’ll kind of go with Scott’s response go ahead Kelly
absolutely that on the big island we have lots of opportunities in this price range specifically on the west or excuse
me the east side over in Puna District it’s beautiful over there and those
single family homes you can get a two bedroom for roughly 400 000. in terms of
a view it just depends on what type of beautiful view you would like so those
homes might not have an ocean view but over there it is a rainforest you have beautiful trees and coconut trees and
avocado trees beautiful Lush and you can have a gorgeous Garden View in that
price range so absolutely I did look last night and I believe there was like 60 properties
on the market in that price range so there’s definitely opportunity over here to have a really nice home in that price
range thank you Kelly for taking the extra time I knew you I knew you reviewed this slide ahead of time and prep for the
show and went and looked it up so I really appreciate I recognize that and I really appreciate that you did that uh
so rich you’ve got some possibilities on the big one for 400k seems like it’s sort of I frankly I also love the idea
of how you couched it depends what kind of view you’re talking about yeah the view is relative right if if you want the killer Ocean View where the where
you’re the only person around and I’m probably not going to find that but if you’re like the jungle view if you like the Forest View plenty of that Scott how
would you respond to uh Rich who’s looking for uh something in the 400k range yeah absolutely not not on Oahu
um and so he just so I looked up basically entry-level homes on Oahu and
this is going to put you out in the outer out of reaches country areas you know Leeward Coast North Shore when we’re when we’re coasting we’re starting
at 650 000. that’s no view anything that’s going to have a view is 1.1
million and up Ocean View I should say you’re going to be at 1.1 million up and then you know whatever you buy the lot
at lot for 800 square feet home to build on on Oahu is probably going to run you
300 bucks a square foot because the smaller the home gets the higher the price per square foot is going to go up and that’s just talking the construction
component then you’re going to have design and permitting and if there’s any you know kind of structural component or
it’s not on just a flat level surface and you’re having to do some kind of structural components can add on to it so you’re you’re not able to build for
200 000 here and then on top of it your land costs are much more than 200 000 they’re probably in the 5 600 range
thanks Scott that for the for for the clarity I I think uh it seems that we’ve been we’ve been training Paul uh Paul
Lucas well because Paul says Paul says 400 keanua who buys you the lumber right yeah uh that’s kind of what you were
saying Scott I think you you’ve got that uh Max Max salad says we have a killer view for that price range but it’s a
condo well there you go so it’s it you can do that you could Scott is what about yeah what about I mean is a condo
at 400 these days is it is there something doable there absolutely I I usually tell people start off at 300 000
minimum for a one bedroom on Oahu in a decent building security and whatnot and
go up from there um and and then you know you get on a high floor absolutely I mean Wes and
Jess did that they got a phenomenal view of Diamondhead and and expansive views across the city with very few uh tall
buildings close by they got a great unit there you go so okay so there’s a there’s a you can’t you can’t get the
house with the property in the view for uh for 400 on Oahu but you can get something and Max salad over here has
given us that they have got a killer view for that price range but it’s a condo so there you go you’ve got the the killer view excellent hey thanks so uh
Eli says under the mentorship of a great real estate company Scott How likely is
it that a first year realtor can sell one home a month given all the competition and lack of connections
yeah most people don’t I mean it usually takes five years for someone to to start
to build a a consistent consistent business and anytime you’re you know
real estate is a process not an event so anybody you talk to today is probably six months to a year out to begin with
so you you definitely have to have some some planning and and budgeting most people enter the business with zero
budget and zero business plan and and that’s a very difficult thing to do so I
mean if you want to talk get get in touch with me on the side and I’ll kind of walk you through it you know especially since I’ve been in the
business 20 years um you know I can kind of give you the the ins and outs and what to be prepared
for thank you Scott that’s very kind of you maybe we should start doing a live show on on how to be an amazing realtor Kelly
is there anything you want to kind of share about this uh to to help out on her her quest to become a realtor or
anything you’ve kind of just jumped into the business you’re working with some of the best on the big island you’re working around the Realtors what’s
what’s what’s your what’s your two cents on this I think as a first year realtor to be
able to sell a home a month you really need to tap into your sphere um it is a business and building up that
business clientele is going to take time but if you as soon as you hit the ground running you tap into your sphere it’s
totally possible to have that and sell home your first home in a month
there you go tap into that Network the network is key go ahead Scott yeah let me give some perspective of this because
there’s statistics there’s over 8 000 Realtors on Oahu um 62 of them do zero to one transaction
in the past year 82 did um zero to five 92 did zero to ten so if you’re going to
be first year at doing 12 or more you’re you’re blowing the odds on the stats there’s only 174 of us on Oahu that did
20 or more transactions last year I did almost 40 by myself so the statistics do
not put you in that category of of one per month just that’s right
Scott you’re in the you’re definitely in the in the in the top one with top what zero zero one percent uh not not top one
percent top zeros or one tenth of one percent excellent uh that that is one hell of it I didn’t realize those are
some crazy stats but you know the stats that that Scott is is giving are this these are the stats of life these same
you could almost overlay you could almost overlay the statistics on restaurant owners you could overlay it
on on uh car salesmen entrepreneurs successful businesses successful artists successful YouTubers those statistics
are really all the same it’s really the it’s really the the the the the the the top very very small percentages what
does it but but at the same time to a general point
it can be done it can be done because people are doing it all the time and it
doesn’t require anything special it just requires that you work your butt off as what it takes you got to work your butt
off and don’t stop until you get to where you go uh that that’s my two cents circling back uh a norm here the feeling
of safety in the Aloha spirit is why we’re choosing the big island to live out the rest of our days Norm well said
uh you and and so many others you and also this you know here’s what’s
cool Norm right you’re able to do this uh and that for the same reasons that you’re you’re making the move is the
same reason why the ultra Rich are buying 10 million dollar homes on Oahu because they they feel that is that is
that same thing um except Norm we’re getting it for a deal right uh Wes says yes thank you
Scott we feel like we have a gem more every day well Wes you did right buddy
because you’re with the best and you know now you know and that’s where it’s at you work with Scott you know someone
who’s been doing this for 20 years and sold you know is in the in the top point one percent of the market is kind of
where you want to be uh you know funny about that I I I have to say you know Scott when I when I uh first circled
back to you and said hey why don’t we do this thing together I had I mean I knew you were really good in what you did I
didn’t but I didn’t have any stats but it’s just because I’ve known you for 20 years almost 20 years 10 years easy over
10 years uh well over 10 years uh maybe 20 years Jessica yeah I think I said 20 years practically Jesus but anyway
that’s why that’s why I you know uh why I put and hey so Kelly says that Kelly is the best there you go see that that’s
that’s how you do it that’s how you do it you just you you just gotta be the best uh thanks I’ll be emailing Scott as
soon as I’m licensed or perhaps really yeah well okay that’s uh that’s you have an incredible uh uh offer from from
Scott that is priceless JD Reynolds 100 agree yep yeah JD there you go buddy
that’s that’s what it’s all about um and uh auntie Joyce says Norm great plan just like we did that’s that’s
where it’s at folks that’s where it’s at I want to we do this uh let’s see how much time that we got I want to we got a
little bit of time but let’s just kind of plug into this let’s uh let’s flip over to uh to our our diamonds and Deals
uh sections I want to kind of let’s kind of flip into this and see what we got and we’ll we’ll take preparing and we
have some more time we’ll take some more questions and uh make sure gang I think I got I think I got everybody’s
questions if I if I if I missed your comment uh please uh resubmit
um the the end of the the person who jumped in at the very beginning hoping to get some insights if you didn’t get your question answered please pop it in
so we can kind of uh see it all right uh let’s see what we’ve got over here this
is Mommy kindy’s not oh did I mention I you know I may not have I may not have mentioned this so let me just mention
Heidi is not here with us she last minute cancellation in case your folks are wondering I didn’t I don’t think I mentioned in the beginning Heidi’s not
here with us she had a last minute cancellation couldn’t make it sensor regards she will be with us on the next show all right let’s uh let’s hit this
one so let’s let’s why don’t we oh I think I’m gonna say let’s save this so let’s do this let’s go with Kelly’s property first Kelly this is interesting
this is the first time we’ve had this kind of a property why don’t you spell this offers and why you picked them and why you think it’s interesting
yes I wanted to highlight this property because here in Kailua Kona it is rare
to find land that you can build on right and this is a rare opportunity to build on a residentially zoned located right
in the heart of Kailua Kona it’s already leveled graded ready to build and you can see it’s not far from the ocean so
if that’s something you’re looking for looking into this listing is by someone on my team absolutely reach out but
definitely a little rare opportunity here so is this uh is that that sort of uh uh
apartment unit in the middle there with the with the parking lot that’s around it is that is that the property that we’re that that that we’re looking at it
is it is it’s right next to that building there so it’s 8 217 square feet it’s not massive but the location it’s
Prime it’s right in the middle of Kailua Kona now is dot out of my curiosity is that a
single is that a home there or like an apartment or a multi multi-dwelling unit there that’s on the property right now
it’s a multi-dwelling unit yes how how many units on that I believe 12 possibly

so basically what you’re there’s a what I’m kind of hearing is that there’s a there’s a 12 12 unit
is this right it’s a 12 unit building a 12 sort of a 12 flat if you will a 12 fly for 900 000 on the big island is
that what this is this is just land so it’s actually the land right in front of it okay okay thank you thank you
yes because I’ll say for a 12 flat for 900k that’d be like that’d be like gone already okay so it’s the Lenin it’s that
that empty lot in front of that building basically yes absolutely and so if you are looking to build and you want to be
right in Kona this is a great opportunity this is where to do it absolutely got it great thanks excellent great great hey gang you have any
questions about this property just let us know uh pop it in the comments I’m Gonna Save the interesting one along
with the theme uh Scott all I see is blue here my God uh ocean Kailua
Oceanfront eight bedroom ten and a half baths 30 million dollars man yeah you
know what you know what the funny part is that I think I’ve been on this property but I’m not sure but go ahead what is this well this you should if if
you haven’t then I need to take you because this is The Islander Ohana compound that will be coming up there
you go since since I was talking about the luxury Market in the Ultra Luxury Market I figured I’d show what this is
the second highest listing on Oahu right now it’s Kailua Beach front um which Kailua Beach has you know been
voted the uh number one beach in the world two times and um so this home is there’s 11
000 square feet of covered living space that includes lanais and things you’re a
little more than 8 000 square feet of interior uh space eight bedrooms ten and a half baths and
the interesting thing and you’ll see this a lot in Kailua and most people don’t know this is you know the winds
come in off the beach side so this pool section you’re looking at and you see the house in the in the main photo in
the house in the in the distance the beach is actually on the other side of the house and and why some people
Architects have started to design that way as the wind comes in pretty strong off of the ocean and the house provides
as a buffer so when the winds are up and you don’t want to be on the beach you don’t want to get exfoliated you can come and enjoy your pool area in
relative calm and without the wind obstruction however the upper left picture shows that space in in the main
house where you you have pocket doors and it leads out to the ocean side so you’re really kind of able to connect
the two together um but uh two-thirds of an acre on the ocean in Kailua for a little more than
30 million it’s a beautiful property they’ve done a phenomenal job with with it
you know was this I I I think the that that u-shaper on the pool is what really
reminds me this guy I think I I went to visit this when they first built it and
this was got to be about man it’s probably another 10 years ago or so time just kind of flies it was so for like 18
million it was like the highest listing back then I can’t remember do you have a uh you want to share about that Scott I
don’t know when it if it was sold before but it was built in 2012 and then they renovated it in 2000 uh 2021 so it’s
it’s got a fresh fresh renovation to it but I mean great property unbelievable
okay so I’m I’m pretty sure this was this was the one because I I was I was a
you know friend of a friend and we went to visit this on some kind of a crazy tour and we looked around and if I’m not
mistaken I think it like back when it first sold it it was like the highest it sold as it was one of the highest
listings sold or whatever I think it was I think it was 18 I think it was 18 million if I that’s something that pops
in in my yeah that that would have been right around that time because the recently 25 million was was our top sale
so then yeah yeah so um so imagine this gang right it’s like 10 years ago let’s just say if
these numbers are right double your money right geez I mean is it unbelievable and it’s
not doubling like it’s not like from 300 000 to 600 000 now it’s from 18 million dollars to 30 million dollars like
unbelievable yeah and uh Jones says breathtaking looks like a movie set I mean it really it’s it’s great for I
mean the photographer was amazing to kind of shoot this to take that shot with the with the blue sky above kind of
a Twilight uh sort of a sense and and the and and the blue pool below uh it’s it is amazing and those those pocket
throws crazy stuff all right and and uh Max sells as a yeah let’s let’s all chip in I’m ready let’s do it man that would
be you know that would be always I always joke it’s layaway program right we’ll get it in like 30 40 years when
we’ve paid it off there you go excellent all right all
right gang so hey we got a few um we got a few minutes left let’s see uh we got a few minutes left if you’d like to um uh
to to but this is your sort of last chance to kind of pop in uh the questions let’s just do this let’s just
move on and we’re gonna kind of bring it up and maybe a little bit early but that’s all right uh it’s perfect like let’s move into our closing thoughts and
maybe have a little bit of maybe an extended discussion about this so all right so here we go gang uh
last chance got some questions pop them in uh we’re running a little bit early on the show which is great uh but if you
got something that you’d like to know at the last minute anything you want to talk about or or share uh please do in
fact why don’t we do this ah I know what we’re gonna do I got it right here so we’re going to closing thoughts those of you that have been around you know what
this is about we talk about closing thoughts motivational kind of things closing things to think about what’s your motivational thought for today pop
it in the comments let’s kind of let’s get that let’s get the group closing thoughts that’ll make it fun all right so why don’t we do this so Kelly why
don’t you kind of open it up over here tell us what your quote is and what it means why why is it why is it what what
what is it about that speaks to you about this quote yes I heard this so This Gary brecka I
was had the pleasure of going to a conference in Dallas Texas this past week and my whole team went there was
like 17 of us and it was amazing learning all the all the goods of real estate and this Gary brecka he is a
biohacker and deals with DNA and biohacking and he said this and this is
his quote the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease and that is just
stuck with me and he just mentioned that breathing is the best absence of disease just by Breathing by taking time out of
your day and doing something that’s so natural but we forget and do some deep
breathing and that’s really stuck with me and I’m using that moving forward doing some more meditation and really
taking time to just breathe and the presence of oxygen is the absence of
disease excellent so so in short breathe deep right
just just breathe just breathe uh look in in all of the uh if you look at all
of the Eastern religions uh actually most religions of one type or another uh it’s it’s all about uh breath the Breath
of Life uh ha uh is uh the Hawaiian word for for breath and uh it is you know it
is the breath of life so uh well said uh and uh uh Elohim says carp DM Seize the
Day Seize the Day sees the day excellent thank you all right uh Scott what’s
yours and what does it mean to you uh every day comes bearing its gifts untie the ribbon
um and it goes back to just kind of for me having the positive mentality because no matter what you know there’s there’s
always moments in a day where you could focus on the negative and whatnot and and every day is special there’s always
something to take hold of and and embrace and and focus on and to me it’s on the positive side of things and every
day is different and unique so it is a special gift and so untie the ribbon enjoy that day
untied the ribbon enjoy the day carp DM those are all the those are all the things I think the Untied the ribbon is
all about fighting there’s that for some reason I popped in my in in my head skydest I don’t know if you guys heard
about the um uh the pony and uh and the pilo of manure story so there’s uh right
okay so so this is a good one so there’s a so there’s there there’s this this little boy and he’s got this really
super positive attitude and um and he’s uh uh uh he’s been uh shown a big pile
of manure and he starts he starts digging through the manure and it’s like kid what are you doing it’s a big pile
of Horseman where he goes yeah but there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere you know and so that’s uh that was the fun part that I really enjoyed
about that uh Norm says I try to remember no matter what I’m going through there is someone going through
much much more than me and be good with where I am yeah well said Norm well said
um you know I I uh to trans to uh to to put that in into my in into my what that
means to me personally normally say you know there’s always so many better and there’s always somebody worse so whether
it’s economically there’s someone who’s better with you better than you economically there’s someone who’s a worse off economically Health Better or
Worse Etc be happy with where you’re at be happy with where you’re at because you’re not gonna you’re never gonna be at the top unfortunately and fortunately
you’re never gonna be at the bottom so uh got that Auntie Joy says pray hope and don’t worry worry is a waste of time
stay safe everyone have a great long weekend thank you Auntie Joyce that is so true there’s a there’s a great line
Pops in my head in the New Testament where Jesus talks about don’t worry this you know the the Lilies of the Field
don’t worry and there’s more of them than there ever will be of you and if they don’t worry neither should you uh
these are great uh uh uh Stefan uh okay we’ve got a comment about that all right
so here uh work and safe to make my dream come true in owning a home in
Hawaii within 10 years there you go Master just keep that hold hold that
thought hold that thought uh this is great this is a great quote spread love everywhere you go you know JD all right
can’t go wrong with that can not go wrong with that excellent this is great stuff gang you’ve all you are all
absolutely fabulous as usual as usual uh uh impressed uh and Blown Away uh uh as
as the piece all right so here’s mine for today as you all know I’m going to give you a Proverbs uh up but I’m going
to hit Joan first so uh Joan uh Joan says look Beyond immediate of immediate
appearances excellent books it’s like kind of like the old uh never judge a book by it it’s
it’s it’s its cover right excellent thank you Joan appreciate that uh here’s mine from Proverbs the plans of the
diligent lead surely to abundance but everyone who is Hasty comes only to want
right so there’s there’s your uh that flips back into the the realtor uh uh
the realtor comment uh you know how to be a successful realtor uh uhli
um by the way the way you get a hold of Scott is you could either reply back on the newsletter there’s a form in the
description either one of those or just you could look up Scott in the uh I’m sure you could do a search for Scott on
on uh on the internet and find him that way either way uh easy to get a hold of us plants are the the plants of the
diligent lead surely to abundance but everyone who is Hasty comes only to one so what does this tell you it’s like look you’re going to get there diligent
right the plans of the diligent lead to abundance so what does that mean that means you stick with it that means you
don’t let go that means you don’t stop that means you kind of keep going until you get there you will get there if you
don’t stop the only thing that’s going to stop you from success is when you stop uh but everyone who is Hasty comes
only to one haste is to say uh we we had a little bit of brief conversation about this off camera before the the show
started you know some people want sort of an immediate response they want an immediate uh gratification if I don’t
get what I want right away I’m going to walk away from it those who are Hasty come only to want
all right gang I think that’s I think we got that uh let’s see we got some other stuff that came over here so uh Judy
thanks Judy for uh for sharing with with us Judy says uh don’t retire from something have something to retire to
excellent have something to retire to Hawaii for me yes Judy Judy I you know I
know that you’ve been Dil some talk about someone who’s been diligent Judy you’ve been kind of going this is like a multi-year process for you so it’s been
really fun to kind of see uh your uh your your process in doing this uh Norm says we started dreaming in 1998 about
living in Hawaii probably coming in Spring of 23. that’s the diligent that
is diligence this is great thank you all for these great examples of like these this wisdom in action uh Norm so
appreciate you sharing that uh it’s a great example of of diligence and auntie Joyce says great job Kelly I think
that’s the way we’re going to end it great job Kelly so uh Kelly it’s been great having you why don’t we do this let’s say goodbye everybody we’re gonna
go clockwise you you first Kelly then you Scott say goodbye pleasure being here Aloha everyone
well hi everybody have a good weekend have a great weekend folks enjoy and
well I’m gonna I’m gonna have a four day weekend I’m taking off right now so I’m gonna have Friday off and then Saturday and Sunday and Monday uh enjoy a great
Labor Day weekend uh wherever you are that’s where you’ll be enjoy it make the most of it thank you all so much have a
great one Aloha everyone