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Are Hawaii drivers chronic speeders? And how does this reflect on our local culture?

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Show start 7/22/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 7/22/22
Oahu News & Market Update 7/22/22
Big Island News & Market Update 7/22/22
Maui News & Market Update 7/22/22
Audience question: how much over the speed limit is culturally acceptable where you live?
Maui Blogger Liza Pierce is our guest on Friday 7/29
Tiny Homes Special Show on Friday Aug 5
Are Hawaii drivers chronic speeders?
Dylan comments on 80mph speeders in blind corners
What are cars renting for in Hawaii right now?
Maui 5/5 near ocean $6.95M
Oahu 2/1 condo $475k
Big Island 3/2 1 acre $799k
Dylan closing motivational thoughts
Scott closing motivational thoughts
Heidi closing motivational thoughts
Peter’s Proverbs motivational thoughts

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