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Show start 6/24/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 6/24/22
Are monster homes a problem on the Big Island?
Big Island News & Market Update
Monster homes a problem on Oahu?
Can you be Happy While Poor in Hawaii?
What’s behind hotel prices tripling?
Are hotels colluduing to outlaw vacation rentals?
How Bootleggers and Baptists Sunk the Superferry
How can money buy you happiness in Hawaii?
Can you build a tiny home for $100k?
Why new projects are rately built on Oahu
The Most Important thing to know about Tiny Homes in Hawaii
Oahu 1.3 acre lot $1M
Big Island 3/1 on 4 acres $939k
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Show Transcript

[Music] all right aloha kakahiaka everyone i’m
peter k today is june 24th and you are on the aloha friday hawaii real estate
show we are really glad to have you here uh a bunch of people have already jumped in of course uh but we’re going to kind
of warm up the microphones and warm up the audience over here joan jumped in first hey joan aloha everyone from
another day in paradise joan that is those are the famous those are the famous words
sometimes it’s said in other ways but that’s that that’s the that’s the the great way to say john and chris is with
us chris uh chris longley happy aloha kakahiaka friday excellent chris great to have you with us and auntie joyce of
course is here good morning remember you do what you can and god will do what you
can’t love that love that that’s almost like a proverbs there’s a bunch of proverbs lines that are kind of like
that meals with hey neil how’s it neil neil is a member of the islander ohana we’re actually having our last uh
meeting of the cohort tomorrow um and judy’s back judy welcome hey judy great to have you back judy aloha everyone
judy’s uh uh got some uh um uh is a islander ohana alumni member uh
and uh let’s see uh richard is back richard pence uh aloha from queens new york great to see you rich welcome back
everybody uh let’s let’s warm up our microphones here uh let’s go uh clockwise let’s go scott and then dylan
uh scott uh what’s going on what’s the aloha shirt what’s happening yeah we got a little bit of rain today i
was gonna actually try to attempt this outside for the first time but uh yeah it’s raining all morning so that
wasn’t gonna work but i think i have a i got a rinse spooner here i think this is breadfruit oolu
is what they call it um but i’m not real sure at our restaurant on the big island our
chef he used to be the like executive sous chef at the ritz carlton a long time ago but he he used to go out and he’d he’d
get the bread fruit he’d cut it up like french fries and he’d deep fry it man it had such a sweet taste to it when he
when he got done making it was pretty awesome so breadfruit uh breadfruit is a classic my
um my wife is a is a cook islander and uh the coca and the coke islands bread
fruit is a fundamental staple it’s like it’s it’s like you know bread so to speak uh and so they have all kinds of
ways to kind of uh cook and eat uh breadfruit a few more folks have joined us uh auntie joyce has given scott the heads
up welcome to the top of the screen yeah you know what what what happens aunt auntie joyce is it takes the order okay
here’s here’s a secret just between us okay so don’t tell anyone that the order comes in as they join as they join the
backstage as they jump into the green room that’s how you can tell kind of who who’s who’s first who came in first and second uh christy christie uh aloha from
reno nevada welcome christy i remember you uh remember your face actually uh welcome back uh uh from uh reno in
nevada and uh norm is uh norm is back with us uh norm is also a member of the
islander ohana recently went out to the big island to uh for for a vacay aloha
another day in the high 90s well you know you know bernard uh bernard uh you know norm uh
paradise is right around the corner i said bernard because bernard’s here hey bernard how’s it going buddy hello everyone good to see you bernard bernard
is working with uh scott uh to find a great place for him in on oahu so uh
dylan we’re still warming up the mics here what’s going on buddy tell us about your shirt and about how you got that shirt especially well this is yeah this
is a this is a living hula shirt you know my go-to local designer here i actually got two i got one in brown and one in black my wife got him recently
for an event we went to so i could have a uniform change in between but she was just ironing it i put it on like at like
one minute prior to us going live because i was busy this morning and neglected to get my shirt ironed so luckily i have a assistant that that
does that um but i just got back from florida i was in florida um all week flew back yesterday it took me almost i
was up for almost 24 hours because you know you leave at in the morning in florida and then you get back in the afternoon in hawaii but it takes forever
to get here and definitely reminded me that you know depending on where you want to live with
great weather the weather here is so much better than florida i mean it’s nice in florida but it’s hot and humid
and just tons of people it’s beautiful but i mean you just get reminded when you get
off the plane here and even at the airport where it’s about as hot as it can possibly be it’s not as bad you got the cool trade winds i mean just
clear reminder that we just got the most perfect weather here it’s ridiculous so it is ridiculous isn’t it i mean it’s
it’s ridiculous i mean it’s almost unreal and unfair you know when you go to other places
it’s unbelievable i mean it’s really unbelievable the weather is so darn pretty i remember my um
my dad was uh when one of the first times he visited here way back he would what what blew
him away is and i use this term all the time when i i on the weather i’ve done a bunch i’ve done a whole series of of youtubes
on the weather for each and every month and the common theme and this is borrowed from my dad
was that the weather is so perfect hotels don’t have doors hotel lobbies hotel lobbies don’t have
doors it’s true that’s it just stop right there every lobbying hallway is open air flow
i don’t think there may be some but there is there’s not a hotel lobby i know of any kind of prominent hotel that
has doors on it i mean they’ve got covers for rain and things like that but there’s no doors and that that tells you
everything hey so every look gang it’s nine o’clock someone’s missing right everyone uh heidi’s missing uh we uh we hope she’s
going to join us uh i’m she’s still part of the show uh heidi if um hopefully you’re you’re you’re connecting in if
you jump in we’ll be we’ll love to have you but uh we’re gonna we’re gonna move on uh we got some uh some news i want to
kind of let’s go to our normal news news uh news segment i got a couple of fun things and some interesting things to
see if this kind of works you let me know what you all think about this so hey the the world’s uh we have the
world’s oldest captive clam has passed away sadly uh you didn’t know this right
the uh the waikiki aquarium waikiki aquarium uh has uh have had
the oldest uh captive clam um this thing was 200 pounds uh they had it for 30
years uh in um it was it was a guest favorite and sadly that that clam is no
longer with us so we’re sad to see that but i thought that was kind of an interesting thing i never heard about that before i didn’t know that we had
the uh the oldest captive clam at the waikiki uh aquarium anyway uh you know
inflation we hear all kinds of stories of inflation have you heard this one uh we’re getting increased pet surrenders
people are bringing in their pets in record numbers to animal shelters because presumably uh inflation is
making it hard for people to make ends meet and unfortunately pet’s got to go which is kind of sad
and i hope that’s a not not a long-term trend but it’s a sad trend it is what it is uh electric sea glider so check this
out gang i got a cool photo here i want to show you so there’s a um there’s a company uh they’re in discussion with uh
one of the local small airlines mokulele airlines if i’m not mistaken and they’re in talks to do something like this you
see this thing here this is an electric uh seaplane apparently this electric seaplane
flies at you know just above the sort of skims over the top of the water
and functions as a technically it’s a boat so it takes off
from harbors it doesn’t take off from the airport and because it’s classified as a boat because it doesn’t fly too high either
it just flies using uh what’s called ground effect which allows a aircraft to
fly at relatively high efficiency just above the ground just above the sea level
anyway so that’s kind of fun uh that’s a little piece of interesting news over there that we’ve got going on and it’s going to be in to kind of see what
that’s going to happen they’re going to start with a a 12 passenger model but later if it goes out well they could expand to a 50 to 100 passenger models
so that’s kind of cool another thing a free storage have you heard is this i’d be curious gang do you folks have this
free stores so there’s this thing that’s kind of been going on in hawaii it’s kind of started started out and this
idea that there’s this community thing there’s no it’s kind of a dis uh not a
centrally organized it’s a it’s a kind of a a ground up kind of a thing
going on where they’re setting up free stores throughout the neighborhoods and they’re basically just like a corner it’s like it’s like a corner a street
corner and people calling it a free store and there’s a map on you can kind of google it and go to it and people put like free stuff that they that they want
to give away uh and it’s interesting it says you know take act without shame leave share without
condition and whatever’s trust without apology so i thought that’s kind of a cool thing i’d be curious if you folks
are getting anything like that on the mainland they’re gonna have a free store concept check that out and let me know
if uh if you have anything like that uh and then finally um you know maybe we can i like to hear uh if heidi was here
would be good but it’s okay we got dylan and uh scott monster homes uh are becoming a bigger issue i think they’re
becoming a bigger issue uh there’s a um there’s a story of a monster home project on maui which has caused some
controversy in fact i got a picture of you so check this out king check out this picture now this is what
this is what you call a monster home now look at that thing now if you look at the scale of that you could see the homes next to it
they give you a sense that’s a home that’s not a resort that’s a home and somehow there’s all kinds of controversy
it flew under the radar you know somehow uh you know somehow mysteriously this home was approved by the department of
planning and permitting no one knows how it happened you know how dare they um and anyway there’s all kinds of controversy now they’re trying to
convert it back into a community housing sort of thing or a community a
like a museum a community cultural center we’ll see what what’s going on there’s all kinds of uh there was
actually uh to scott there was a uh another uh um
monster home monster home is what the but by the way so monster home is the term that we use for uh as you might
guess these gigantic homes that seem to be you know uh not correctly based not
built according to zoning laws they’re ginormous like that house that you saw i haven’t seen one that big on oahu but
there’s a lot of them and laws have been kind of coming down and there’s been one um on o’ahu scott you may know about
this one on a sierra driving kamuki uh where there was a big monster home that when they were starting to construct it
but it was stop anyway those are the quick news gang um about uh what’s going on in hawaii uh i’ll be curious of
what’s you folks if those any uh free homes and uh that you’ve seen on on on
the mainland and again look at the perfect weather that we talked about again the best thing i love about hawaii’s weather look at those consistencies 82 degrees all the way
across 73 at the low 82 has a high every single day that’s what’s amazing about hawaii all right let’s uh let’s let’s
move on to our friends over here let’s go counterclockwise to dylan and then scott uh give us the
update uh news uh market updates what’s happening done yeah the the first thing of course i want to react to the the the
monster home thing right it’s not really a problem here on the big island or hasn’t been yet but
you know it’s always funny to me when when government reacts to stuff like that it doesn’t look in the mirror like
why why do people do that it’s because government has completely failed to create affordable housing or create the
opportunity to build that stuff in the right areas or have the zoning available so people can do that in the right areas so what do people do they figure out a
way to skirt the law and do it anyways and so it’s always interesting when those things come up and there isn’t a
self-reflection on why is it happening in the first place right because it’s just not people being
malicious it’s people that are doing what they got to do you know and maximize their property value and and essentially what they’re doing is
creating affordable housing right i mean they’re making they’re making apartment buildings that are supposed to be that it’s supposed to be in zoning for
single-family homes but the the the net effect is that there are people that need places to live and a
lot of times those those monster homes provide that right to your separate studios with bathrooms and and um
it’s the the private sector providing what the government has made it really hard to do or has failed to do
so it’s the interesting um phenomenon here in hawaii come on you know better this is evil corporations
and horrible landowners slum lords that are that are taking advantage of everyone you know better than that
absolutely it’s not a response to what people want in affordable housing come on you know better than that yeah yeah
anyway hey what what so so back to the market we’re not gonna go down that rabbit hole
but yeah go ahead so so the interesting thing about the market right now is i feel like
the faucet turned off ten days ago um you know once interest rates went up i mean they were touching almost seven percent at one point
um we we saw a like noticeable shift where you put a
house on the market properly priced do the open house for three days and you’d have two to four people come by each day
when normally you’d have 25 people coming every day no offers open house ends
four days go by you don’t get any showing requests it’s eerie the the shift not just homes condos we had a
several different and we’re seeing a bunch of new listings come on the market so within the team you know in the last the last 10 days we
probably put six or seven new properties on the market and we’re seeing a similar um phenomenon with all of them so
definitely the interest rates and the stock market is having an effect on people’s um i think the buyer demand and
the buyer psyche i don’t think it’s gonna lead to any like enormous drop in prices or anything but it’s gonna we’re gonna go back to a
more balanced market where you actually have to do some marketing to sell a listing and some negotiating buyers are
not gonna have to give up all their rights and all their inspections and you know all their due diligence in order to get into a house because of 10 offers so
um there is clearly some you know a shift happening right now and the data point that i’ve been looking at
is if you looked at a year ago there were 400 properties on the market on the big island almost 1600 in escrow so
there were more under contract than there were available to buy a year ago today there
are 1100 in escrow and almost 1600 active so we’re going back to that ratio
where there are more active properties on the market than there are in escrow we’re nowhere near normal historical
levels where it’s normally a two to three to one difference between available versus um under contract but we’re trending in
the direction back to a normal market because it has been abnormal for a very long time
so the so so the uh the bananas the bananas are are finally falling off the
tree if we can use uh we used to always say it’s so good the market’s sold bananas right the bananas have ripened
yeah the bananas have ripened yeah they have to make banana bread
the bananas are ripe hey let’s catch up on on a few more of our friends we have joined in before we we get to you scott
uh alex kicked in aloha from the westin in maui be here for seven nights that’s a beautiful property man open your
enjoying yourself and it’s a beautiful place alex um maui has a special special place in my heart it’s where i fell in
love in hawaii uh auntie joyce says the seaplane doesn’t look safe what happens if they get near a big wave do you wear
swimsuits on the plane well you know anthony joyce i’ll tell you i’ll tell you one thing i’ll tell you one thing i would not be i would not be the one
there it is i would not be the first passenger on that plane uh you know i look this is a photo to kind of for
effects these things fly high enough uh and also if you think about it auntie joyce you know waves uh waves out there
uh in the middle of the ocean are not like you know like big cresting waves that break on the uh uh that break
on the uh near the near the shore that being said uh you know it’s going to take some some
finesse you’re not going to fly a few inches above the ground you’re going to fly a few uh hopefully a few feet off
the ground if i’m not mistaken if i pull out my physics knowledge correctly ground effects correct me if i’m wrong
anyone any pilots on there who know about this ground effect for the ground effect to work uh you cannot be more
than half of the wingspan of the aircraft high so if it’s a if it’s a 100
foot wingspan you’re 50 feet above 50p would be the limit so i don’t that matters enough but anyway auntie joyce i
would not be the first person who gets on that plane i would i would let that roll for a few while but you know it could be fun it could be interesting
yeah i’d rather i’d rather crash on that in the ocean than crash in a regular plane on the overland sorry yeah it’s a
good point and it’s a good point that’s a good point and and so the other thing too is
it is it is a boat it is a boat so worse comes to worst comes to worse it
literally it should touch down and land in the water because it’s a boat so
my question is how does it land in rough seas because you know like lake plains and stuff they you know and river plains
it they’re relatively flat surfaces when you land where our oceans are not flat a
lot of the time even when it’s calm seas they’re not flat if you’ve ever been off the ocean there’s big swells and yeah
i i can it’s gonna be fun to kind of see when this thing kind of takes off but i can definitely see a situation uh where
you know on rough days ain’t gonna be no flights yeah right yeah and give me you know thank me enough if uh i don’t want
to i don’t want to bring up all kinds of all bones old skeletons from from the past but right um super fairy yeah thank
you very much out of my mouth so gang to catch everybody else on here real fast
it was a project a long time called the super fairy was this amazing fairy giant big and that giant well big enough to
hold cars and it was this thing where basically you could you could drive to the neighbor islands literally you would get on the ferry would take you to maui
and you’d off and that was me with all kinds of protests meant long story but it made me think of the ferry but
uh to the rough seas point there was a problem with people getting seasick on the ferry uh they won’t get seasick on
this but then again we’ll have to see if it keeps keeps flying around anyway a few more friends have joined us uh hold on your scop we’ll we’ll we’ll get to
you buddy uh val is uh val’s back hey val welcome welcome back aloha uh thank you val for the and and the shaka love
the shaka icon patrick is back hey patrick good to see you buddy welcome back uh welcome back to the show always
great to see yeah chris she’d be uh christy would be angry if it blocked my view you know this is about
the monster house you know christy uh in an ancient monster house that are doing it uh what about condos you know there’s
some beautiful places that you know where you were once in a small home in the middle of somewhere urban honolulu and a big condo went up and there you go
so losing views is unfortunately a part of a part of life you want to think about that when you get that when you get that home uh and
supernova aloha supernova is from manhattan ho awesome hope you’re having
a good time there supernova in manhattan uh judy uh she googled if there are free
stores near me it came up with the food pantry in the goodwill store not quite the free store we kind of were thinking
of right this is like the uh this is a peer-to-peer free story people it’s kind of fun actually it’s kind of i wonder if it’s a hawaii only thing that’d be
interesting uh uncle jim is back jim stevenson aloha everyone jim good to see you buddy uh thanks for joining us mark
has joined us aloha mark excellent good to see you buddy norm uh for us the slowdown has moved up our timetable for
moving i think the market here in the san francisco bay area is still warmer you know this it all depends right uh
this this could be the time to make to make the move could be the time to make the move certainly the as we said the curve is bending and we talked about
this two weeks ago right the curve is starting to bend the bananas have ripened kelly feels that i should worry
about the seaplane hitting breaching wheels as well this was a big concern with the super fairy breaching whales a
big concern but again this thing is going to fly higher than it’s not going to skim inches above the water it’s going to skim
higher but then again you know breaching whales could be it could be a thing uh man we’ve got a lot of engineers on this
show a forward-looking radar you know i should i wish i knew i would forward these comments to the to uh to the
airline forward uh forward-looking radar and uh oh on for helicopters full rotor dislike
okay thank you that’s the ground effect full rotor dislike man this is you never know what you’re gonna you never know
what you’re gonna get on the show it’s awesome uh a windshear makes for a nosedive boeing had a problem with
nosedives but that was in the technology of the nose andre like i said i ain’t gonna be the first guy on this thing uh alex uh there’s a few monster homes i
can see here in mommy from my hotel yeah you know and and that’s the question if they’re you know how monstrous are they uh do they fit within
the zoning laws or not uh and to dylan’s point and uh gianna is with us aloha and
howdy from texas welcome back it’s been a while i’m mistaking jenna uh welcome back to us and then uh juliana uh hey
juliana how’s it good to see you again aloha all right that cues up everybody hey if you’ve got any questions we’ve
got a couple things that we’re going to talk about again i tell you all this you all get priority because you’re live you’re with us you’re hanging out with
us you took your friday morning to be with us on friday afternoon depending on where you’re at um your questions go
first pop them in the comments scott what’s going on buddy give us the update oh wait a minute did we yeah okay it’s
your turn yes it’s oahu’s news i lost track i was talking about your aloha shirt a minute ago all right scott give us the update yeah the monster home when
uh that one actually hits home for me i act um you know i deal with it a lot not only
have i chatted with agents that that work with me i’ve had a a lot of in-depth conversations about
this because when you see you know you go through kaimuki and kapahulu and they’re starting to build
set back to setback or they have been for years here and there’s it’s all concrete there’s no
no grass no greener it’s starting to change the landscape of the community which is it’s a sore spot for me part of
what i do what i try to do with the development side for me is keep the integrity of the neighborhood
the same and don’t for once a lot of these monster homes i mean some of them were like 16 bedrooms 17 baths 16 wet
bars they all have a wet bar in every bedroom they’re literally an apartment to interrupt thank you thank you so much
for pointing that out because when you say monster it doesn’t mean just big 16 bedrooms right so somewhere even 20 20
right 20 and 20 and 20. and and so the funny thing is is it
none of them are illegal if they went through permanent and got permitting they were legal and they got
approval the problem is is the zoning laws were so loose and i actually had to go and testify down at city council for
this when i was actually in the middle of that halola project i was doing a two two home cpr
had three bedroom three bath and three bedroom three bath but because it was two homes on one lot the zoning allowed
for that i actually fell into that uh area they
we start we got permit approval and then they changed the rules city council did to try to start restricting this and we
fell into that category and they tried to pass a bill to say hey if we’ve given you approval for the permit we can take
it away from you and we were in the middle of construction so i had to go down there and testify in front of him and say look i’m building affordable
housing you’re going to train wreck you know a few bad apples are going are going to be you know sideswiped you
can’t give someone approval and take it away but so they ended up getting rid of that part but they now started putting all
these restrictions in one is 30 permeation rate on your on your property
so that water can absorb otherwise if you’re all concrete now where’s all that rain water go goes on to your neighbors
goes into storm drains that can’t handle it the others are they limited to a certain number of wet bars per the
zoning so like one if you got 6 000 square feet it’s like one wet bar they’ve limited the number of bathrooms
they’ve started to cut down if you go a certain percentage of the lot you have to be able to have
like six parking and they have to be able to turn around and move go forward out of the property rather than back out
so they’ve they’re getting there but there’s already been a lot of damage done there’s been a few that were built
without permits but yeah it’s been it’s changing the landscape of the neighborhoods here and i understand the
need for the bigger homes because it’s an affordability thing and you do multi-generational living but people
push the envelope and they’re able to get away with more to where it starts to impact the community they spill the cars
spill out onto the um onto the streets you’re impacting your neighbors at that point uh they’re
parking all down the street and nobody else can have street parking um so it is
a problem that needs to be addressed and and the reality part of it is there’s an affordability issue and the
other part of it is you got people who are really pushing the envelope on the zoning it’s always a balance race so i think
with the other part now what’s interesting about that is that um prior to these one offers prior or not
but related to this short-term vacation rental uh zoning and stuff with the airbnb craze you know you had some of
these properties if you look at this thing right so let me pull this up on the screen and you know you could it’s not hard to
invention that being a hotel right if that’s an airbnb right it’s an airbnb you know it’s an airbnb small boutique
hotel uh in the middle of us uh in the middle of a residential area um you know it it’s it’s it’s questionable and these
homes were built like you said you know 16 bedrooms each with a wet bar quote wet bar which you know you put a hot
plate and you’ve got you’ve got a little unit right you have a little kind of a livable unit and if it’s if it’s in a great area near the beach et cetera it’s
an airbnb it’s a it’s a hotel um so there’s a balance but to dylan’s point you know there is there’s also market
pressures right you know the reason why the reason why the black market exists is because people want stuff that the
government’s stopping them from having right so you have to always kind of strike that balance uh and you have to kind of want to set up one of the things
the county does here to somewhat prevent that is a lot of times if you go for permits to do an addition to your home
or like enclose your downstairs and create a separate unit they make you sign an affidavit saying that it will only be used for single-family home
residence purposes and you won’t you will not rent it so you know whether how well they they
enforce that or follow up on it is one thing but at least they have a mechanism in place where if someone were to
complain about what you were doing it for you know you can’t use it as a rental basically you can only use it as a multi-generational home or have you
know parents live in it or whatever it is so that’s one of the the functions that county puts on your
your um impulses on your property here yeah yeah here’s an important one that they’ve
they’ve changed here they changed it to two or three years ago and i actually had to because i
that the house in front here and i have the ohana in the back um i i was required to sign actually two
different affidavits one for a covenant’s restriction but they changed the wet bar definition it used to be you
couldn’t have all three elements you could have the the 220 for the range you could have the sink or in the or the
refrigerator but not all three and they’ve changed that now they’ve gone over here and said because everyone would put the 220 in in the sink and the
refrigerator is a regular plug so then when the permits close you come in and you add the refrigerator easily and now
you got a full kitchen and nobody knows about it so what they’ve changed it to now is you can’t have the 220 the the
wet bar is only a sink and a refrigerator classified so now they’ve put that restriction in and you have to
sign an affidavit and whatnot but the problem is is once you close the permit who’s going to enforce that the only way
that gets enforced is if a neighbor complains or somebody complains an inspector has to come out and have a
look the the other interesting one that i had was um i this was weird i i actually
took the certification for the erosion control component for our development
property i was responsible i was the certified person responsible to do all the reports to make sure our erosion
control on our lot was correct so we had you got to have certain things what they don’t want is you have all that dirt
they don’t want it going out into the ocean because it will kill the coral it runs off into neighbors places so you
got to do certain measures to keep it in check and if something’s not right you’re supposed to put put it on a report and submit it
well how am i the owner and i’m the guy that’s supposed to police myself like that makes no sense
but it was interesting getting a certification because i understood i now understand the why and it’s part of it
is coral protection and and shoreline protection and sea life protection when you have all that mud going going into
the ocean it’s going to cause real problems and the interesting thing that’s part of the reason the permeation
component is in there when it rains you need 30 percent of your property to be able to absorb that water or it goes
elsewhere uh it’s you know i walked around the neighborhood and i see so many newer homes where they close the permit and
then they’ll come back and they’ll have somebody paid the concrete portion and so it totally defeats the purpose of
the intention of what they were trying to put in there and i’m like you’re never going to control that and who’s going to complain what neighbors are
going to complain about that and the homeowners never educated like i was going through that certification to
understand the why so they’re ignorant to the consequences and
are only looking at their you know their small lot and how it serves their purpose man
this uh you know it’s kind of funny it starts out as a simple topic and it got pretty it got pretty darn deep no i appreciate it i mean there’s a lot of
depth over here and you know and i i i have to i have to do i’m sorry i’m gonna do this because i didn’t start it but
chris did chris this is you buddy uh chris said hey i have to say peter k you have an amazing show and crew and your
website is very informative as well mahalo for doing this very informative i actually go back and watch previous
shows again chris thanks buddy it ain’t it ain’t me it’s these it’s these guys
right over here and heidi uh it’s really that’s what that’s what makes i just put the slides together and kind of talk
but uh uh chris thanks for for the comments and this was a great example right this is a great example we talk
about one topic and bam you know you get some really some really good depth if you kind of want to know what’s going on
with monster homes you just got you just got edumacated big time uh big time all
right let’s move on uh before but before doug douglas lim aloha retired and moved
from chicago to honomu awesome douglas hey douglas what uh what part of chicago i was born there i was
born in the northwest side of chicago near uh close to or somewhere close to o’hare field where are you from uh in
chicago douglas i’d be curious about what that is all right uh keep those questions coming we’re gonna move on to our our next topic i thought that we
would talk about something fun today so so there was an interesting story uh
at uh that came on to the media civil beat actually it’s one of the uh one of the online uh sort of newspapers if you
will and it talked about i said the story was basically saying that uh hawaii may not be the richest
state but it’s one of the happiest so kind of what’s what is basically what the article talked about
was it basically said that you know uh hawaii has a a very large percentage of
of people that are sort of living on the edge uh you know financially that having
a hard time making ends meet uh the pace not so hot um however uh so we we kind
of rank low on the economic scale i think i mentioned this before in a previous show we’re kind of ranking low on the
economic side well near the bottom of the barrel if you kind of any sort of economic measurements yeah that’s we did
talk about that at the previous show uh you know we’re at the bottom pretty much of all the economic measurements right all with the however comma we’re at the
top of the happiness measurements so if there’s surveys that talk about happies uh that you know we
we rank consistently rank high it says in studies looking at well-being hawaii
ranks second after massachusetts in 2021 and rank in the top 10 uh usually in the
top spot uh year after year after year gallop was mentioned so here’s the interesting part right so
this is really what hawaii is all about right the hawaii is is that there is a trade-off there’s
we called you know the price of paradise uh economically if you’re looking at
getting rich hawaii’s probably not the right place for you not to say that it can happen but it’s probably not the
right place for you this is not the place you want to go to if you kind of quote want to get rich but it is the place where you want to go to if you
want to live happy and so that’s the question and that’s the question for you all
right the question for you all is what’s your trade-off right if you had a choice right and let’s just let’s just
make it like let’s just make it really really clear let’s just kind of make it you know let’s just kind of really kind of lay
this out right here’s the choice king and i’d love to hear the way what you think if the choice was
you’re gonna you’re gonna barely get by you’re gonna barely get by you are gonna get by but you’re gonna barely get by
you’re you’re just gonna live sort of at them and let’s just say a minimal level whatever that means right
your choice is minimal level and happy in hawaii minimal level and
happy or all the creature comforts you could ever ask for
but you’re living in a place that you kind of you don’t really like it’s not hawaii
you’re not quite happy with the environment but you got the big 5 000 square foot home with the
pool and the four car garage and the four cars and all the kind of good stuff and you’re going out and you’re enjoying it you got great clothes and all this
you got all the creature comforts what is it what’s your trade-off happy or wealthy you can’t have both
maybe that’s an easier way to say it you want happy or wealthy what would you take what you think it’s almost an
obvious question for me for me but uh that’s that’s the question so i’d like to kind of get uh why don’t
we kind of go let’s see let’s go dylan and then scott dylan uh this is you know this is always a choice right it’s a
choice for you for your family for your life you lived on the mainly for a while you you’ve come back and how does this
how do you describe this trade-off for you how did you make this this trade-off what was what was kind of going around obviously we know what you’ve chosen i
want to know kind of how you got there and how you came to and the things that you thought of and things that you’d like to share
yeah so to me it’s a no-brainer i mean there’s no there’s no better place to raise kids there’s no better place to live there’s no better quality of life
is there a lot of things that are frustrating about hawaii and you know not perfect absolutely but they’re easy
to overlook and that’s one of the things i think you know one of the reasons why sometimes the the systemic or the government stuff
doesn’t change is because people aren’t that motivated to get involved politically here because it’s just life is so good right you get up in the
morning and you go the water turns on the roads the roads are there the the schools are okay i
mean you know you just there isn’t a huge incentive to be um active in changing the stuff that
frustrates you because there’s so much good positive stuff to look around at every single day so yeah to me i mean
i we got one life to live right and and can’t take the money with you so i’d rather die broke in hawaii than than
rich in you know some place i i was miserable in so there you go and that’s why and that’s why i gotta go that’s why
i gotta live i gotta go to the mainland every once in a while to to remember that you know i mean i don’t ever take it for granted but it just it
strengthens that mindset when i go somewhere in the mainland and i think man especially like a place like vegas i love i love visiting vegas you know for
a few days and doing the whole vegas thing but i just think like i would be miserable if i have if i had to live here and
um but could i afford a way bigger house and maybe private school for my kids and you know who who knows what else you know
they’re on the same amount of income probably but definitely not a place i would want to live every single day
alex said it man one life to live that’s it that that is it right there i mean uh
was that you you had a great line that kind of flew by me said i’d rather you you said you’d i’d rather die poor and
how was that yeah i’d rather die broken broken happy than than reaching uh you know reaching
unhappy yeah yeah that that is that and that is that that is the fundament and hawaii really kind of brings that really
kind of makes that sort of obvious right it’s obvious about that hawaii because that’s just the way it works scott um
you know and just one more thing you know uh not last week because in the middle
of the weekend before uh went to the beach with my family and and my friend’s family and i was sitting
there and it was uh ke kakai state park here on it’s right north of the airport
but i was sitting you know we’re sitting there under these palm trees and looking across this this this this white sandy
bay and all the palm trees have just been manicured it’s the state parks they’re all perfect there’s no dead fronds on them or anything and i’m
sitting there looking at this like there are people that saved their entire life to to to experience this one time and i
could do this any day of the week you know and and like that’s priceless i mean just huge right so oh that’s the kind of
stuff i never take for granted for sure amen to that brother i i you know i
thought about that very same thing i just went uh i went body surfing at makupu which i normally i try to try to
do twice a week so i went to makapuu on wednesday and it was a magic moment the waves were perfect and
i was the only you know this you know makapuu is a pretty good-sized beach it’s pretty good-sized bay uh and i was
the only guy there it was just me and it’s like priceless priceless cannot
cannot buy that and i do you know and i do this twice a week right yeah yeah yeah absolutely good scott what
about you scott what’s what what’s what comes to mind what’s been sort of your decision process how did you come to this where’s your trade-off work how do
you what’s your justification basically for for taking the hit if you will the financial hit in exchange for what we
have yeah i checked out one of the videos you had done before kind of on this similar topic
and you know the re and it was it was really good it made me think about it it’s like hey if if money and
possessions are are really important to you then hawaii is probably not the best place for you it’s a humble state and
and our economic potential is just so limited because of the number of people our isolation all
that kind of capacity but if experiences are are important to you and you know
like you said happiness and just everything that’s here then then it’s
the perfect spot and that’s the exact conversation i had actually may was 20 i think 22 years now
or 23 years um you know i extend i came here with a return trip ticket after
three months i had to extend it to the end of the year at the end of the year i had to ask myself do i really want to work in a whitewalled office with no
windows to save my money up to come out here to this experience for two weeks every year or do i want to live it and i
chose to live it and i figured i’d figured out the financial side and and the other component but i wanted the
lifestyle and i wanted um you know the happiness that comes with it for me which is the consistent warm weather
the the laid-back lifestyle the access to the ocean the beautiful environment and things and and so that was my
discussion with myself internally and and now i’m here 20 some years later
because of that you know that that was a pivotal important point in my life in making that decision
yeah that that is the that is the the trade-off right scott i mean uh the the video i think you probably are referring
to was uh uh i put on the channel uh can you afford it and is it worth it and is
it worth it i i came up with this uh this distinction uh thanks for reminding me about it this distinction is
um are you are you a materialist or are you a spiritualist and i not and i didn’t make
uh materialism a a pejorative like a negative word but materials meaning do you like having things if you like
having things why is that right for you because things are expensive they’re hard to come by you can’t store them uh
it’s gonna cost you you won’t be happy because the things that you want are way cheaper and and higher quantity on the
mainland however if you’re a what i call a spiritualist non-material things are valuable to you like here auntie joe’s
just made a great comment so here’s what she said but thinking about it i am quote rich with friends good health
really rich with my my money social security check and i’m living in hawaii so auntie joyce just
gave sort of the elements of what i would call a spiritual a non-material life the non-material values right
friends good health right those are and living in hawaii those are these non-material things these spiritual
things right if if you like those kinds of things hawaii is hawaii is a deal right hawaii is a
deal if you think about that uh the material things it’s a different story um that was the way i put it forward
let’s let’s catch up anything else you guys want to share i’m gonna there there’s a bunch of comments just chime in when you feel like it so dylan what
what what once you make your comps and skype make yours yes see so i so i always have this discussion with people
that um you know don’t have a huge budget but they they want to live here but you so if you don’t have a huge budget you’re gonna have to be 45
minutes away from town right you’re going to be in one of the more rural areas of the island
but if you put it into context right you can either commute to work for 45 minutes or
an hour into a city from a rural area where you’re gonna have a lower cost of living anyways or you could commute into
work um here in kona where there’s beautiful coastline views most of the way you’re driving through forests cute
little towns i mean like you’re gonna have that either way but what’s gonna make you happy you’re being on a freeway you know bumper-to-bumper
traffic for an hour or being on a country road that has beautiful views um you know it’s it’s it’s just a matter of
what makes you happier and it’s not a downside necessarily right and i know lots of people that end up doing that and they love making
that decision and saying you know it’s no problem that i live an hour away from town because you know that hour is an hour of enjoyment when i’m going in
instead of instead of you know sitting in traffic or public transportation or you know the subway or who knows what
else you know you can choose your choose your choose your uh your one hour and how you spend it you know uh scott hold
your thought for a second i got i i i have to kind of share to to chime in dylan on what you said the um
uh so i i go to uh to church uh sometimes by myself on sunday and uh
i’ve got two ways i can go i could go the urban route which will get me to church in 15 minutes
or i can take the or go literally around the island which which takes me 45 minutes
um in a convertible porsche which one do you think which one do you think i take i take the 45 minute route right because
it goes along the coastline it’s got great roads i see the mountains i see
these amazing views it’s you know along the coastline it’s just amazing up the mountains up the pulley through the
pulley tunnel you know it’s like wow it’s like it’s incredible and it’s a 45 minute and especially a guest today it’s
a lot more expensive right 45 versus 15. 15 is the urban route
so funny on an island right i turn right i go 15 minutes i turn left it takes me 45.
but it’s it’s the best anyway scott go ahead what were we gonna add in i was i was gonna say actually you know
materialistic stuff flashy cars and things like that actually are kind of frowned upon over here because it is a
humble state um i gotta actually have that reminds me of a couple of things i mean i have a client that lives in
kaneohe that travels over the over the mountains and he says every day when he comes back from work he says it’s all
worth it when he pops out the h1 freeway and it has just that spectacular view looking out across kaneohe bay the
sandbar out to the laos he says at that point when i’m driving home because every day i’m reminded of why it’s worth
it that that view i i’ve and i caught i’ve caught it on
some videos i’m going to go back and get it again that that i know what he’s talking about there’s there’s a couple of them but that one where
you’re coming from town and you’re on the like and you uh for me the one that’s really
dramatic is you’re coming on the leaky liquor you come through the tunnel and you pop out of the tunnel and these majestic koala mountains are like right
there and you know to me it’s like i just kind of want to look up as i’m driving as much you know keep one eye on the road
and keep one eye up on the mountains uh it’s why i have a convertible it’s why i have a convertible and why the top’s
always done if it’s not raining that’s what it’s the top’s always up it’s not raining uh and that’s what it’s all about we got a bunch of comments a bunch
of comments and that and they’re all really awesome i’m gonna pop them all in because they’re really good we’re going to go through them really really quickly
but they’re they’re they’re amazing uh let me kind of pop over here let’s see so um
uh let’s see uh alex come to hawaii twice a year hotel price have tripled since the
beginning oh okay we’ll talk about that later hold on that uh uh alex uh ray’s back uncle ray is with us excellent uh
mark mark whitehill is an alumni of the island rohana and his move to oahu the wealth trade-off worth it worth it
exactly worth it uh auntie joyce uh it’s all about being happy of course and aloha supernova agrees uh as does uh
patrick in the eye of the beholder exactly less like auntie joyce says she’s wealthy because she has friends
judy says want to be happy exactly that’s what we want right and norm no doubt hawaii every time um
uh alex been trying to move for the last 10 years trying to get my wife to move here and that’s her excuse for not moving here
i’d rather be happy in hawaii i don’t need all them things i have in the mainland yeah alex but
what the wife says is what you got to do if you want to stay married so don’t forget about that one because you’re not
going to be happy if your wife’s not happy that’s for darn sure uh janna says our plan is to be happy in hawaii that’s
it that’s the plan uh and patrick would choose it for for the air uh christy i’d rather live in hawaii be happy i already
live on the edge so it’s not an issue nothing worse than hating where you are you know christy that’s it if you’re
gonna that’s the other part of it right if you’re gonna live on the edge might as well live on the edge and live in hawaii because you’re going to live on the edge anyway
a one life to live right exactly that’s what we said uh chris i i take happy you’d be wealthy because you’re living in hawaii money isn’t everything i want
i wouldn’t want to be rich and unhappy isn’t that it and and really for for again everyone’s different and most of
you are in the same look well look we’re all here together right frank one one big ohana here we’re all about you’re here because you’re you love hawaii so
we’re all kind of pre-selected to this kind of thing right but there are people who do who do
try to i think it’s fruitless but try to get happiness by buying stuff and that’s why you got people with you know
five cars and five thousand square foot homes and in there and and they’re amazing um
this is the one instant where money in fact does this is the one is where money does in fact by half you know mark i’m
not sure where that one is but let’s let’s find out about that i’d like i’d like to know more about that dave not third world but two and a half
shipping health care but love it here with great sunsets laid-back lifestyle that’s it you that’s that’s the trade-off dave that’s the trade-off uh
not quite third world uh maybe one and a half uh maybe two uh but certainly um uh
you you can’t like have seen that dylan just stead you know you you can’t get that uh joan did it she downsized
considerably to be here but i would do it again in a heartbeat because this is where i’ve always wanted to be lifelong journey jonah was it’s a great story uh
that you made a lot of folks with a lot of wealth aren’t happy that’s it worried about the money that’s that’s it and
that’s that’s that’s the trade-off and that’s to me ultimately personally ultimately fruitless not for everyone
but some are uh chat’s uh saving 6k a month dude if you could pull that off god bless you
pull the save 6k a month starting a new job a month ago hoping to buy land next year you know keep saving you’ll you’ll
make it happen there’s no doubt about it uh there’s anthony joyce’s comment uh give me a catamaran and a jeep and i’m in
heaven but that’s stuff alex see that stuff if you need a catamaran and a jeep that’s stuff that’s not hawaii so think
about that sorry to challenge you on that one uh uh doug the one from chicago been living in
honolulu since december love it every single day didn’t miss all those snow and bone chilling temperatures right like in february right you know what i’m
talking about right doug you know what i’m talking about bone chilling is right through the bone um and you know uh joan
joan and joyce you too definitely have to get together there’s no doubt about that uh uh cha chao says living at an
airbnb in kurdistan early may distance wasn’t too far but the one lane run going on 25 or 30 took a while i was
going five on the unpaved route yeah that’s that’s the that’s the trade-off that is the trade-off all right i think
that’s it so we we wrapped up all those um uh i think everyone’s coming except there’s a question i’m going to go back
to this question over here so if i can because there was a uh christy gave i believe who was it alex somebody gave a
question on the hotel here we go uh all right let’s take this one so alex says
we came to hawaii twice a year the hotel prices have tripled since the beginning of the pandemic why is that do you know
i’m making it’s making coming back here unaffordable simple answer it’s a very very simple
answer alex it’s called supply and demand it’s a very simple answer supply and demand there’s a lot of people who
want who want those hotels there’s not a lot of rooms available pandemic or otherwise or
there’s a higher demand westbound travelers uh you name it but it’s called supply and demand and there are other
people who are willing to pay more and that’s the that’s the simple answer uh dylan uh i know if you want to add into
that uh add in to uh explain to alex why it’s so expensive well and inflation definitely plays into
that too what’s going on with the economy um i’m seeing new stories hasn’t happened here yet but i’m seeing some
places where they’re putting a you know like an inflation surcharge on people’s bills so they don’t have to raise their menu prices right so that’s one way to
kind of build in kind of like almost like a tax is restaurants and other markets are doing that but definitely
when you know everything if you think about everything that the hotel has to pay for is has gone up you know eight
percent in the last two years um the prices are definitely going to increase but that’s true and well the other
factor with this is all the airbnb regulation right i mean there’s the the short-term vacation rental regulation
has constrained the amount of supply supply you know i wouldn’t call them
conspiracy theorists but there are people that believe that you know a lot of that um is pushed by the hotel lobby
in order to ensure that the the demand for the hotel stays high because you know if you’re
not going to pay 500 bucks a night for a hotel room and you can pay 300 a night for a for a condo that has a kitchen and
everything else so that’s what they’ve done is is pushed to you know restrain the ability for people to have other
options and that’s driving the price of hotel rooms up for sure but something that overall concerns me
you know in general about the economy in hawaii at some point i think we’ve talked about this in the past is you’re gonna cut
your nose off to spite your face right it’s gonna get to the point where the world is flat now and you can go to
thailand and you can go to bali and you can go to south america and there’s lots of beautiful tropical places to go that
are very safe that maybe 20 30 years ago hawaii had a monopoly on a tropical
place that you could go that was safe and you know if it’s going to cost you double or three times as much to come to
hawaii people will go to other places they’ll go to other countries and you know long run you’re actually going to hurt the economy here by continuing
to drive prices up and continue to tax tourists because that’s the big thing our state government loves to do is add
you know we’re taxing the tourists you know we’re going to raise taxes on tourists and it’s like well certainly the returns are going to stop coming if you do that so watch out
uh you know there there is that there is going to be that that tipping point uh all kinds of fun economics lessons that
i want to share but before i do that i want to go to scott scott you want to comment on the comment on this uh this topic here the of the the the tripling
of prices yeah i mean it does go back to supply but during covid when we closed down and
when when the hotels went to open back up they actually opened up like half capacity you know only a certain number
of rooms and the demand was super high so they were able to command those prices at that point purely because supply demand they
weren’t even using all their rooms and then on top of it the airbnb regulations especially here on oahu
where you pretty much eliminate i think it was like 8 000 illegal vacation rentals they eliminated
so where are you going to force them they’re all going to go into the hotels now they have no choice yeah and and
so some more economics lessons here and even inflation actually if you think about it inflation is also a supply and
demand issue it’s the it’s the reverse there’s too much supply of dollars so
when when you know too many dollars uh chasing too few things that’s what creates inflation right dollars are
worth less because there’s more of them so they’re worth less then they’re more are needed to buy things so that’s another one and finally i have to do
this because well i just because it’s fun uh you know dylan to your conspiracy theory about the um it’s not so much a
conspiracy it’s actually there’s actually there’s an economic term for it so this is the conspiracy theory dealing that you brought up there there’s a
collusion between the hotel industry and uh the hotel industry kind of wanted to wipe out the airbnb parts so that they
can raise their prices right well it’s more than that it’s actually there’s a term it’s called bootleggers and baptists have you ever heard of that
it’s called bootleggers and baptists so bootleggers and baptist is is a it’s an economics term uh them that moves policy
the the bootleggers and baptist means that there’s uh um that’s a long story so i want to go into
it but it basically means that there’s not just the not just the hotels are in are are interested uh there’s also
people that want airbnb out of their neighborhoods so there’s there’s there’s it’s a double whammy when you have that
it’s almost unbeatable there’s a moral component to this right people in their neighborhoods don’t want to see their
neighborhoods turning into resort areas and that’s a legitimate issue those are called the baptists they have a moral per they have a moral perspective and
then you have the industry that also doesn’t want that either because they’re gonna they’re gonna be more profitable
if people go to hotels those are the bootleggers so you have the bootleggers and the baptists when though when they get together boom it’s gonna happen uh
bootlegging about this the reason why they call it that is the the story goes that you know they’re like laws to close
liquor stores on sundays who’s in favor of closing liquor stores on sundays well baptists want to close liquor stores on
sundays because they don’t want people going to church drunk and of course bootleggers definitely want a liquor
stores close on sundays because they’re going to sell more they’re going to sell more moonshine so bootlegs and back let’s get together that’s why liquor
stores are closed on sundays because of the bootleggers and the baptist sorry gang i hope to tell me if you like it
another another perfect example of that history lesson was the super fairy right you had environmental activists funded
by the shipping industry to shut down a another mode of transportation that would have hurt the shipping industry so
they can’t you know now they’re charging you for 500 bucks uh a car to get in between the islands just your car where
you would have had a super ferry for 150 bucks you have your car on plus you go on the car so you don’t have to buy a
plane ticket and set your car separately or ship your car separately and that was the dynamic that ended up coming
together to shut down the super ferry so same exact thing classic
baptist club go ahead scott yeah yeah and the bigger impact from that um the super fairy was it was interesting if
you looked at it from a business standpoint it made even more sense because like love’s bakery would load up
a truck with all their bread ship it to maui then they’d contract with companies smaller companies there to fill their
trucks to come back and it was a great way for business to business to be able to do inner island at a much more
affordable cost and when when it went out at one point loves was having to fly
their bread to california and then fly it to maui before they could figure out the the work around for that
yeah man that was uh man we could that super fairy was such that was we could have a whole show on on the mess i’m
surprised no one’s done a documentary on the mess that that was oh my god i’ve got i’ve got too many stories but where
my god holy moly the time has flown by jesus we’ve just gone quickly so let me kind of catch up on a couple of ones
over here um let’s let’s let me kind of catch over here we had a bunch of folks that that
uh let’s see uh uh mark on the money buying happiness i mean you pay more to live here and maybe lose potential to
earn more and so in effect you’re trading money for happiness ah got it yeah actually that’s a really good point mark
this is a place where money does my in a in a weird wild sense money does by
happiness because you have less of it here you’re going gonna have a lot less of it here but in exchange you get to
you get uh you get hawaii uh and very very true uh alex yeah oh yeah forgot about the airbnb that’s that’s it that’s
that’s the one airbnb did a big part of it uh val says lived all over the continental u.s and in europe and
there’s nothing like hawaii and the aloha spirit here it’s all you here and you’re allah that make the difference
for me yeah val that’s welcome welcome to the family val that’s that’s that is what it’s all about and
uh yeah alex my friends are going the floor instead of hawaii for a lot of people for a lot of people look this yeah you got disney world you got
florida you got beaches and it’s all kinds of good stuff right it’s uh norm says we’re looking at late
october qui found quite a few homes for 250 on vrbo on the big on big on has
different uh restrictions not like oh ahu does oh god’s a little bit looser
uh we talked about that earlier uh chaos says told that 100k is what i need for a tiny uh turnkey tiny home built is that
a reasonable price i was expecting more uh no you you can’t buy a piece of land for a
100k um although to build out a decked out tiny home 100k is there is the going rate i’m actually
looking into it right now so okay that’s just that’s just the tiny home unit on the trailer doesn’t it doesn’t
include the land or any of the infrastructure right you’re going to need a wastewater system you’re going to need
a catchment system if you’re it’s going to be a permanent residence maybe some solar and stuff but 100k is kind of if
you want a really full-size decked out tiny home that’s kind of the going rate right now so
interesting so thank you dylan i stand corrected i was thinking about the entire cost like can you know what does
100k buy you a home you can live in and the answer would be no but what you’re
saying dylan is 100k to put a to put a tiny home to construct a tiny home on a
lot would is is about right that’s what yours yeah and one and and important specification they don’t build the tiny
home on your lot right they build the tiny homes in warehouses on a trailer and they they drive them to your lot so because they’re not permanent residences
they’re they’re recreation there are they’re technically rvs they’re rec oh they’re technically right
there right they come on on wheels and they they they sit on the on the property um okay so 100k you’re you’re
you’re in the neighborhood for 100k things thank you dylan for for that that uh that correction uh jessica nimby not
in my backyard folks also connected to uh jessica all over the place all over
the place it was a big article scott i’m sure you saw about this one there was a a um
there’s a um a grave a grave site in manoa valley on oahu a chinese owned by
chinese families and they wanted to convert a part of that to a senior
development so senior development in manoa what could be what could be nicer
manual folks don’t want it’s like and the great quotes and the great quotes are in the newspaper like you know we really think that you know
affordable housing for seniors a really good thing in hawaii but this is just not the right place for them it’s not
the right place you know in our backyard okay you know what i gotta rip through these because we gotta get going on here
we got some some uh some stuff sorry yeah joe i’m glad you you learned that auntie joyce bootleggers and baptist man
it’s like look it up on youtube there’s all kinds of stuff um price for a tiny house on the mainland
also so that’s affordable in hawaii technically speaking alex it is affordable it’s the land that would that get you housing prices are you know on
par so to speak with a given sort of spot but it’s the it’s the land cost that’s going to get you and the
important thing about tiny homes i always go back to because i don’t know what the how they do it in the mainland but here it’s not a house like it’s not
real estate there’s no appreciation it’s not connected to the land you can’t get power to it because it’s not a permitted home so
what people think of as a tiny home it’s like the the the definitions are important right because i do know they
build like tiny permitted tiny homes in the mainland on lots and foundations and it actually becomes real estate and you
can resell it and get a mortgage on it that’s not the case in hawaii so um look
deeply into that you know reach out i got some contacts for tiny homes but make sure you you you clearly understand
what you’re doing and what you’re spending money on and what the long-term implications are thank you dylan go to the youtube channel that you’re
watching this on do a search on the channel for tiny home we came up with a bun because this is not the first time
this has come up we talked in in depth about this and the long and the short was if you want a small house get a real
small house as opposed to you’re not really saving anything with a tiny house it’s a trailer on your it’s a trailer on
your property it’s legally a trailer on your property now let me work as a temperament go ahead scott yeah think about going to the
department of motor vehicles and standing in line for your registration every year so and that’s that kind of
sums it up a little bit not not that it’s a bad thing but that’s
what you’re doing it’s it’s not a house it’s it’s a transportation component right oh my god that’s so funny that is
that is so darn funny you’re here so right yeah you want a small house get a small house don’t get it going to quote a tiny house which is a trailer to the
department of motor vehicles oh my god gang we gotta we gotta move on over here we’re gonna miss out on all the fun here
uh so let’s talk about our diamonds and deals this is our properties that they wanted to highlight i want to give these guys a chance to kind of show what they
they work so hard to put together for a scott let’s start with you palolo 1.3 acres a million dollars what is this
yeah i mean uh i i look at it as a deal this is actually my listing um it’s part of a cpr unit but it’s um in
the back of palolo and and it highlights a couple of things in the back of poland back a lot of these valleys or even up
on the ridges you can get a tropical oasis a very quiet very private location yet you’re
five minutes from this lot to waialae avenue for all the shops and restaurants or you’re 10 minutes and you’re into the
honolulu urban core but yet you have this lush tropical setting on this property
it’s it’s 1.317 acres i mean it’s huge and it’s very narrow and long there’s a stream
off to the right here in the main picture that goes down some so you could build and you got level building areas
so you can build a really nice home and what i did for the marketing on this i tried to create a little bit of a storyboard because there’s
multiple building areas you can only build one home and the simple simplest portion is right
in this one you know open clearing like this and then further down there’s another opening area and i look at it as
like all right have the fire pit have the storage for all your toys and and um you know the gazebo for kind of
hanging out so that i did a storyboard concept on the right those are just kind of lifestyle images that give you
thought and conversation in your head of like okay what could i envision um going on here on the lot but a
million dollars for you know almost an acre and a half in honolulu i call it town and country you
got the country setting but yet you have the easy access to town yeah that is i mean if you look at this
shot you’re like in the middle of nowhere and when you’re there you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but if you peep over the tree line you know
town is right down there just like you said you’re just outside of town uh that is that is that is a deal that is a deal
excellent uh let’s let’s talk about uh what what’s what’s dylan got here three bedroom one bath on almost four this is
great right it’s so funny because we don’t we don’t coordinate this stuff yeah it’s crazy it’s crazy go ahead what
do you got here yeah no just one of my favorite properties that have come on the market recently um this thing this
thing is almost forced 3.8 acres it’s right off the highway heart of kawakikua
county water it’s got an old house on it that has been fully renovated beautifully renovated um just a amazing
deal and diamond and you know if you’re into developing into maybe a coffee farm or pasture land for horses or whatever i
mean just the the land is relatively flat um it’s been cleared in the past with some big
trees on it but mostly just grass um right now and you can re-clear it and make it super nice and grade it just a
super killer property so um i love it one that i’m i’m shocked it’s
been in the market for a weekend it hasn’t sold well that’s like you said you know that’s because the the the bananas the bananas have ripened right
so this yeah this is you know we don’t have we’re out of time that there’s we need to talk about the market and actually you know what we’re gonna do
gang so we’re gonna talk about this at the next okay so those of you that those of you that have made it through those
of you that are still here uh look i’m gonna on the next newsletter i’m gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna put a special
show from the next show in two weeks right we’re gonna talk about the market and kind of what’s going on so give us
your questions i’m gonna put it on the newsletter get a reply back pop it in the form you’re going to get all your questions in advance so i can make
slides and stuff like that so get ready because we’re going to talk we’re going to plan out and talk about kind of what’s going on with the market for the
next show uh but yeah dylan that’s that’s it the bananas have the bananas have
ripened the bananas the faucet has turned off the floss the the madness is coming to an end all
right let’s do our closing thoughts over here we got a couple minutes to go dylan what do you got here what what’s the
quote and why is it important to you so this is from actually jay shetty the keynote at the conference i was at this
past week and and he said being patient about the small things and patient about the big things i thought that was a really great perspective about
business and in life where the the small details are things that you shouldn’t compromise on and you have to be
impatient about it make sure you get them right but then the big the big long term goals you have to be patient about
those right those take a time to develop and and the small ones lead to the big ones and sometimes we as humans are you
know we we let the the details slide and then we get really disappointed when the big things don’t happen and we wonder
why and this is this is a good way to kind of think about it to make it happen so love it man that’s a good one hey uh
uncle ray so dylan has a head’s up for you uncle ray says dylan will be in down on your island next week of july ray of
course is a islander ohana alumni uh we’ll be looking at the windward side would like to talk with you or an agent
on that side ray reply back to me i’ll connect you with dylan if if not already there to make sure you do that and uh a
great day and you all stay safe you too auntie joyce uh let’s see scott uh let’s let’s get your closing thought here yes
yeah hey i’m i’m actually gonna change this so and going back to the happiness component here’s my quote ain’t none of
us getting out of here alive and you can’t take money to the grave
repeat that one more time that’s a classic uh ain’t none of us getting out of here alive and you can’t take the
money to the grave oh man that’s phenomenal uh well well said well said
thanks scott excellent put that one in bold thanks for next time hey uh norm mahalo from the great show looking
forward to next time norm and we will we will see you here buddy uh absolutely all right and mine of course i gotta do my my my prop my proverbs thing over
here uh let me get to see we can all read it all day long the wicked covet but the righteous give and do not hold
back and what that tells me right that tells me about it’s all about giving the righteous give and do not hold back it’s
really about giving givers are gainers and i didn’t plan it this way to talk about our financial piece but that’s the
way it kind of all flies together it’s all about you don’t covet stuff you give and you don’t hold back all right folks
uh that’s it for today uh hope you all had a great one let’s all say let’s let’s say goodbye uh let’s do a counter
clockwise dylan and then scott uh thank you auntie joan uh for the for the great comment call uh thought-provoking
thought-provoking piece everyone’s saying goodbye now go ahead dylan give us your goodbye and then scott you go next hello everybody have a good weekend
hello hi everyone thanks for joining us aloha folks so you all have a great one great comments really appreciate it uh
thanks for all the good stuff and we’ll see you in two weeks aloha