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Show start 4/1/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 4/1/22
Mask mandates are over
No COVID travel restrictions
Red Hill Fuel Contamination issues continue
Vacation rentals getting banned on Oahu?
Hawaii’s population is shrinking
Maui news and Real Estate market update
Oahu news and Real Estate Market Update
What’s the future of vacation rentals on Oahu and Maui?
How is the Hawaii university and college system?
Is there a Honolul Symphony? Local theatre groups?
What cultural events does Maui host?
Are there common allergies in Hawaii to consider?
What is Vog?
What’s the biggest physical change you’ve noticed after moving to Hawaii?
The weather has a profound effect on you
Islander Ohana almost sold out!
Maui 8bd 9ba hotel zoned beachfront
Oahu Ko’olina Beach Villa
Do you really want a house in the jungle in Hawaii?
Closing motivational thoughts

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