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Today we reflected on the storm damage over the past week and had an in-depth discussion about the sensitive issue of mainland vs local buyers and the effect on real estate affordability.

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What about the storms?
Tainted water on Oahu?
Blizzards on the Big Island?
Big Island Market and News
Impact on Oahu real estate resulting from drinking water contamination?
Damage from Maui Storm
Maui Market and News Update
How can I get help settling in to Hawaii?
Homeowners insurance does not cover groundwater damage
How can you know if your property might be subject to flodding?
Beachfront and mountainside property risks in bad weather
is there a tension on mainland buyers vs local?
Could we devise policies to favor local residents for home buying
Does Hawaii have set aside real estate for native Hawaiians?
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3bd 2ba Big Island property
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Show Transcript

everyone today is december 10 2021 i’m
your host peter k and you are with the
aloha friday hawaii real estate show yes
i said it right this time i’ve been
screwing up week after week after week
and i took my time to do it right this
time and i am here with my friends i’m
here with dylan nonaka who’s with us
from the big island and i’m with heidi
dollinger who’s with us from maui scott
startsman who is normally our norman who
always is our oahu expert is out today
he is uh flying from some place to
somewhere and we are warming up we’re
warming up the audience we’re warming up
our microphones through the mic check et
cetera so let’s kind of go around the
table let’s start with heidi heidi i
like that by the way i like that thing
in the back of your uh that art piece
behind you that looks really really nice
how are you doing heidi
i’m doing great i
have my hawaii coffee mug drinking my
morning coffee which is awesome this is
vanilla mac nut kind of flavored coffee
pretty light roast and
easy to drink and this art piece was
actually done by one of my friends who’s
an artist her name is jacqueline movay
she was nice enough to give me this
picture so
wow nice enough to give that’s cool
awesome i uh you know now that i’m not
not that you mentioned i have to mention
a story i’ll tell about an artist uh but
we’re gonna go to dylan next dylan uh uh
let’s do a mic check how are you doing
what’s the aloha shirt what’s the
background how are you doing buddy
i got a mono hey ali on today which is
another local designer there in oahu i
think they have two locations now but
there’s a different different style
right different kind of vibe to it a
little bit more a little bit more going
on than the normal zigzags that are kind
of more subdued but um
yeah it’s a beautiful day over here i’m
on i’m raring and ready to go i’m on
like cup number three a coffee because
my this is my fourth uh online call this
morning so i started at five this
morning had one at seven one at eight so
raring and ready to go well you’re all
warmed up man you’re all warmed up and
latasha mitchell has joined us hello
first time i’ve caught the live natasha
awesome welcome there’s a you’re going
to meet the rest of the of the crew over
here there’s a there’s a family we have
like a family gathering every other
every other aloha friday which is so
much fun uh like like dwayne dwayne
carville from kentucky welcome back guys
good to see you dwayne and neal’s back
with us neil how’s it coffee is good
yeah you know i was gonna i want to
share a coffee story uh heidi uh since
you’re since you and i are the coffee
aficionados i don’t know if anyone dylan
if your coffee aficionado but
the uh so i got this new toy uh and my
new toy is uh the food saver you know
those vacuum sealer things
and so and so now i’m like vacuum
sealing everything i can get my hands on
i’m vacuum sealing everything and so
what i’m doing now heidi is like uh you
know when i go to costco and buy the big
bag of coffee beans right i’ll bring the
big bag of coffee beans and then when i
bring it home i will measure out
exactly 42 grams because that’s how much
coffee i have to grind in the morning i
precisely measured because i’ve got my i
got my starbucks uh insulated coffee mug
so i’ve determined it’s exactly 42 grams
of of of of ground beans so what i’ll
sit there and i’ll measure my 42 grams
and put them in individual packets and
vacuum sealant and so it’s like it’s
it’s phenomenal heidi because you can
like you get like the best you know the
coffee beans vacuum pack fresh coffee
beans for like you know however many
weeks that that bag will last me so
that’s my that’s my anal retentive
i just try to live as close as possible
to the coffee farm even better even
better live near the coffee farm awesome
and uh
dylan grew up in a coffee farm didn’t
you dylan
i did and that’s why i’m no longer a
coffee farmer
nothing nothing to take you away like
farming like being an actual farmer
right then when you realize what you got
to do it’s like man so dylan was was
your was your who was the who was the
coffee farmer in your family so my the
japanese side of my family came over
here you know in the ninth early 1900s
right at the turn of the century um and
basically worked on coffee farms and my
we still own one acre is is where my dad
lives out was my grandma’s
small little farm but it’s you know
trees are pretty much not taken care of
anymore and there’s not that much left
of it so we’re not actively doing it
anymore and nowadays
you know with the way of the world you
have to have a volume to make it make
sense like there used to be a lot of
family farms that had you know one to
five acres and it was more it was never
really a way to make living you know in
recent history in the last 30 years it
was more of a side hustle right
something you did on the weekends or in
the afternoons after your regular job
but nowadays the the scale there’s so
many farmers out there you know like you
need 10 plus acres to make it make sense
and they they plant them in rows and you
can mow it and it’s it’s a lot more
efficient where back in the day you know
my ancestors they just planted coffee
wherever they could find it so you break
your ankles trying to
pick coffee because it’s all in between
the lava rocks and you know they
wouldn’t grade the land first it was
just whatever land you had you planted
coffee every you know four feet away
from each other and that’s how they did
it so it’s very different now coffee
farming is a lot sexier now than it used
to be in the old days
last sex year well it’s become you know
it becomes official it’s become
commercialized right people realize you
know kona coffee how how good the how
good the chrono coffee is and it can
become commercial it’s no longer like
you said as a side hustle a hobby space
starbucks actually has a huge investment
in it i mean they’re doing thousands of
acres here they’re behind a company here
they’re you know funding a company here
that’s been developing thousands and
thousands of uh ranch land and they’re
buying a bunch of stuff up and
and uh
bringing the farms back to life some of
them that were that were neglected over
the years so yeah there’s a lot i mean
people are betting on coffee big here
especially when you can begin like i
mean they’re selling they’re selling a
steak coffee for like 60 80 bucks a
pound it’s crazy it’s going yeah it’s
crazy it’s crazy it’s going for yeah
well you know because it’s high it’s
it’s high demand uh the whole gourmet
thing right we’ve what an interesting
reflection on our society we’re so
unbelievably spoiled we’re so
unbelievably fortunate to live in the
world that we do you know it’s just
incredible the interesting thing that
people don’t realize is so i don’t know
do you know i’ll ask you what do you
think a pound of of coffee right off the
tree will get you as a farmer
uh in terms of in terms of dollars or
yeah coffee cherry like you picked the
you know you pick a bag of coffee 100
pound bag of coffee what is that what
does that get you per pound
i have no freaking idea
because i roasted in a bag it’s going to
cost you 60 or 80 bucks right okay it’s
okay it’s six or it’s six or eighty
bucks per
per hundred pounds or per pound or no no
no no so so coffee cherry you get
between two dollars and two dollars and
fifty cents
right so if you look at the value add
and of course you lose you lose the pulp
you lose the weight you gotta dry it you
gotta roast it all that kind of stuff
there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it
but it’s a it’s a huge turnaround in in
cost right from from sure
picking it versus when you sell it
retail as a roasted roasted palm of
coffee so well that’s uh
dylan that’s a little more that’s a
little bit more coffee information than
i than i really was looking for but i i
feel i feel so much more educated now
about coffee and there’s there’s heidi c
you’ve got heidi you’ve got heidi
drinking it hey we got to say we have to
say hello to our friends who have
joining us uh latashas who’s our our
first timer i mentioned we have our like
a family that gathers with us every
other friday and judy is one of them
aloha judy judy is a member of an alumni
of the owner ohana judy great to see you
back in and kinaya
also one of our uh islander ohana alumni
kanaya is gonna be making that trek to
hawaii right kanaya uh how’s the boys
this morning fill us in and uh patrick
uh joins us aloha from cold and rainy
the cold and rainy northeast of the
mainland patrick welcome back buddy good
to see you good to see you back uh tony
uh tony is back with us uh aloha
everyone how is red hill affecting the
real estate market how do you guys deal
with uh
uh how housing of urban development
mahabharata have good uh mahalo and have
a good week and tony we’re going to get
to that question in just a second uh
bobby bobby williamson also a member of
the island an alumni of the islander
ohana uh bobby great to see you buddy
are you on the bobby’s he’s here in
escrow right now awesome awesome
congratulations bobby uh bobby was uh uh
we went through a lot of meetings
together and uh i i i i know the journey
so bobby that’s congratulations in
escrow on the big on awesome awesome
awesome awesome congratulations so happy
for you uh tom tom joins us every other
weekend too tom hey tom good to see you
buddy uh aloha and and welcome and of of
course uh auntie joyce who’s one of the
pillars of our of our viewers uh joins
us uh every other sunday uh and is
referred to by dylan as auntie joyce uh
dylan uh dylan hanaid uh i know who ha
night who dylan if you have knight
auntie joseph she hunnid you uh to to
hanai is the hawaiian word for to take
someone in as family so dylan
and auntie joyce i’ll let you folks tell
me who hunid who uh but it’s kind of fun
i love it it might have been mutual
there you go
there you go there you go bobby wilson
is preaching again loving it bobby i
can’t wait to see the photos bobby’s got
these like insane photos he’s been
posting on on his facebook page on this
like crazy uh these amazing eats that he
goes and gets these these beautiful
gorgeous plate lunches that uh uh make
my mouth water as you bring some bobby
keep keep it keep it coming buddy keep
it coming all right uh let’s get this
let’s get this party started folks we’re
gonna we’re gonna move on i’m gonna warm
up a bit with some news could be folks
posting kind of what’s been going on
over here so interesting folks we’ve had
of course uh interestingly enough
everyone’s been asking about the storms
and the flooding and uh it’s been you
know it’s a very interesting sort of a
situation on on on the storms
yes we had storms but no the world did
not come to an end it i must have been
like a slow media a slow media day
because the news was catching they were
i had friends and family ask me how
we’re doing et cetera we did have a lot
of rain it all came down like on one day
and heidi uh there was a whole bunch of
mudslides and and mommy so i want to
hear that from heidi and a big one is
big on’s tough they’re used to this kind
of stuff but i want to hear from dylan
uh but we’re fine we’re safe and
actually if you look down here
if you look at the weather down below
today’s gonna be partly sunny saturday
you can kind of see what the thing is
it last it was one day it was one nasty
we had one really nasty day uh i believe
that was monday uh tuesday was partly
cloudy wednesday was fine
and we’re good so but thank you all for
asking uh i really appreciate that it
means a lot to us the um uh pearl harbor
of course was on december 7th and if you
subscribe to the newsletter you’ve got
in the article if you um look at that
article that i posted on our website for
december 7th there is a great video on
pearl harbor and the his a brief history
of pearl harbor it’s absolutely fabulous
uh definitely want to look at it there’s
also a pistol a wallpaper you can
download great shot of ford island in
hawaii um let’s see what else have we
got here the oahu median prices and
scott’s not here to talk about this but
we’re we are now i’d say we’re
definitely going to be over a million
dollars permanently uh median price of a
single family home on one who jumped to
1 million 50 000 from 872 000 big leap i
think we’re forever uh never going to go
back under a million dollars now here’s
what’s interesting gang so the the the
real big story that you probably didn’t
hear on the mainland is there’s a
tainted water problem on oahu which has
been resurfaced this i’m sure did not
get any well i’m going to bet didn’t
didn’t get any national news like the
storm did storm was not that important
think the water’s a big deal so there’s
a controversy going on right now there’s
uh the navy had fuel tanks uh has fuel
tanks on oahu and these fuel tanks have
apparently leaked fuel and it has found
its way to the ground water and
so there’s all kinds of stuff going on
by here but you’re going to hear more
and more about this
later on there’s some controversy going
back and forth whether it’s real or not
there have been wells that have been
shut down that are not pumping water i
it could be a big deal uh we’re gonna
hope that it’s not gonna it’s not gonna
affect us too much and this was i think
who asked about this uh uh yes and tony
uh the red hill so it’s not going to
affect the real estate i wish scott was
here it’s not going to affect the real
estate market anytime soon it’s going to
be more of a long-term thing
to see if it’s going to be affected and
we don’t have the long-term answer yet
there was actually a story that came out
just yesterday that the navy says oh uh
jk uh was a mistake uh the water is fine
uh our testing was the
the the the fuel contamination that we
detected in the water you know came from
some other source like the pipes or the
valves it didn’t really come from from
the well
and that just came out yesterday so i’m
gonna we’re not gonna take that with a
with a grain of salt so
that’s the quick news for today uh
omicron virus looks like it might be
coming back uh people are you know
you’re concerned about it but you look
at the curves over there the number of
cases where we’re down the fatalities
are down uh we’ll see if omikron is
going to
uh it’s going to affect us or not why
don’t we do this let’s let’s
let’s kind of go around and get some
quick updates of local news and real
estate if you i’m going to combine this
now to kind of squeeze in the time so
any real estate news or any local news
so dylan why don’t you get us started
how was this you know fill people in on
the storm there was blizzard there was
uh yeah that was the other headline
right blizzards in hawaii and the the
big headline i i heard was like foot of
snow in hawaii denver is dry right it’s
like as if we had snow in hawaii but we
you know go ahead dylan you tell us what
happened well what we did at 13 000 feet
up in the mountains so we did have snow
there was a blizzard on the the
observatories it happens all the time
happens every year it’s nothing new um
but the storm was uh for us was pretty
bad i mean it was we don’t we have such
mild weather here we’re so spoiled and
i’ve talked about this about especially
on the west side in kona where
you have mauna loa which kind of blocks
is you know the east east west sides of
the island and so a lot of times when we
get nasty weather it gets trapped on the
east side or it kind of gets broken up
by the mountain but this was a kona low
is what they call it because it it kind
of scooped underneath the islands and
then came up and so it hit the west side
of the big island and so we had a lot of
wind and because one of my observations
i took away from this storm was
kona has such mild weather and we almost
never have wind like this is not a not a
major weather issue on the on the west
side that when you do get wind there’s
like mass damage because those trees
that would normally fall during regular
windy weather or when things would break
if things got windy um
it doesn’t happen so so there’s
exponentially more of it when there is
wind because everything that’s prone to
break does and we also it was funny um
we don’t prepare for the wind so
it’s amazing how many tents got
destroyed during this weekend because
you have all of these shops and people
use you know tents as as carports and
people just leave tents up all over the
place different types of you know
temporary tents and
i just did mass damage there’s a lot of
tent casualties across the west side of
the island uh so
yeah it was it was it was it was gnarly
it rained a lot it was windy um but
another cool thing about it you know my
takeaway was on sunday
uh sunday was was a bad windy day i had
some friends that had a couple of trees
fall over their driveway so i went up
there uh that afternoon with a chainsaw
and we we spent the afternoon and early
evening clearing those trees and then i
got home
and right below my house another big
tree fell across the road and it was
dark already it was like 8 p.m and it
was touching the power lines and you
know a couple of neighbors went out
there we don’t you know people stopped
on the road i didn’t even know and one
dude had two chainsaws and literally in
like 20 minutes we had this huge tree
cleared from the road just from people
coming together and making it happen
because you can’t wait for
you know the county or helco or somebody
else to do it it’s like we only have one
road going up and down our street and
had to get cleared and people just come
together and they do it and they take
care of it so that was a cool thing
about it was just the community making
stuff happen that that is the positive
side of these sort of things right and
the positive side is that you it does
these sort of things bring people
together right always usually almost
always especially storms right storms
always bring people together and that is
a benefit part yeah that’s a lot of
really good points that you brought up
dylan you are correct i mean it was that
that kona low that came out from a
different direction and like you say
we’re so spoiled
ten ten casualties right you know right
exactly there were destroyed tents
everywhere it was it was crazy
you don’t realize how many tents there
aren’t like driving on the road and you
see smashed tents and you know
trapolians flapping in the wind and it
was yeah mass casualties it’s a it’s a
it’s a testament to how how perfect our
weather how perfect and completely
reliable that our our weather is
anything that you want to mention on the
real estate front anything that’s uh
that that’s changed uh dramatically in
the market that you want to report on
it’s kind of status quo right now very
low inventory still um median prices are
up 20 from last year so that’s kind of
we’re seeing nationwide i mean it’s kind
of mind-boggling that is 20 increase i
mean but you see it right if you’ve been
watching the real estate market you see
it and and the data is now is now
showing that consistently um so yeah the
number of the number of properties are
are going down that sell just because
there’s nothing to sell and and you know
i always mentioned this number a year
ago in november there was 20 2400 active
listings on the island there’s there’s
1600 today so a thousand less active
listings and the same amount in escrow
basically so that the market started
heating up last you know at the at the
end of last year when people started
being able to come back so the number of
escrow started going up but then the
number of new listings in the market
didn’t didn’t keep up with it so we’re
way down same same number of 1200 um
properties in escrow right now but only
1600 on the market it’s like you know
almost a one-to-one ratio so there’s
still going to be upward pressure on on
prices due to supply and demands before
we move on to heidi i want to say hello
to i want to kind of we got some more
comments i want to kind of share with
everybody first of all auntie joyce says
i think dylan’s being kind he and family
can’t get rid of me the auntie
bless you bless your auntie joyce we
love you and uh joan joan valentine also
an alumni of the honor ohana aloha from
beautiful sunny oahu yeah joe now joan
um joan just recently moved to oahu
jonah was kind of curious how did the
storm affect you uh how did you how do
fare your way through it uh where how
much were you affected if at all on
where you are on oahu uh auntie joyce
during storm a chris watch a 50-foot
african tulip tree in the adjoining str
in the joining street go down pulled off
from the roots block road really loud
when hit yeah those like i said a lot of
these you know like dylan said you know
these are these we’re just not used to
the winds you know and trees aren’t used
to it either
and tom how about impacts to oahu
properties in light of military gas
spill into aquifer drinking water
showing up in so many houses yeah tom
that’s gonna uh
that’s gonna be an issue we’re gonna
find out i don’t know tom um the
the the aquifer showing up in homes came
in navy homes so they i think i it’s
kind of complicated they have their own
kind of water supply um uh that comes
from a you know a different sort of a
series of of networks uh it hasn’t found
its way into oahu resonances yet it’s
found its way into navy residences but
not to oahu uh home residences yet so
it’s gonna it’s a it’s gonna be a kind
of a long-term issue i think we’re gonna
have to kind of see where it goes uh tom
i you must have just joined us because i
mentioned earlier uh there’s there’s
there’s an evolving controversy as to
whether or not the the the wells of
themselves are contaminated or whether
it was the
the pipeline on the way to deliver the
water that’s contaminated though the
navy is going some back there’s some
back and forth going on right now so
we’re going to find out all right uh
heidi uh your turn give us the update
what’s going what’s uh how was maui how
did you did you survive the the great
storm of of of december 2021 uh um and
uh and give us a real estate update
what’s happening heidi
well i survived the great storm so i
don’t know if that means i get a t-shirt
it was it was pretty scary i mean it’s
one of the only times i can really
remember i mean especially in the last
five six years or so when you just
really hear the wind howling um and it
did rain a lot um where i’m located in
west maui we didn’t have a lot of damage
just some tree branches down
south maui
got a lot of flooding the shoulder of
south kihei road fell off at one place
and there was um storm drains were
overflowing because all the debris just
goes and the storm drains and clogs them
up so
gulches and storm drains were
there was just a lot of muddy water and
sand and silt
moving around there were some road
people who had a whole bunch of debris
dumped into their swimming pools and had
drain the pool
up country um they got a lot of wind up
there and there were about 22 000 people
without power
for a while of country so
it was quite a storm but overall we made
it through and
um like dylan said people people do pull
together here and
check up on their neighbors so that’s
one of the really nice things
how did
heidi do you want to give us any kind of
a a an update on the real estate market
anything any significant changes to
report on or kind of the same thing it’s
been for the past year or so
yeah i mean buyer demand is still really
um mortgage rates are still attractive i
fannie mae freddie mac increased the
conforming loan limit for hawaii to
800 so
that means it helps buyers get higher
loan amounts on easier terms
inventory is low i mean it increased 51
percent for single family homes and
over 81 for condominiums um just a
couple kind of
quick stats i was just looking at what
sold on maui in the last 30 days
the lowest price sale was a leasehold
condo for 90 thousand
highest price sale was a five bedroom
house for
eleven million six hundred and fifty
thousand and that’s not including uh
jeff bezos property for 78 million um so
there there’s quite a range um
median price right now for condos on
maui is 725
median price for a single family home is
just under a million at 9.89
um so yeah we’re just moving along no
big changes
yeah i think uh i think the days i think
the the the million dollar median is
going to be the norm at the very least
not i shouldn’t say the very least but i
think the million dollar median
certainly for maui and oahu is going to
be the norm i i don’t think i don’t
think we’re we are are going back um
uh interesting there was yeah there was
uh there were some news reports uh you
know i think the thing about the storm
on the good side of the storm was that
luckily it was short it only came for
because i think you see like a lot of
other days get a lot of other storms i
know in the past the real damage comes
in like there’s like a day one of the
storm and then then there’s like a
little bit of a day two and the ground’s
completely wet and all saturated and
then you get like another storm like a a
few days later and then everything
really gets washed out bad luckily this
one kind of came and went so uh we got
lucky i did see some some uh some
pictures on the on the media about some
giant mudslides on on maui heidi so i
was thinking about you on that one yeah
uh auntie joyce has has a a cute comment
here heidi have to learn to talk with
your hands like italian so we could look
at your beautiful engagement ring during
the show yeah so heidi you have to kind
of talk like like this you know
as you as you you know just talk like
this just do this like oh yeah and it
show us the ring honey let’s heidi
everybody heidi got recently engaged and
auntie joyce wants to there you go
beautiful engagement ring thank you
heidi god bless we’re so happy for you
and an a good a good old friend of ours
is back who was away for a while jim
stevenson jim we missed you buddy uh jim
was a as has been and is a regular of
the uh of the ohana here that meets uh
every other friday so good good to see
you uh and corey seniors with us i love
uh love the cadillac logo dude uh aloha
friday uh peter dylan and heidi uh corey
it’s it’s great that you are back with
and uh uh that she who laughs yes
congratulations yes congratulations and
is is indeed uh both for heidi and for
the man who was smart enough uh to uh to
to propose to to heidi all right gang um
well let’s we’re going to move on so
before we do listen gang i just want to
tell you all make sure that you get your
questions in we’re going to be going
through the show i’ve got slides and
things like that we’re going to be
having all kinds of discussions if you
have anything you’d like to know about
hawaii about real estate about anything
uh pop it in the comments uh so we can
kind of hit it as we go along with the
show uh and with that so i’m gonna we’re
gonna we’re gonna move on over here and
so you know a long time ago i got this
one question
uh which was hey um is there a facebook
page or form for us relocating there uh
that will help us find stuff and get
help for setting in thank you love your
program which you know so yes there is
and uh this is the so
again we’ve got a few slots left every
uh every few months we have a cohort you
you heard me mentioning our islander
ohana alumni these are folks that have
gone through a program we have a formal
program that takes you through a 10-week
from start to finish to help you move to
hawaii in the best possible way the next
cohort is going to start in january
january 15th of 2022 uh make sure if
i’ve got only if it’s gonna sell out
because we got like we take 15 slots
total i think i got maybe two or three
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sell out quick uh make sure you go
through the honor ohana i’ve got a quick
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on i’m gonna post a link in the in the
comments over here uh this whole thing
is about you know what’s it for it’s
helping you avoid disaster uh decades of
wisdom i’ve taken my 40 years of
knowledge and put in a collection of
courses uh make new friends the cohort
meets as a group every other week so you
make some of the first friends you’re
going to probably make when you move to
hawaii going to be in the islander ohana
cohort uh and of course we connect you
with people like heidi and with dylan
and scott who’s over here so uh i’m
going to give you a link i’m going to
click on this link go to this page just
pop in your email address is all you got
to do and uh once you do that you’ll get
the you’ll go through the registration
process i got a special discount for you
so uh it is it is coming up it is going
on and uh i hope you’re all gonna enjoy
me with it it’s it’s a it’s a great
thing all right uh let’s we’re gonna
move on over here to the next piece got
a couple of comments over here so joan
give us uh jones said i grew up on long
island uh back east with bad hurricanes
and we really when we wouldn’t where we
wouldn’t have electricity for a week the
first december i lived in monterey
california with a really bad storm then
uprooted cypress trees all over pebble
beach when they said this was the worst
in 50 years my first thought was oh crap
they’re gonna go they’re going to think
i’m a jinx and kakaako we did well yeah
uh joan storms are relative i mean you
know we you know we do get the you know
we do get the occasional hurricane that
kind of wipes out wipes on an island but
uh like dylan was saying we’re just
spoiled here we’re just we’re just
full-on we’re just full-on spoiled
that’s that’s all there is to it i did i
did learn something interesting about
insurance through this process so i was
talking to my insurance buddy and
you know people um
think that if their house floods due to
a storm their insurance is going to take
care of it and it doesn’t necessarily do
that because you have to have
specifically flood insurance in order if
it’s ground water if it’s water rising
that’s considered a flood if the wind
blows your roof off and then the rain
comes through the top of your roof then
that’ll be covered by your homeowner’s
insurance but if it’s rising ground
water that’s not covered by a standard
homeowners insurance policy that doesn’t
include flood insurance so something to
think about and you know um maybe talk
to your insurance guy about is is what
your expectations are with insurance
that’s a really that’s a really really
good good point you know you know on
that on that note because we saw this
right a couple of years ago in oahu
where you had we you had those those
rivers that you know those drainage
ditches that overflowed and flooded
people’s homes they weren’t necessarily
covered because that was groundwater it
wasn’t you know if a pipe breaks in your
house and floods your house that’s
that’s covered right but it’s more when
you have um
ground water coming up that that’s
specifically flood insurance flood
related and
it’s not covered if so groundwater i.e
flood water if you don’t have flood
insurance that’s not covered by your
homeowner’s insurance if a pipe breaks
or if the roof breaks that’s a different
story that’s something to think about
you know and and it’s it’s uh
interesting that you mentioned that
dylan because
last year when we had uh rains on on
i had some of my neighbors i mean just
down just like one street down got
and uh you know so it’s it it’s and you
know i live on a slight incline and i’m
extraordinarily fortunate that our house
is bone dry we just got you know we just
got lucky you know the house where we’re
at just the way it’s situated on the
street etc it’s bone dry i’ve never had
any problems whatsoever in the hardest
rains but again my neighbors just you
know one you know two streets down got
massively flooded why they’re in the
wrong part of the street with the right
and you know what they’re wrong in here
here at auntie joyce i’m giving the the
italian hand version over here yeah you
had the wrong kind of you know wrong
kind of incline in a dip or a ditch or
whatever and the water backed up and
blah blah blah people got flooded so you
really kind of if you know as you as you
go as you do your house searching you
want to kind of find out as much as you
can if that if the property is every now
dylan is there a disclosure like can you
ask like has there ever been flooding in
this property you know has there ever
been ground water ever in this property
that you know et cetera that would be a
disclosure thing i would think right
yeah there is a seller’s disclosure that
requires that but
you know it’s only if you have
first-hand knowledge right i mean a lot
of times these things happen so
infrequently that maybe it happened
three owners ago and you don’t know
about it anymore it’s never happened
when you’ve owned it um that’s another
reason why i need a good home inspector
who’s gonna look a lot of times home
inspectors can see um you know in the
concrete or in the wood if there if
there was water damage in the past and
and maybe you can inquire further but
yeah it’s it’s uh it’s not something
that’s on the public record necessarily
right if you did a homeowner’s claim 20
years ago due to due to some type of
flooding or something like that it’s not
necessarily something that’s on the
public record that you can easily look
heidi has what has been uh uh
have you gotten any kind of uh um
input or feedback or questions from your
from from your customers or your buyers
on kind of flooding and and how do you
advise i mean it’s got to be right now
it’s going to be top of mind i’m sure uh
what what what’s what what do you give
what’s your advice or what kind of
feedback do you give to people on and
about this flooding issue
yeah for every sale i mean kind of
my standard practice is i fill up a
flood hazard assessment report to see
what type of flood zone the property is
and i mean generally people need this
for their insurance agent as well to
decide what kind of insurance and
uh yes lo and behold i mean a lot of the
areas that flooded recently in the storm
are in higher risk
low-lying flood areas
um so it’s it’s definitely a
consideration and i mean something to be
aware of when you’re buying for sure
yeah you can you can look up your flood
zone so that’s something we definitely
do standard due diligence as we but if
you if you’re in any type of flood zone
you’re required to have flood insurance
and your homeowner’s policy if you have
a mortgage so
um that’s going to that’s sometimes a
deterrent to people to buy in because
you your flood insurance policy could be
seven eight ten thousand dollars a year
depending on where you are and what the
hazard is especially oceanfront right
because then you have tsunami you have
to have tsunami it’s it’s not tsunami
insurance but it’s flood insurance due
to the fact that you’re in a tsunami
zone right so
i mean
the area where i live i mean pretty much
everything’s gonna be in a tsunami
evacuation zone i mean if you want to
live by the ocean
if there is a major storm i mean you’re
just gonna be you’re going to want to
evacuate right
i mean that’s
kind of just how it is so it’s kind of
everybody has to assess i mean there’s
always risks when you buy in an area and
you just have to assess if you know
that’s going to work for you or not i
mean same thing with the flooding or
if you’re comfortable living
ocean front or you know there’s
it kind of just depends on the
individual buyer
but i would never want anyone to buy
something without being
fully aware and informed at least of of
what these risks are
yeah so true you know there’s as you
guys were talking about this there’s
something that just
popped in my head uh first of all tom
yeah tom’s got the right word tom says
uh who’s also an islander ohana alumni
always ask your real estate agent if you
are in a flood zone or in hawaii a
tsunami zone yes there’s all kinds of
zones and as dumb had mentioned that
that’s part of the due diligence here’s
one thing that kind of came to mind
heidi when you mentioned the uh the
oceanfront you know there’s an
interesting balance in uh that you have
to kind of think through in hawaii
because on one hand you know we all
dream of these whatever whatever dream
of your most awesome amazing location
would be right you know either want to
be on the beach or you know dylan i uh
when we were looking for our home
almost 30 years ago we i kind of wanted
a home
that had like mountains as my backdrop i
wanted like a i wanted my home to be up
against the mountain so to speak so that
i wouldn’t have any neighbors behind me
right so i’m like wow i want this
mountain back
but you know you got to be careful about
all that stuff right because if you’re
if you’re on the beachfront property
like you said heidi tsunami storms all
that stuff you gotta you gotta evacuate
and you don’t think about you don’t
necessarily think about that because
you’re just so enthralled with having
this idea of i’m living on the beach
you know there’s a reason why old
polynesians did not uh they thought they
would they would put they would bury
people on the beach they the
beaches were burial burial lands and
there’s a reason why they used to live
up in the mountains and there was some
wisdom behind that because when floods
and storms would come you’re safer up in
the mountains but at the same time on
the mountains you don’t want to be too
close to that mountain because man those
rock slides start coming in and when
there’s storms there’s like all kinds of
water that comes in and so you really
got to be careful about kind of where
you’re going to want to buy that house
you know i wanted to be near the
mountains and i’m glad i was not because
uh you know rock slides are not fun
mudslides are not fun there’s all kinds
of stuff kind of going on that you don’t
want to be a part of them i don’t know
if you got any feedback on that idea you
really got to think that through that
idyllic property may not be that idyllic
in in severe weather
but you also have to put it all into
context right because people think oh my
god there’s always disasters in hawaii
there’s tsunamis and hurricanes and lava
and all this stuff but that’s true
everywhere right i mean you have
wildfires in california you have
tornadoes in the midwest you have
flooding in the south i mean
wherever you go there are going to be
natural disasters and and elements that
can threaten your you know your house so
to me it’s like it’s i think relative
way less here than it is anywhere else
pretty much you know we don’t have
blizzards every year absolutely you know
absolutely absolutely yeah and and and
everything is extremely localized
you know the big storms and stuff
my experience it was just like heavy
rain and that was it we were fine there
was nothing else going on right but you
know there’s you know there’s flooding
elsewhere and trees being down etcetera
and so it’s uh how do you have any
feedback on that and the impressive
thing about the storm i thought
from an infrastructure standpoint is
there were a couple of places that had
didn’t have power for maybe 24 48 hours
everything else was back on i mean you
know i mean within hours really i mean
there wasn’t as many trees that went
down over power lines and telephone
poles that went down um you know the
power company did a really good job of
putting everything back online the the
longest i know of was was was like 48
hours like two days and i was in a very
rural area you know that i think they
probably got to last so i think oahu got
again pockets right we were fine uh we
had an outage maybe for a very short
while under an hour i think
uh but i think uh some uh some part of
downtown oahu some kind of downtown hong
kong was out for like a day a day and a
half so it’s you know again highly
highly localized uh how do you have any
kind of feedback on on on weather and
the uh picking the right property and
not being too close to the beach or
being too close to the mountains or
don’t be that you know you want that
that stream in your backyard until that
stream becomes a raging river and you’re
going to choose up the rest of your
property right we all want to have that
nice i want to have that waterfall my i
want to have a yard with a waterfall
yeah maybe not maybe not heidi what do
you think well
i i’m thankful there’s no tornadoes over
that’s right that’s right you’re in the
rural the world the midwest
are way scarier um
but yeah i mean it’s just having a
realistic view of of risks and you know
knowing what you’re willing to accept
but also recognize i mean there’s
there’s always risks but
i guess uh don’t go to your realtor and
say i want to be direct ocean front and
not be in a flood zone and not be in a
tsunami evacuation
uh your choices might be limited
it’s about just learning what the risks
are and understanding them and then
being able to decide if you know you’re
comfortable with it or not so
um i mean i feel that we are very very
fortunate over here on maui to have
great weather and especially
um on the west and south side i mean in
general we’re very
protected and looking out from our coast
i mean we have two other islands molokai
and lanai right there so for a storm to
hit west maui would have to perfectly
come through the channel
um in just the right place um there
hasn’t been a history of a lot of
storms directly hitting this coast but
you know there’s always weather we have
to keep it interesting it’s always
weather yeah so so it’s like pick your
natural disaster right and uh to your
point heidi her uh uh tornadoes are uh
well you
did you ever experienced a tornado uh
growing up in uh in illinois
right in one but we had a lot of tornado
warnings and scary weather and actually
um the town where my parents grew up in
was i mean completely flattened i mean
everything was destroyed in this area i
mean every single building i mean roofs
off of houses
everything just completely
flattened and i’ve seen that a few
different times and it’s really scary to
drive in and just see a neighborhood
that’s like been completely completely
destroyed tornadoes
affect you know
just small areas but when they hit i
mean they can be super super devastating
so i’m definitely way more scared of
tornadoes but yeah i’m with you i’m with
you on that one for uh for sure uh man
there was a there was something one that
just i had something one that kind of
say it slipped my mind and it i’m it’s
going to be gone okay anyway uh
we’re gonna we’re gonna move on i’ve got
a couple of comments over here i want to
kind of uh uh uh sign in here to lynn
lynn walker welcome back lynn aloha
everyone love catching you guys live
lynn we are glad that you are here
that’s what the live show’s all about if
you have any questions make sure you let
us know uh and uh uh judy weber thanks
judy so much for the comment love it
sign up for the islander ohana it’s
amazing and you will learn so much judy
i really appreciate you that’s
a straight from the heart i just popped
a comment in folks click on that link
click on on the join button and get on
that uh definitely want to be a part of
that and joan joan who’s on alumni if
you sign up for the islander ohana you
will not only gain knowledge but you
will meet amazing like-minded people
that’s what’s so cool about the cohort
right you get together with everybody
who’s on the same journey as you so it’s
kind of really fun and it’s we’re going
to actually we’re planning a meet-up
we’re going to do a uh hopefully
hopefully that this turns out right
but on the december 18th there is going
to be a moon we’re going to do a sunset
and moonrise the sun’s going to be
setting at about the same time the
moon’s going to be rising and we’re
going to go to uh
to a spot where hopefully we will get a
really awesome view of both a sunset and
a moon rise and i can’t think of
anything cooler to kind of go through
and see a moon rise
hopefully i’m going to pray i’m going to
pray to the
pray to the moonrise gods and uh and
have a good show so anyway yeah thanks
everyone i really appreciate alex alex
is back hey alex welcome back buddy alex
is also an alumni of the eleanor ohana
hello from atlanta hope everyone’s doing
well uh alex if i’m not mistaken has a
bee farm right it’s uh honey you you
have bees and you make honey on your
from from not mistaken right alex listen
all right great uh let’s see let’s move
on over here and uh we’ve got let’s take
our first so gang so far no one’s got
any questions which is great i i hope
that means you’re entertained
this is interesting i hope you’re
getting something out of this uh
there’s that now you know if you ever
had that thing when like you had
something that you want to share and
then like it’s gone and now it’s eating
away at me is what it was but we’re
gonna we’re just to move on i’m not
going to worry about it uh all right so
we had jan from portland gave us a
question which i thought was kind of
really really cool and uh she said first
of all is there any data that shows the
appropriate number of buyers broken down
by residents versus mainland buyers um
and you know
that question
made me think about a bunch of stuff
that i kind of want to talk with uh with
you dylan and you heidi about the um
not just if you have some if you have a
quick answer do you have any kind of a
sense of what’s the percentage of
mainland versus local buyers i’m curious
about that let’s let’s answer that
question directly uh jan’s question
but what i what comes up a lot um maybe
this is like the youtube channel that
i’m getting comments on or comments on
the website i get a lot of comments
about uh people
on one side or another that are either
concerned or are upset about uh
mainland buyers crowding out local
buyers so you know are they are they
crying out the local are they really
crowding out local buyers is that really
affecting the price um are locals
resentful about that
you know let’s let’s have a discussion i
kind of want to hear your folks
perspective on this whole thing of
especially because you guys are in the
business how do you how do you respond
have you seen this what’s your feedback
what’s your feel how do you respond to
it etc uh heidi why don’t we start with
you why don’t you get us going on this
first of all if you have a thing about
you know what’s the percentage of
mainland versus local buyers do you have
anything and then what’s your kind of
thought on this whole
crowding out locals can’t buy homes
they’re being forced uh you know et
cetera sector what do you think about
all that hiding
well it’s definitely a big issue
um i mean it is a reality there is
competition in the market
from mainland buyers which makes it more
difficult for local families to buy
um i mean just look at the situation now
i mean a buyer might be competing
against multiple cash offers to buy a
in the recent real estate market on maui
in my experience is
even a qualified buyer with financing i
mean as soon as we send in an offer
they get back to us and say well is your
buyer willing to wait waive the
appraisal meaning
if the property didn’t appraise they’d
come up with more cash and
i mean sometimes that can be a challenge
i mean if you can’t come up with more
cash so it definitely is competitive now
as far as um
mainland versus local buyers i
don’t have an exact statistic i’d have
to get back to you on that um in my
personal business i would say
uh like 25 to 30 percent um
local buyers and
probably the rest um
mainland off island buyers but i’m in
very much a resort market so
the type of
buyer that’s going to buy the vacation
rental type property tends to be
the mainland buyer who’s looking to come
and go
i mean i i can give you just a really
general statistic
in maui county this is from the west
maui community or
the maui community plan a few years ago
43 of properties are owner occupied
34 percent renter occupied and 23
mostly meaning their second home or
occasional use
um so
anyway i thought that was kind of
interesting it is it is
yeah well it’s going to be interesting
kind of see if there’s going to be a
growing issue if there’s going to be uh
some sort of legislative approach dylan
how do you what’s uh what what’s your
response kind of what’s the quick answer
if you have one on mainland versus local
and then you know what what about this
what about the controversy what about
the impacts etc of this mainland versus
local buyers
i i don’t think that there is any
specific data on this because it’s not
something that’s tracked right like no
there’s in a box you check when you’re
buying properties saying if you’re local
or your mainland i mean you may have an
address but
that’s kind of irrelevant too because
what if you came here three months ago
and i’ve been renting and i’ll have a
local address before you buy so i’m not
aware of a way that you can get this
exact number i think like heidi said you
know we that know the markets kind of
anecdotally kind of have a feel for what
that ratio is but it is very localized
too right i’m just on the big island in
my main market in kailua kona 80
are are from somewhere else that are
buying um if you go to the east side in
hilo it’s going to be 80
local transactions right this that’s not
it’s just a different area it’s more
working class it’s it’s more local there
aren’t as many snowbirds it’s not a
resort community so like heidi was
saying it really depends on
what market you’re in i’m sure on maui
it’s it’s very different in kahului
versus you know lahaina and or other
areas in terms of who the buyer is and
that’s every island has those areas and
then you know talking to scott there’s a
lot of local buyers on oahu because
there’s a lot more people there and
they’re moving around and upgrading and
downgrading so
you know it’s definitely a thing that’s
out there it’s a perception that’s out
there but i think we’ve talked about in
the past that
there is
the the electorate right at the end of
the day this is a government issue
or a government problem or solution and
the electorate doesn’t address it so
i’ve talked about this in the past here
on the big island if you ask people you
know is is
affordable housing a problem 85 say yes
and then the next question you ask
people should we build more houses and
75 say no and so there’s clearly a
disconnect on how the price of housing
is affected by the number of houses that
we have and
in in my opinion there’s also a very big
disconnect as to what over development
means right the
the the
idea that you don’t want more houses
connected to well there’s too much
development we got to protect the land
and protect the aina and um the reality
is on the island less than less than
five percent of the island has any type
of building on it or a zone for any type
of building and so we are we are very
far away from any type of over
development and a very small increase in
the amount of buildable land or land
that can be made
affordable to build on because that’s
another government created problem is
that land is so expensive to take from
10 acres of undeveloped land to 10 000
square foot buildable house lots that
the only development that really happens
on the big island anyway is
multi-million dollar homes because the
only way you can make it profitable is
to build a five million dollar house on
it and
you know until kind of people figure
that stuff out and elect people that are
more pro
pro business and pro making housing
not not government affordable housing
but actual affordable housing where
people can build houses that regular
folks can afford it’s not going to
yeah that’s uh that really kind of goes
into a really really really complex
issue in your your your right dylan on
so many fronts i’m wondering if there
might i
i wonder if there if there might be
i’ve always i’ve often thought that you
know could you put together some
policies that would favor
that would economically favor local
families um to give them some sort of a
some sort of an advantage uh for them
being here and living here uh versus a
you know kind of a first-time buyer uh
coming in from from the outside but it’s
like you said until uh it’s that that’s
a process that’s long and complicated
and far above our pay grade far above
our behavior and then you get into all
kinds of fair housing issues and
discrimination issues because how do you
qualify what is a local buyer
right i mean i mean we can come up with
17 different definitions of what that
means like is it somebody who was off at
college for four years and hasn’t been
has had a mainland address and that
wants to return or maybe was on the
mainland for 10 years you know working
and saving up i mean you know so what
what is what does that mean so the only
the only just a
since we’re riffing on this for a moment
right the only the only thing that i was
able to kind of come up with trying to
put my economics hat on even though i’m
not an economist by any stretch of the
imagination my economic standard was to
say well give a uh give a tax fix the
price of the property taxes on your
property until uh until the property is
sold right so so as long as you keep
your house your taxes are gonna stay the
same which would make property taxes for
new homes go sky high sky high right uh
property taxes for existing homes would
stay the same but they would be
affordable so the elderly would be able
to as you get older you’d be able to
kind of maintain the affordability and
then maybe give a benefit if you sell
your house to a family member if you
sell your house to a family member the
tax would stay the same so in other
words what this would mean is
generational local generational families
would have lower tax rates and new
buyers external buyers would have very
very high tax rates and that would kind
of be a natural disincentive without
getting into fair housing acts about
that the other thing i thought about was
that you know heidi mentioned this uh i
think was you heidi 23 are vacant right
summer homes there
i i’ve heard this and i can see it
happening that there’s going to be a
tax of properties on vacant homes that
are vacant uh a much higher property tax
rate because for example why has some of
the lowest property tax rates in the
country if i’m not mistaken and so this
incentivizes uh investors foreign
investors like on oahu i know they’re
buying condos and they’re just not doing
anything with them you’re just buying
them and kind of holding on to them gets
a better you know six percent
appreciation can’t go wrong with that
right it’s better than it’s better than
it’s better than most returns um so
they’re buying them and not occupying
them and uh i could see that going up
anyway i don’t want to get into the
weeds on this whole issue my eyes are
starting my my own eyes are rolling back
into my sockets uh i want to kind of
give a couple of shout outs over here
first of all to megan welcome back megan
long time uh aloha from maui friends
megan how you a megan is a a an alumni
of the under ohana and megan were you
affected by mommy how did you folks uh
how did you folks fair megan’s great
because she’s living the dream i loved
it because you were part of the eleanor
ohana you’re from the east coast when
we’re in the thing and then you move to
maui uh have been missing and this is a
great comment have been missing these
lives due to having too much darn beach
fun i’m so glad i’m so glad hope
everyone’s doing well and glad to see
some familiar faces loving our new maui
life and can’t recommend joining the
islander ohana enough megan i’m so glad
you guys are loving your maui life how
did you do in the in the storms how does
how did it compare to east coast storm
that you’ve lived through i’d love to
know about that um jim says is there any
single family new home construction in
hawaii especially
jim i’m sure there is our expert scott
is not here but i’m sure that there is
uh you know there’s not a lot going on
but i know that there’s always new home
construction kind of uh happening uh tom
tommy has doesn’t hawaii have some set
aside real estate laws for people of
hawaiian blood
uh that’s a good question i don’t have
the exact technical answer i know that
there is a program called hawaiian
which is unfortunately a government-run
program in that which tells you
everything you need to know about how
well it’s being executed
but that program is designed to there
are lands and there are passed on to
those of hawaiian ancestry but i know
that historically uh many hawaiians have
in line waiting for land that was never
given heidi dillon you guys any comment
you want to add to tom’s question about
uh hawaiian homelands kind of loss or
things of that nature anything you guys
want to say
yeah so the specifics on that is is
there are land set aside that are state
lands their leasehold lands so they do
develop them and um you have to have 50
native hawaiian blood to qualify to get
into them so it it does limit who
qualifies you know most hawaiians don’t
have 50
um blood and you have to be able to you
have to be able to prove it
but again it’s leasehold land so it
doesn’t have the same value you get a 99
year lease you don’t ever own the land
you you own the right to use it like you
do own it but it’s it’s a lease and so
you don’t get the same type of
appreciation out of it and like anything
else you know if you don’t own it what
happens in these communities over time
is the properties deteriorate because
you have no incentive to reinvest and
upgrade and maintain because it’s not
something that you actually own so
yeah it’s not it it exists i don’t know
if it’s the if it’s the best
you know way to
incentivize home ownership and
it definitely hasn’t like peter said
that it’s notoriously
not served the community well where
there’s thousands and thousands of
people on the waiting list and they
never get they never get their chance to
get up sadly sadly yeah sadly uh like
every other government-run program sorry
like everyone’s gonna go you know that’s
just the way it works sorry i i did can
you all tell i’m a pro-freedom
libertarian kind of guy yeah
libertarians piss off both sides we piss
off both democrats and republicans
because we want freedom hey uh heidi any
any comments or feedback you want to
offer on the on tom tom tom’s question
yeah i mean not about the hawaiian
homelands but
there are um quite a few workforce
housing developments on maui
um and i’m not sure if this is statewide
but on maui any developer who develops
more than 10 units has to have at least
as workforce affordable housing
and workforce housing
it serves uh full-time residents you
have to live and work
on maui um
have not owned real estate before and
then be in a certain there’s different
income categories based on how close you
are to the median income so it’s not low
income housing but it’s for
i mean it’s it’s for working people who
live on maui um so those developments do
exist and then usually if you get one of
these workforce housing units
um you get it at a lower price but then
there’s deed restrictions for five to
ten years that limits how much you can
sell it for so for example in a condo
development in kihei called kamalani
uh a workforce housing unit just sold
two-bedroom condo for like around 335
and then a market rate one sold a couple
days later for 5.35 but the one that
sold for 335 i mean they have
restrictions on
when they can sell it and how much they
can make
and that kind of thing so
anyway it’s it’s a long discussion
it is it is and and as economists say
there’s no such thing as a free i’m
sorry there’s no such thing as a free
lunch i’m sorry heidi i cut you off
no that was it i mean it’s a very long
discussion um but i just wanted to
mention that the workforce housing thing
um does exist and and it’s been a great
way for people to get into homes but
they there’s a very narrow group of
people who can actually qualify for it
because you do actually have to make a
good amount of income
you cannot own real estate in the past
and it’s it’s just a small percentage of
people that can qualify for it so what
often happens is
they’ll introduce the new development a
certain amount will go towards workforce
housing and then a lot of them end up
going market rate and and still going to
investors anyway just because there’s
not enough people that qualify for
those specific guidelines in the end
that’s interesting yeah well you know
like economists say there’s no such
thing as a free lunch there’s always
there’s always an effect and and to uh
and to auntie joyce’s point in concept
about tax breaks on family transfer of
homes it’s like rent control on the
mainland sadly family members have found
a way to get around it auntie joyce
you’re absolutely right there’s always
unintended consequences right show me
and show me an incentive that that
involves a lot of money and i’ll show
you a way around it there’s always
there’s always that going on so you
always have to be careful about about
that megan replied back a little
flooding in our front yard but overall
finding napili good glad to hear about
that thinking about our friends in kihei
and up country that are having a hard
time yes indeed thanks uh megan glad to
hear that you folks are fine hey uh
we’re running out of time over here so
it’s time for uh diamonds and deals so
this is the time when uh we have uh
dylan and heidi uh sharing the
properties that are aspirational
inspirational uh diamonds ordeals or
both uh so let’s start with this one
heidi what we got here we got a wailuku
maui three bedroom wow what a deal three
bedroom one bed for 550 heidi what are
we looking at
so this is a
free simple single family home on maui
for 550 which is just pretty amazing
it’s an older home it was built in 1933
it’s right in wailuku town and since we
were talking about coffee before you can
it’s a short walk to wailuku coffee
downtown which is pretty great
um the lot size is just a little over
3000 square feet
it’s fully enclosed with the rolling
gate and then you have you know your
little home there
and piece of land right in wailuku for
that’s that’s a deal that is a deal you
want to get a home and you want to get a
home in maui
heidi uh for those that don’t know
wailuku is kind of near the well there’s
no such thing as an urban core in maui
but you know wailuku was like near town
right that sort of town of myanmar the
urbanist if there’s if there’s such a
thing of urban
uh wailuku is kind of the urban near the
urban area of maui is correct
yeah wailuku is in central maui it’s
close to caught louie where the main
airport is and the big box stores like
target costco
wailuku does have a really charming
little downtown area um definitely
nothing on maui feels like a big city i
mean it’s it’s more town like
um but yes and i mean in wailuku you’re
centrally located that’s where all the
government offices are
um you know you’re going to be closer to
the hospital doctor’s offices airport uh
shopping things like that
so if you want like a little bit of a
slice between two worlds where you want
to be kind of in some sort you want to
have you know close by to shopping etc
uh why lucu’s a good spot for it thank
you heidi uh hey gang uh let me know
what you all think who’s who’s moving to
maui uh for this home for 5.50 uh that
is a a deal uh this is scott’s property
we’re gonna skip that again okay dylan
we got here we got a three bedroom two
bath in wainani estates what is it wow
it’s a huge house dylan what do we got
it’s not a huge house but um it’s big
it’s basically a new build i mean it was
built in 2019 this is actually in the
community one of the last
um new communities that have been built
and this is in palisades right near the
airport um in kona and yeah just a
immaculate home um beautiful huge yard
sweeping ocean views and you know 1.2
million this is a this is a pretty good
deal if you wanna have you know
basically a new house in a really nice
neighborhood in um a great area you’re
just just outside of town but you’re
real close to costco and
all the amenities of kailua kona and
some of our best beaches are like 10
minutes away on the coastline so
super cool opportunity um this is on
open house all weekend if you’re in town
and i’m sure it’ll sell quickly
so i’m looking at uh i’m i’m getting a
little bit of a scent there’s a view the
upper in the upper right hand corner of
the screen is that like the view on of
the yeah is that like a giant yard or
something what is that yeah it’s a huge
it’s it’s it’s a little nine and then a
huge yard and then um huge yard
there’s actually a big elevation change
between between that and the street
below which is a dead end so there isn’t
any traffic on it but yeah you’re just
overlooking the rooftops below you and
you got the
pretty almost a 180 degree ocean view um
so year-round sunsets just beautiful
so so here’s the so here’s the question
i got to you all and throw this in the
comments if you had uh if you had to buy
today if you wanted to buy a home today
and the only ones you could choose from
is the is the maui house uh in in
wailuku or the big island house in
wainani estates which one would you get
maui or big one pop it in the comments
i’d be curious to know uh let’s hear
about it and uh let’s see we’re coming
out to our right on time to our closing
thoughts uh gang first of all i want to
kind of thank everyone for being here
it’s great uh it’s really been i really
enjoy kind of everyone gets together
every couple of weeks and so it’s it’s
really fun and canister is big on yeah
indeed i’m i’m with you on that one’s a
beautiful property um and so i just want
to thank you all for coming over here so
we’re going to move on to our our
closing thoughts uh heidi why don’t we
start with you what’s your closing
thought to say goodbye to everybody
well i just want to say thank you to
everybody for watching the show and
joining us and supporting islander ohana
and this is probably the last show of
the year i think
um so i just want to say thank you and
um happy holidays to everybody
yeah indeed well we’re gonna have we’re
gonna we we haven’t you know we don’t
plan out too much in advance but there
is the next one in two weeks which will
be on christmas eve if i’m not mistaken
so we’ll see there may be a christmas
eve edition i think we got to do that i
i think if if only scott to come back
with this flapping with his flapping hat
just to come you know to give we got to
do it we got to do it with uh i’ll have
to do it outside so we can see what
christmas eve looks like in hawaii
that’s a good idea yeah actually yeah
that’d be a great idea uh we got a
couple of comments over before we we go
to you dylan uh so uh jim jim wants them
jim wants the maui house um
corey you know corey i i corey knows i
have a coffee i i drink my coffee and
tips my nose and i
i fill my coffee at the top so there’s
grounds left and it makes my nose black
and you know like a rudolph the
red-nosed red reindeer except it’s not
red it’s black uh
tom says i worry about blocking a local
from buying a single family home in maui
you know it’s yeah tom it’s it’s a good
question it’s not so much that you’re
blocking it isn’t that it’s it’s not as
it’s a zero-sum game in a sense but it’s
yeah it’s a hard story it’s not
necessarily that you you not buying a
home does not assure that some local
will get a home right that’s not the way
it works now what you could do uh tom is
you could put your offer in and tell the
agent hey look
if the next best offer you know if if
the number two if mine’s the number one
if the number two offer is a local
family give it to them you can make that
your uh uh your your rule uh that’s a
great idea peter i’ve never heard that
it’s a great idea right right so if
you’re worried about that you say look
if i’m number one and number two is a
local family give it to them
just to kind of close on this issue
because this is one of these things
the other aspect is is this
is that there’s one more party that’s
involved here with homes being bought
and sold by mainland versus local buyers
there’s one more party
the seller
the seller’s the party so the seller
dylan if i’m not mistaken the seller can
choose any offer they want is that right
correct okay
so a seller
can decide to sell to a local company to
sell to a local family only they could
decide that
that’s up to them so we’re going to let
god work it out that’s what i say uh
auntie joyce uh three uh three hearts uh
love the three hearts auntie joyce uh
yeah joan uh we’re i’m looking forward
to it’s gonna be really fun we you know
we’ve been seeing each other over the
video and it’s gonna be fun and
hopefully uh joyce pray for let’s pray
for an awesome moon rise that’s kind of
what i i’m hoping for and patrick wants
the big island home so uh that’s that
that’s petrol dylan what’s your what’s
your clothing stock give us the dylanism
i’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting for
two weeks dylan for the dylanism
longer than that because i missed the
last show but so the the thought for
this week is if if you’re not willing to
learn no one can help you if you’re
determined to learn no one can stop you
and i just makes me think of you guys
that attend this every other week and i
really appreciate you coming on and and
learning and uh nobody can stop you so i
love hanging out with you guys
would you repeat that again slowly it’s
a it’s a classic let’s hear that again
if if you’re not willing to learn no one
can help you if you’re determined to
learn no one can stop you
love it man
that’s that’s the dylanism out that’s
the dylan zuma was waiting for and uh
and and and so this is for this is for
you kenai you just heard what dylan said
nothing can stop you girl you can do it
you can do this you can do this uh all
right gang so uh listen uh jeremy yeah
jeremy hey good to see you jeremy give
us an update man uh jeremy is uh
pursuing a a career as a uh appraiser if
i’m not mistaken over here uh so uh love
that i’d love to hear that i need more
of them appraisals are like three to six
weeks out right now it’s ridiculous the
delays that they’re causing right now so
we need more of them
yeah all right man yeah
lost 4 500 for an appraisal
so i would say that’s a good thing to
get into
jeremy hurry up dude hurry up man uh
and uh uh melee colleague and market yes
okay we are gonna have the we are gonna
have the christmas eve show we are gonna
have the christmas eve show so uh bring
your christmas cheer with you uh bring
the uh uh six to eight weeks awesome
good good good good good uh uh bring
your bring your christmas cheer we are
all gonna see you uh next week on two
uh for our our christmas eve our
christmas team special hope heidi hope
you can make it dylan hope hope you can
make it i hope scott can make it all
right gang um we’re gonna go around i’m
gonna say goodbye aloha everyone we’ll
see in two weeks see you on christmas
eve dylan and then heidi go
hello everybody have a great weekend
aloha everyone have a great one enjoy