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Key discussions this week were about how to get socially established in Hawaii, especially for retirees. We also asked each of our experts where they would buy on their respective islands.

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How to get socially established in Hawaii?
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Where would you buy on Oahu?
Where would you buy on Big Island?
Things to watch out for using VA loans
How can you afford Hawaii and avoid paying inflated prices?
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Show Transcript:

well aloha kakahiak everybody today is

october 29 2020 2021 uh and this is the

hawaii real estate this is the living

and man that i brought that i botched

that one up big time this is this is the

aloha friday hawaii real estate show i’m

peter kane i’m glad you’re here i am

here we are you are part of the

you’re part of the we can screw up

section of the show because it hasn’t

officially started it’s not gonna start

until nine o’clock and i am living up to

that name and screwing up royally but i

am here with my friends dylan nonaka

from the big island scott startsman from

oahu and heidi dahlinger who is hailing

us from maui uh we’re gonna do our

normal our normal wake up wake up test

the microphone see how the net

connection is working why don’t we start

with scott this time scott what’s uh

give us a mic check give us an oahu

check how’s it going there buddy good

man in the middle um yeah things are

great this morning i uh actually was

able to get up and do a work full-blown

workout and stuff so i got the blood

pumping and sweating i feel good and now

i think i’ve matched my you gotta match

my shirt to my coffee cup it’s an

all-fall theme today it’s all orange and


so what was so what was the workout

where what what was the workout a jog or

a swim or or what uh actually i was

it was more of a recovery time i had a i

had a pretty intense workout yesterday

so i ended up doing like squatch squats

push-ups bodyweight stuff and then i

sprinted up the hill a couple of times

it was a couple of rounds of that just

to get the lungs burning

god god bless you god bless you man

heidi how’s it going over there what’s

what’s the coffee today

well my workout this morning was walking

about a block to the coffee shop

that’s the right workout

um and this is one of my go-to favorites

it’s the red cotto eye and it’s

it’s just amazing

um but my personal news to share is i

just got engaged last weekend oh


congratulations congratulations good for

you i’m so happy to hear that heidi


let’s see the ring where’s the ring


it’s getting sized okay it’s getting

exciting all right i want to see

the ring it was really amazing we hiked

to the top of this waterfall at


and he proposed at the top of the

waterfall so it was oh man

oh man that’s so romantic i’m so happy

for you heidi i am so happy for you

that’s a one that’s wonderful news

dylan let’s give us give us the aloha

shirt update what’s going on over there

man i gotta got a sig zane on this

morning barely made it in time when i

first came on i still had a t-shirt on

so i had to go run and grab it from

uh the washroom right where i

ironed it but um

yeah no no workout this morning friday

is a busy day that starts at 5am with a

call with a bunch of east coast people

and then i had another one at seven and

another one at eight which i left early

and then now this is the the nine

o’clock call so

been a long day so far

there you go well that’s that’s the

right way that’s the right this is the

right way to do it man the thing i look

forward to most so happy to be here yeah

absolutely and oh hey everyone the the

the congrats are all coming in of course

first one from auntie joyce congrats

heidi awesome congratulations yes thank

you thank you auntie joyce and uh also

uh congratulating uh heidi and 13 you

got 13 days to go man you must be really

homesick i can imagine uh auntie joyce

that now you’ve had your

you’ve had your i’m i’ve been living in

hawaii and now i kind of spent a lot of

time on the mainland experience

everybody gets to have that every so

often right you kind of spend years over

here and then you go back and good

morning all val is is with us good

morning valerie glad to have you here

with us thanks for thanks for being a

part of what what’s going on

yeah a uh a dylan i think that um

well you know my since we’re talking

about workouts and non-workouts my my

workout my working out is on wednesday

typically if i can wednesday and

saturday makapuu beach get up in the

morning get there ride just after

sunrise you know get on there and

wednesdays are great because there’s no

one there at all i’m typically the only

person on the beach there’s nothing

nothing is more fun

than being on the beach by yourself in

the water being the only guy in it’s

like amazing and of course makapuu is

amazing and then on saturday we go hey

tom welcome tom tom is back with us and

uh and uh

judy’s back too judy welcome back good

to see you um great glad to have you be

a part of it all right it’s nine o’clock

let’s let’s let it let us rock and roll

and oh who else is coming number jeremy

jeremy’s back jeremy welcome back jeremy

give us an update buddy uh you in are

you in maui now did you get your did you

get your uh

uh appraiser appraiser deal going on oh

all the all the the hellos are all

coming in the the ohana is piling in so

neil is back with us aloha neil great to

see you back here from um from silicon

valley and and kelly kelly is back with

us kelly is my

kelly has you

kelly has toyed this um kelly has coined

this amazing term she’s bi-coastal and

by coastal means that she they live on

the west coast and also in hawaii which

is really cool it’s the coolest way i’ve

ever heard that by coastal and jason i

have missed the last couple of weeks but

jason we are glad to have you back buddy

uh welcome we will always we’re always

going to be here and uh

ask you all to join us all right let’s

get started it’s nine o’clock let’s do

some quick uh i got some quick news

updates uh heather’s back with us

welcome back heather good to see you

let’s get some quick news going on and


let’s uh let’s

here we go let’s kind of get this thing

going over okay so a couple things going

on it looks like it it it looks like

things are loosening up on the covet

front uh they it it looks like things

are kind of loosen up now we’ve got um

for example the mayor uh mayor

blangiardi said that uh that they can

hold outdoor and indoor seating events

at a hundred percent capacity that’s

never happened before so big time uh

you’ll still need to have mass and proof

of covid19 vaccination etc but at least

you’ll be able to do it can’t have food

yet just water only but it’s coming um

and uh looks like the bars are opening

up a little bit 50 capacity till and

they’ll be up until 2 a.m so that’s

that’s kind of cool that’s kind of

happening so uh so then no so now we got

the uh the next up is uh no masks it’s

possible it’s possible there’s again

this whole loosening up thing is kind of

happening uh the governor is saying that

if they’re if the case counts uh drop

below a hundred stay and drop below a

hundred they may list

they may lift the mask mandates so

that’s kind of cool um

and there’s gonna there’s some talk that

the that the federal regulations over uh

flights are going to override hawaii’s

uh uh safe travels applications so

there’s gonna be there’s change is in

the air folks and you see how those two

you zoom in a little bit you can see

those two graphs here the the upper

graph is the number of cases we’re way

down back again to where we were kind of

uh pre-delta spike levels and the the

fatalities have also dropped they’re

coming to near zero so all in all good

news looks like things are kind of

moving along

so maui tax relief i want to hear what

might be uh maybe heidi might have some

to kind of share about this but i found

there was a uh looks like there’s gonna

be some interesting an engine

development which they’re talking about

having a tax break for maui landowners

if you’ve lived in the property uh let’s

see three gen uh three generations back

or more than 81 years so interesting

this this development is kind of

favoring uh residents favoring long-term

residents that’s going to be an

interesting development i wonder where

that’s going to go now if you and if

you’ve been then if you’ve been three

generations back or 81 years apparently

your taxes are like next to zero 350 a


so um let’s see i’ve been here for 40

years i’ve got 40 years to go and i i

too will qualify for it for that and

finally lava buy out so dil i want to

hear what dylan thinks about this one

there’s there’s apparently there is a

they’re moving into where if you had a

home that was destroyed by lava uh if

you were an owner occupant you could

have earlier uh gotten a uh they would

sort of buy out your your home but now

this is apparently going to uh people

that have a secondary residence if you

have a secondary residence on the big

island and it was wiped out destroyed uh

by the 2018 kilauea eruption apparently

you can get a um they will buy back your

property so that’s kind of interesting

that’s all i got for you for this week

it wasn’t it actually was i and i had to

scrounge to pick up these stories we’re

all talking about it was it was a quiet

week but anyway that’s that let’s kind

of go around the table over here uh

let’s let’s go let’s go clockwise to me

so uh dylan then scott then then and

heidi uh dylan anything else have you

heard about that you must know about the

lava bio [ __ ] about that or anything

else i don’t i’m gonna look into that

now that’s news to me okay there you go

to that for sure yeah


is there anything else there’s my phone

is there anything else going on

it’s been it’s been pretty quiet you

know town’s pretty quiet there’s not

that many visitors here right now that’s

gonna here that’s gonna pick up and i

think that was mainly a result of iron

man getting cancelled right normally

people avoid kona and

uh because everything is booked for iron

man and then iron man got cancelled and


nobody showed up and nobody had plans to

come so that’ll ramp up here as we get

into november but it’s been it’s been

nice it’s been it’s been dry that’s

that’s the that’s the big news is that


a very wet year we’ve had a like a week

or two of no rain which is odd

but also

awesome awesome awesome scott what’s

going on over there

yeah i think it’s quiet here on oahu too

i mean the

you know since ige said stop coming here

it feels a lot more quiet and it’s been

much much easier getting into

restaurants setting up restaurant

reservations i mean it went out twice

this past weekend and i was able to get

reservations either the same day or the

day before we went into the restaurant

and there was like four other people in

in one of them

so it’s much easier uh being able to go

out part of that vaccination card having

to show that

is probably a little bit of a challenge

for people but even when i was on the

big island last two weeks ago

the the two times i had gone over

earlier this year i couldn’t get into a

single restaurant weeks in advance along

that coastline and when i went over this

last time i was able to get into every

restaurant that i wanted and when we

went into some there was maybe four or

five people in those restaurants so it’s

just kind of quiet and i’m kind of

interested to see once we loosen up okay

are we gonna have this ebb and flow that

keeps happening you know you have some

spikes and whatnot okay let’s go get

restrictive again and and i’m kind of

interested to see how things go not only

just from tourism and then

from just the the day-to-day

ease of going in and out and whatnot you

know going to restaurants and stuff

can you hear us peter

i think we lost peter

we got to carry on heidi what’s what’s

uh what’s what’s going on in molly

uh well

not too much big news on maui

i mean just commenting on the tax rates

property taxes in general the policies

been to keep them low for full-time

residents and owner occupants and

now there’s an additional tax exemption

for people that are doing long-term

rentals so they want to tax the

short-term rentals and timeshare the

very most

um so that’s always been the policy and

they’re always adjusting it a little bit

but compared to a lot of places on the

mainland if you’re going to live full

time on maui your property taxes are

going to be

pretty low compared to a lot of places


there is kind of a

oh hi peter

keep keep going keep going

we don’t need you you’re fired that’s it

i’m gonna keep talking but keep talking

heidi keep talking um so i mean i guess

one of the kind of there is a

controversial bill that’s being

introduced and this

would impact owners of short-term

vacation rental properties tvrs or

transient vacation rentals

um the proposal

is for short-term rental properties in

apartment zone areas which

there are a ton of those on maui and

they’ve been legally operating as

vacation rentals for

i mean

since these properties were built 30 40

years ago

the proposal is so this is not passed i

don’t know if it will pass



you sell a vacation rental property the

new owner can no longer use it for

vacation rental it would have to be

full-time owner or a long-term rental

so that would be

if this does pass it would be quite

significant so

it’s just a proposal at this point but

there always seems to be um

the trend is you know to try to limit

short-term rentals

provide more affordable housing and that

it’s just all political and figuring out

you know what’s the best way to do that

so i won’t get into it further but

well one thing universal it always ends

up being a mess that’s the that’s the

that’s the unfortunate part it always

ends up kind of uh all kinds of uh

strange uh conflicting

um conflicting interests and uh

god only knows who’s gonna win and even

when there’s a there’s a decision made

that’s they don’t re they don’t enforce

it at least that’s been the experience

here on oahu

anyway who’s uh sorry about that we we

had a very inconvenient power outage so

all of a sudden i’m talking and bam

power goes out so uh thankfully we

recovered and the power is back again so

i apologize who’s uh who’s up who what

did i miss who what don’t tell me what i

missed but who’s up next we got it all

covered peter we went the circle already

i think you’re next all right all right

awesome okay great well then in that

case um

we did did we do the uh did we do the

real hold on a second did we do the real

estate update uh hold on a quick second

let me get my way

okay great at excellent excellent okay

great so why don’t we do this let’s pop

this guy up over here all right so are

we ready for a wheel uh i we did the

little news and now we’re we’re gonna do

a real estate market update is that kind

of where we’re at

um if that’s where we’re at why don’t we

why don’t we do that let’s go right

online dylan scott and then heidi give

us the real estate what’s what’s going


what’s with the market that’s not crazy

where the market’s nuts and uh it’s it’s

gone bananas what what else give me

something else dylan well not

it’s kind of status quo from the last

couple of shows that we’ve had so we

talked about the inventory

falling all year and then hitting a

bottom in july and then since august

september and then now october it’s

pretty it bumped back up so it was below

400 homes on the market for the whole

island it’s up about 420 so it went up a

little bit but it’s not continuing to

climb the last couple of weeks and and a

month has been pretty stable so although

there was a little increase we’re not

seeing any kind of like flood of new

listings coming on the market and but we

are seeing the lower

price range


being overpriced and then now they’re

not selling so for example in the kona

market there’s hardly anything there’s

seven houses under 650 000 all of them

are not in the greatest shape

but they’ve all been on the market plus

three plus weeks so some of them 60 days

a lot longer so the frenzy of buying

like everything cheap has kind of ended

and i think we’ve kind of crossed that

threshold where the prices have been

driven up so far that buyers are not

pulling back and not not buying and so

we’re seeing a little bit of a price

correction i think definitely on the

lower end a lot of the higher end stuff

the 1.2 1.3 million stuff is still

selling pretty quickly but the lower end

stuff has has kind of hit up price


okay so there’s a little bit of a good

news there is there we are kind of

finding the the upper and the uh

are we finding the bottom or the upper

end but we’re like you said we’re

finding some price resistance so it you

know at least for that for that one that

lower range there is something there is

a there there there is a i don’t know if

they call it a bottom or a top but

there’s something there people are not

paying 700 000 for fixer-uppers at the

moment they’re not paying 700 000 for a

300 000 property right correct

right right right right uh so we we we

had a quick uh congrats that came in

from tom this is tom to heidi so uh tom

says congratulations heidi had to rewind

to hear the news yeah so everyone who

just joined us uh if you haven’t seen

this yet heidi uh our our very own heidi

got engaged

and uh was uh she received her proposal

at the top of a waterfall so that’s

pretty pretty damn cool pretty damn cool

heidi scott what’s uh what’s up on uh

what’s going on with oahu’s market

uh you’re muted

yeah i just got a notification this

morning of a major fixer and this thing

was a beaut it looked like it was about

to fall down in fact it says don’t go on

the property due to safety reasons and

it was listed at 775 000 so

the fixer over here is alive and well at

775 000. um

no it’s it’s interesting man i i i keep

doing these deep dives looking for

little nuggets here and there and

literally every neighborhood across the

board is uh 18 to 25

price appreciation

for single-family homes

this year to last year

the single-family home price for the

last two months has been

the median price has been a million

fifty and on condos we’re at 478 000 for

a median condo price

days on market is

is literally 11 days for condos and nine

days for single family homes they’re not

staying on the market and and to what

dylan was saying about the number of

listings there we have 440

active listings right now and so i went

back last night i said you know what i’m

curious to see what that 2005 to 2007

portion looked like how many active

homes were on i went back to all the

stats that i have and the bottom month

the lowest month of active homes at that

time was 811. almost double what we have

now so just amazing how little inventory

we have on the market right now here

here on oahu and we brought up

and this is neighborhood every

neighborhood is the same kahala is up 35

for median home price we brought one on

the market for 3.5 million and in that

first week we had six offers

i’m seeing it across the board condos 40

percent of condos are selling above the

list price

and 67 percent of single-family homes

are selling above the list price and

then if you look at ewa beach 80 percent

of homes are selling above the list

price so nothing’s changed um i do kind

of feel like we’ve had a little bit of


and we’re coming into the holiday period

i do expect a little bit of a slowdown

both on listings coming on and just kind

of buyer activity uh but it’s

the the the numbers haven’t changed so i

don’t i don’t anticipate the

fundamentals changing right now

i saw a uh thanks go ahead but the one

thing to keep an eye on interest rates

have bumped up a little bit they bumped

up about half a percent so

that’s the key factor for me for for

decelerating this thing is slowing down

interest rates going up is going to slow

this thing down

quicker than anything else well interest

rates are indirectly a price increase

right indirectly they’re a price

increase on the market i saw an

interesting graph i wish i should have

thought about it to bring it with me but

i’m sure that you know this but i saw

this very interesting graph that you

know since since covid uh

single-family homes on oahu have taken a

big leap in prices a huge leap in prices

uh whereas condos actually took a dip

initially which i’m sure was reflected

because of the waikiki condos and now

they’ve kind of returned back and

they’re sort of on their curve they’ve

increased well but it was a huge jump in

single-family homes

yeah and if you look back at that 2005

to 2007 i was actually shocked the

months of inventory remaining for single

family homes is at 1.2 right now

in 2005 to 2008 it was actually two

point like 2.4 we’re lower in inventory

and single-family homes now and condos

was actually their month’s inventory

remaining during that 2005 time period

was much lower than it is now so it’s

almost reversed condos were selling um

more in that 2005 range whereas now

single-family homes and that’s natural

you know people wanting to get out of

condos they want to have some yard if

you’re going to be staying at home that

that was that whole cove and component

that played into that i think that kovac

component’s been huge for a variety of

reasons and not the least of which is uh

if you’re going to be working from home

you need that extra bedroom etc etc so

the three-bedroom home all that kind of

stuff uh had a congrats have come in

from from jason to heidi yup absolutely

uh thanks jason i’m sure that heidi

really appreciated heidi heidi the the

newly engaged uh the newly engaged uh

got proposed on a waterfall top that

right give us the update for maui heidi

what’s going on with maui’s market


the boots on the ground update is it is

still a

pretty intense market um with a lot of

buyer demand don’t see that slowing down



um i’ll just share a couple of stats so

you can compare them to what scott

reported on oahu


year to date median sales price on maui

for a single family home is

999 000 so just under a million

and for condos it’s 645 thousand

675 which is up um

14.3 percent last year and that’s across

all properties on maui if you get into

certain neighborhoods um some have had a

lot more appreciation

compared to

2020 the inventory on the markets

i was looking it’s actually been pretty

stable but

things are just selling so much faster

in 2021

um there was a statistic out

last month that condominiums going under

contract have increased 118

i mean that’s just a huge increase but

i mean we’re also comparing this to last

year when the island was shut down for a

large part of the year so that really

slowed down the condominium market

last year um and i was kind of

looking at a graph just of historical


pendings and sales over the past 10

years and the biggest spike it looked

like was um in the spring like

march april may

this year and then it’s gone down a

little bit but it’s still


anywhere else it’s been for the last 10

years so it’s just

kind of crazy um in

2018 2019 i mean it was just a little

slower market you’d have buyers that


i wonder what’s going to happen in the

future i wonder what’s going to happen

to the market and then the worst

possible thing happened the world

shutdown covet global pandemic and now

everyone’s like go go go so

that’s just where we are yeah it really

is a it really is a a wild moment in uh

in in history for sure i mean you you

name it right the the the the supply

chain now we’re all kind of freaking out

about and i i know it is i know it is a

sign of the coming apocalypse when i go

into costco and i can’t get kalamata

olives the way i used to if they’re out

of kalamata olives um that means that

the the end is the end is near i know

that for a fact i think it says that

somewhere in the bible if if kalamata

olives are not in costco it is a it is a

sign of one of the one of the coming

apocalypse signs hey we got a we got a

comment from mary jean welcome back mary

jane good to see you again uh aloha from

chile illinois uh american west give us

an update what’s the temperature uh

right now in illinois i want to know all

right let’s uh let’s move on everybody


we got uh uh first of all i want to give

you a quick thing if look if you’ve if

you’ve come over if you’ve been here if

you came here through the newsletter and

you found out about this through

newsletter then you’re already on but if

you are watching the show and you’re not

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in uh there’ll be

numerous links there to jump onto

newsletter get connected you get

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week and we send videos and all kinds of

content make sure that you’re on the

list all right let’s let us move on over

here to our topic for today so i got

this this was a really this was a good

one and i think i’m looking forward to a

good discussion for everybody so this

came in from

and and and is asking

is it easier for a single retiree to get

socially established on oahu or on maui

i frequently travel to both so i think

that the the topic that i wanted to kind

of have with you all to the discussion

between us is how does uh whether you’re

retiree or whether you’re single uh or

if you’re coming with a family uh either

way uh what are some good ways to get uh

socially established what would you say

uh to people that are considering let’s

let’s take ann as an example but let’s

have a conversation about you know what

do you think what’s your advice on

getting socially connected because it’s

super important you don’t want to come

here and be by yourself if you’re by

yourself it’s only a matter of time

before you’re going to go back how do

you get socially connected what are some

best practices let’s go let’s go

clockwise again dylan scott and then

heidi dylan uh what would you say to uh

to ann uh who wants to get connected

even if it’s she’s anne’s asking for

oahu or mali but that doesn’t matter big

on it it’s irrelevant it’s hawaii

yeah it’s easy just be nice and and and

meet people um you know that’s one thing

that people are just shocked about the

whole the hawaii culture where you’re

just going to get invited to stuff

people will embrace you make you part of

their family you know i was just talking

to so what would you do so what would

you do to go get in invited to to to to

family i’m sorry i cut you off but but

that’s kind of what i don’t know

yeah yes the question is what are you

into right i mean do you have hobbies

are you your churchgoer

um you know what what is it because

we have all of those resources and

community organizations and groups like

everywhere else one organization that

i’m a part of that i always encourage

uh people moving here to get involved in

is the kona historical society they

they’re an organization it’s really the


museum type organization on the west

side of the island but they their

mission is to preserve kona’s history

and there’s lots of volunteer

activities and the people who you’ll

meet there are volunteers a lot of times

in the same stage of life that you know

have time on their hands and um you know

you can get involved that way there’s

many different ways whether it’s

knitting or card playing or you know

whatever is canoe paddling there’s lots

of canoe paddling organizations and a

lot of that maybe wasn’t happening over

the last you know last year and a half

but that’s all coming back now but i i

always reference the hawaiian uh

cultural practice of hanai right which

is like

adoption in in english it’s kind of the

the term but it’s but it’s different

where it’s not like a legal formal

process it’s more the the the practice

of taking people into your family and it

can be children or or you know younger

folks but i also hanai aunties and

uncles into my family right so if you

like auntie joyce right she comes here

she doesn’t have um you know family here

and if she’s got to move a couch into

her house who does she call she calls me

and my brother right let me if you need

if you need young strong people to help

you like i’m her hanai nephew you know

and i’ll help her so that type of

culture exists everywhere and you’ll be

surprised i don’t think it exists

anywhere else as strongly as it does

here so you will not have a problem yeah

there’s a really interesting that and

that’s a that’s a really good point and

i think the the the nugget of the

takeaway is well it’s a combination of a

bunch of things right it’s your attitude

number first and foremost you kind of

said that in the beginning you got to be

someone people want to invite into their


you got to be someone people want to

invite their family uh we actually talk

about this quite a bit in the islander

ohana courses that we go through we talk

about you know

the whole spiritual transformation that

you have to go through the cultural

adjustment that you have to go through

uh but it’s it’s all about kind of

joining those groups uh and uh kelly uh

who is a member of the islander ohana

talks about facebook groups as well

there’s all kinds of facebook groups out

there that’s a place to get started to

get that connection but of course you

want to get that face-to-face connection

by the way mary jean says 54 degrees

congrats to kelly she’s under contract

on her house on the east side so

all right kelly under contract

congratulations kelly i’ve now called

now is that so kelly

if that is that gonna make you a tri

coastal because if you’re a buy coastal

and you’re buying in kona will you be a

tri coastal that’d be kind of cool so

she’s buying it she’s buying on the east

side east side yeah

cool awesome it’s another coast east

side of hawaii west side of the united

states there you go i guess that’s my

cool story i guess that’s by coast it

depends what coast you’re talking about

right uh excellent uh mary jean says

it’s 54 degrees in chicago mary jean in

chicago or illinois that’s that’s still

like warm weather people still walk

around in shorts they’re washing their

cars you know with t-shirts on and and

everything in the 54. uh come back mary

jean in february that’s the one i want

to talk to you about in february uh

jason says you know every time i’ve been

to the islands i’ve come back with

additional friends some i still am

connected with today the ohana is a

great place to start jason is a member

of the honor ohana and that’s kind of a

bootstrap place right that’s what the

island that’s one of the things that the

islander ohana does we all kind of we’ve

created an ohana uh that that people

share now you know dylan i was going to

ask you auntie joyce here uh no

neighbors are also a great source for

socializing that’s the that’s the most

logical one and it creates a better and

safe neighborhood um

and a good place to go you know donald’s

going to ask you about your anti-joyce

hanaying i wanna know who hanai’d who

did you hanai auntie joyce first or did

auntie joyce hanai you first because

auntie joyce kind of refers to you

almost almost as a nephew uh

but you know

she probably did it first let’s see if i

did it first always call the nonakas

they’ve been our saviors i keep telling

them they are now stuck with us so there

you go

i had no choice there you go i had no

choice awesome awesome uh yeah so uh

jason 55 and reigning for days jason

where you’re on northeast coast if i’m

not mistaken right where where are you

at uh jason give us a give us a a an

update on your general location uh and

uh mary jane uh stay with us until

february at the very least um so scott

what’s what’s your uh you know and anne

didn’t ask about oahu is there anything

kind of favorite group that you know

about on on oahu or how would you you

know what would be some tips to get

connected to uh on oahu

yeah i i mean to go to the quick

question about which is easier maui or

oahu i’d say oahu just in general

because it’s a it’s a city you’re going

to have more options at your fingertips

so the the number of options are going

to be probably a little more available

on oahu than they would be on the outer

islands um but it comes down to what

you’re passionate about and getting

connected into the community

getting involved in the things that

you’re passionate about i mean one of

the the biggest

joys for people you know and happiness

is giving back to others so volunteering

is always a good one i know when i moved

over here to oahu

i didn’t know anybody and one of my

things was surfing i met quite a few

people from surfing if you go out

surfing you go the same surf spot every

morning or at the you can go to any surf

spot same times basically it’ll be the

same people out there and i remember

when i moved over here you know on the

big island i could go out super early

right right before dawn and there’d be

like one two people in the water so i

thought i’d be cool and do that here on

oahu and i went out to waikiki right

prior to sunrise and there’s probably

like 100 people in the water because

they’re all doing that before they go to

work and it’s the same people

so it’s whatever you’re passionate about

um you know it’s having that common

connection with others and and getting

involved with something that you have

that commonality with and that’s why i

mean what you’re doing with the island

or ohana to me is is really key i mean

that now people one of the biggest

things moving over here is not having

that support group immediately not

having some of the answers and and

that’s essentially what you’re given is

that commonality and that support group

already for people that have moved over

here or are doing it

yeah it’s really fun i mean we we have

these um part of going we have a cohort

that goes through a every two weeks we

get together with it with an online

video conference and we just it’s really

been great the exchange everyone’s

everyone’s kind of fun you’re making

friends right right off the bat uh and

we have a private facebook group with

all of the islander ohana alumni uh and

it’s it’s it’s really awesome so yeah

it’s it’s getting you know the i was

thinking about on oahu scott

specifically one thing that i’m i i um

someone had mentioned to me is that they

uh they got involved with a uh with the

sierra club that uh if you like the

outdoor kind of thing which is unnatural

in hawaii and there’s there’s also a

hiking club that kind of you know they

basically they they publish their thing

and they they meet a long time ago they

used to meet at you know iolani palace

seven you know six o’clock in the

morning on on saturday and then off they

go uh and that is a great place where

you know you can see the outdoors go on

some great hikes be with a bunch of

people it all works out um

hey gang if you’re if you’re tuning in

what ideas do you have share what ideas

do you have

about getting together how would you

socialize how do you go ahead in and

meet people how would you get connected

even where you live i’m sure the the

techniques are all pretty much the

i’m sure they’re very very similar hey

so uh here we got a kelly head uh uh

he’s got a uh kelly’s got a shout out to

kelly shout out to kenny to kelly fuller

i’m assuming that’s her agent uh or the

agent on the big on what a great

experience she’s the best yeah that’s

totally awesome i i’m dylan i’m sure

that you can pass that on to uh to kelly

fuller who i’m sure is going to really

appreciate that


excellent uh uh heidi what’s uh

so anne’s you know anne’s question about

you know oahu or maui is socially

established what kind of you know what

kind of details can you give and that

which what she should do uh to kind of

get socially connected

well i think you can get socially

connected on either island i mean maui

and oahu are are just very different so

it just depends where you want to live i


i haven’t spent a lot of time on oahu

but when i go there it it feels more

like a big city there’s definitely more

people there um

to me maui feels like living in a small


um but there are still

a lot of things to do and people to

connect with um

and as was said before i mean it depends

what you’re into i mean there’s book

clubs here

uh paddling clubs are huge i mean

there’s people that get together and go

to the farmer’s market

and make juice i mean


all kinds of things to do there’s uh

rotary clubs are big on maui

for volunteer opportunities there’s

tutoring opportunities at the school

because we are a smaller island i mean

if you have any particular skill or

passion i mean there’s going to be an


for you here


and i don’t know if anybody uses the

next door

um app it’s kind of a social media thing

people seem to be really active on that

too i mean somebody mentioned facebook

but next door is like more local

to just your neighborhood

and a lot of people use that i mean i


if you just meet one or two people and

go from there i mean it’s it’s really

easy to meet people

yeah i think that’s the i think that’s

the thing there’s a variety of ways i

think you’ve got to be you’ve got to set

yourself up like dylan said and be the

kind of person that people want to

invite uh and that’s that’s really on on

you to be uh to be that kind of an

individual but you know getting involved

in various groups uh next doors i see a

lot of activity next door you kind of

have to be moved into an area but

certainly once you’ve moved

once you moved into an area getting the

next door thing would definitely be a a

helpful piece for sure and uh here’s

kelly fuller who’s on on the show with

us hey kelly glad that you’re here with

us and kelly’s kelly’s giving a thanks a

back a thanks back out to kelly how cool

is that

awesome so hey gang before we move on

listen we’ve got a bunch of uh uh we’ve

got a a whole collection of questions

that i’ve queued up that we have slides

for but the most important the most

important questions are yours so if

you’ve got anything you want to know pop

it in the comments now we’ll try to get

to before the end of the show uh don’t

forget that all right let’s move on

a great great discussion on the socially

uh on the socially established and and

then hopes this i hope this helps you

all right let’s let’s hit this one so we

want some buying advice for the big

island so this one comes from uh from c

fox from

from ohio says dylan regarding the big

island if you were to buy a home now uh

half to one acre in kailua kona with an

ocean view where would you buy

the pu’ulani ranch area is not really my

interest and prefer more south but north

of captain cook and then question two is

what’s your most requested price range

that most clients are asking for a house

and uh where are the majority of your

buyers from right now during the

pandemics a bunch of questions about

kona but you know these are kind of

generic questions and we’re going to pop

these to all the other islands as well

so i think the big thing is like hey if

you’re going to buy a home now where

would you buy it uh and number two uh

you know what’s the most requested price

uh price range that is coming in for uh

for asking for a house and uh you know

where are the majority of your buyers

from go ahead dylan

so so in terms of where

you know i always recommend this is my

personal preference but i like to be at

elevation just because i think it’s the

the perfect weather so

you can get an ocean view at 300 feet of

elevation and you can get an ocean view

at 4000 feet of elevation right but to

me the sweet spot is like a thousand or

1500 if you’re in that that belt that

coffee belt you have cool weather all

year round you have a little bit of rain

so you don’t need irrigation i mean it’s

just to me

worldwide best weather you could

possibly be is that a thousand feet of

elevation in cairo in in kona anywhere

in kona

so that’s the first thing you know

narrowing the search kona is not a big

place so

it could be anywhere i mean from the

northern side to captain cook i mean

there’s there’s an upper highway that

that is pretty much at a thousand feet

so above or below that there’s a lot of

different options so it’s really a

personal preference but elevation i

think is the first uh most important


for 80 of our buyers always come from

out of state or somewhere else so that

hasn’t changed that’s pretty consistent

um and that’s definitely the case case


most requested price range i think

that’s kind of a self-fulfilling

prophecy because people know what the

price range is i mean and and so

it’s always between kind of that 700 000

and 1.5 million

um is it is like the sweet spot where

most of the inventory is not too much

below seven and not and then and then

you know once you get above 1.5 it’s

kind of a different market so that’s

that’s where most of the inventory is

and you know where most of our clients

come from

excellent uh see we got a couple of uh

comments over here from paul is a

thousand foot kona sounds amazing uh

coastal belt warm is uh 80 to 90. yeah

so uh

so people have this vision they want to

live near the ocean right but in kona a

thousand feet is near the ocean right i

mean like you can be you can be seven

minutes away from the beach because it’s

it’s a big steep it’s a big steep island

right so you don’t have to go

you know 30 minutes into the mountains

to get to a thousand feet of elevation

it’s very it happens very quickly

yeah that’s that’s a really that’s a

that’s a a very good point you’re kind

of almost on on cliffs there uh

basically uh so yeah so heather says so

don’t sell my rain jacket when i move to

hawaii you know

only if you have a very thin rain jacket

i said like if it’s like a windbreaker

thin if

it’s like a windbreaker kind of rain

jacket uh if it’s anything thicker you

know if you wouldn’t wear it in the

summer in the rain don’t bring it uh

that’s that’s that’s what i would say uh

and uh paul says yeah it’s a 10 a 10

minute a 10 a 10 minute drive yeah

exactly uh heather got a thing back when

i asked about kind of how you’re going

to get socially connected heather says

on my plans to join a master swim team

wherever i end up swimmers are usually

pretty fun and social met so many

friends that way also volunteering would

be a great way to give back and meet

others plus i’m a bit of an extrovert so

i’m not too worried yeah heather i think

you’ve got it covered uh

i had a great call with heather two the

other day so she’s she’s preparing to to

start looking and making the move yeah

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

yeah that’s it and you know and and

kelly gave a really a really good point

here it’s more what climate do you want

to live in that is the that is the

coolest piece about hawaii right is you

can pick your climate uh everything uh

what is it like every climate is

represented in hawaii except like tundra

arctic the only climate we don’t have is

arctic i think something like that um we

got we got it all we got desert we got

rain forest uh we have cool mountain air

uh we have oceanfront stuff it’s it’s

good so uh so awesome

all right uh

uh let’s see scott what’s uh uh what

would you say on those questions um you

know where would you scott buy if you

were gonna buy a house on oahu today uh

what and what’s kind of the the price

range that you’re seeing for those for

houses in that area scott scott knows

the big island he can recommend the big

island too

actually we got the big uh we need we we

need oahu now

um yeah so i i mean i’ve been in the

place that i want to live for 20 21

years i’ve owned here i mean i’m at the

base of diamond head so i i love it here

i would live in kailua as well

actually it’s funny i was looking last

night like where is the bulk the sales

activity happening on oahu and it’s

happening between 700 and 2.2 million

and that’s where a majority of

everything is selling is in that range

and going nuts even the stuff above it’s

going crazy but for me i love diamond

head i mean i’m right here you got 300

acre kapiolani park i walk out my door i

got 13 restaurants right out here on

montserrat and shops and stuff i’m a

less than a five-minute uber ride right

into waikiki if i want to get in the

heart of everything but i feel like i’m

in a you know

established neighborhood with you know

big tall growth trees i mean palm trees

things such as that

um so i i like the ac the access to the

urban core i like but i like being a

little removed and having some privacy

kailua would be amazing too because it’s

um you know boutique but beach community

you’re a little reserved you know it’s a

little more slower pace it’s more beach

lifestyle i like the shops and

restaurants over there they’ve got some

good restaurants and the shops are more

your european style so they’re really


and you know family oriented shops

rather than the big box stores but you

can get into honolulu with a 30-minute


awesome awesome so heidi uh i’m assuming

you’re living where you’d want to live

but uh where would you live if you were

going to buy a home in maui how would

you answer those questions and what’s by

the way scott i’m sorry let’s back up

for me what’s the price range in those

areas that you talked about scott

yeah kailua i mean you’re

you’re probably 900

2 million is the bulk and it definitely

gets above that there was just a sale

not too long ago and lanikai for 24

million so that that’s a high price

range but you know

uh 900 to

you know 6 million is kind of where it

runs in kailua and then diamond hit you

know if you get in kapahula which is

across the street you can get

900 to you know 2 million

there’s not a whole lot that goes above

2 million because the lots are smaller

but if you’re in diamond head oh it’s

1.5 to you know six seven million in

fact if that circle right here i’m right

off diamond head circle

uh there’s a couple that went there for

close to 10 million

there you go so uh heidi

dylan did you mention a price range

about the about the areas on the big on

i i i can’t i’m a little bit spaced out

after after my power outage did you yeah

in corner it’s like 700 or 1.5 i mean

there’s definitely stuff that sells

above 1.5 but that’s where the bulk of

the inventory is

700 1.5 yeah heidi so let’s get back to

you now so what uh maui what’s your rec

you know where would you

live where would you buy a home in maui

heidi and what’s the given price range

about those homes

well i live in west maui and i i love it

i i think the sweet spot for weather is

in the kanapali area which is

the entire west side of maui it’s

considered lahaina but there’s all these

different neighborhoods and

as you go farther north up the coast it

gets a little bit cooler a little bit


kanapali is just kind of right in the

middle i think it has the most beautiful

weather in the world if it’s raining up

north and i’m driving down the road as i

get to kind of polly the sun starts

shining and there’s a rainbow

i mean i i just think that’s

the best place in the world for weather


homes in that area i mean you’re looking

in the two to four million range

for a single family home

that’s the price of seeing the rainbow

uh on on a daily basis right as you’re

as you’re driving to a kind of poly good

awesome uh

great uh great discussion on on where

that has so hey you know if you’re

watching uh what area of what district

and what area of what island are do you

have an interest in uh let me know i’m

curious of kind of what what’s kind of

uh and why why are you kind of choosing

why are you gravitating towards that

whatever area that you’re interested in

if you’ve got that pop it in the

comments i’d like to know all right uh

let’s move on to the to the next

question here that we’ve got queued up

and this one is a finance options uh for

for veterans so this is from mark and

from arizona from goodyear arizona and

mark says hey my wife and i lived on

oahu and maui for 20 years we lived in

one building specifically the waipuna in

waikiki we’re looking at moving back and

wanted to know what the financing of the

property is like in hawaii now i’m a

veteran i would like to use my veterans


benefits i don’t have to but prefer it

that way va sometimes gets a bad rap but

i’ve used it many times without any

issues before i have a good amount to

put down if needed but at two and a

quarter percent

would rather put down 10 percent and not

pay the big funding fee and use the

money elsewhere is this a viable option

in the market thanks love your show so

mark uh mark has a great question i

think it really goes down to like what’s

the best option sort of if you’re going

to use va financing and i really enjoyed

this slide uh uh mark because i too

lived at that same condo the waipuna in

waikiki and i really enjoyed i i spent a

good year there and had a phenomenal i

had the most incredible view of the

ocean right out my bedroom window i

would look up my in fact i had a great

view out on my bathroom look out the

bathroom i saw great amazing oceans you

never had that before uh scott why don’t

you take this one uh let’s let’s get

this one rolling here you uh you

mentioned that you thought this was a

really good question why don’t you give

mark your advice

yeah i love this question especially for

now so as va

you know he mentioned about va

having a

a reputation for not being as

you know as friendly of alone or as easy

to do some you know having a bad rap

that’s completely the opposite now and

it probably changed about three years

ago even before then it wasn’t too bad

that’s more of an older school myth but

even for now it’s actually easier to do

va loans than certain conventional loans

in fact if there’s unpermitted issues i


va did not before allow unpermitted

issues they do now and it’s easier for

me to get contractor in and get that

approved by the va to be accepted for va

loans so

va loans are great they’re probably one

of the best programs out there if you

qualify for it you should be using it if

you can where it’s tricky in this market

is if you’re doing 100 financing and you

don’t have any cash to show for an

appraisal clause now you’ve got an issue

but the benefit on the va loan side when

it comes to single-family homes and

whatnot um is if you do have money to

put down say the 10

what i

what i’m doing for example is and i we

did this in ocean point i’ve done this

on a bunch actually this year um we come


you know you can do up to 100 financing

so we for one example we did one at 1.2

million but yet we were bringing in i

think it was 150 000 for the down

payment and we were saying hey if the

appraisal came in short we’ll use that

150 000 somewhere in there to make up

the difference and we got into first

position so we were able to compete with

people that way so you have that

flexibility of a high

high percentage of borrowing um on the

purchase price to hunt up to 100 but

then you can use whatever reserves or

whatever down payment you had to be able

to cover yourself in this market where

it gets a little interesting

and they mentioned waipuna i love that

building great floor plans great

location you know right there in waikiki

but um

when it comes to purchasing condos for

va loans the main thing is the building

has to be a va approved if it’s not va

approved you can’t do it or you have to

get a lender i work with a really good

lender who can get them approved in the

process but it’s hard in this market

where you’re competing if it’s not

already on the list

you’re going to have a hard time

negotiating to get chosen oh hey we got

to add this extra contingency into the

contract so great great loan program

great option and if you have money for

that down or that appraisal clause right

now then you can compete with a va loan

excellent thanks scott hey we get we got

a couple of comments that that popped in


jeremy loves the maka wow area on maui

uh yeah that’s

anywhere on maui is awesome auntie joyce

we are at the 1 000 elevation with great

views and perfect weather the coffee

belt and

uh recommended and let’s see when joseph

says kailua kalama track walking access

to beach via kalama beach club

membership there you go awesome great

recommendations everybody uh uh terrific

uh gene says had a beautiful halloween

and safe scott you’re the best yeah gene

gene i agree scott is the bomb uh

fantastic hey dylan uh you know you’re

you’re our uh you are still serving uh

the military and thank you for your

service uh i you might be the next uh is

there anything that that you want to

fill in that scott hasn’t covered yet

about va loans and things of that nature

no scott covered all of the um

the strategies which is important i mean

you can put yourself at a disadvantage

when you have a zero percent down loan

but if you have the appraisal clause or

the ability to cover a gap in the

appraisal that that can help um i’ve

used the va loan um it’s it’s it’s a

great loan program and so

in the in most cases

it’s it’s more competitive than some of

the other low down payment loans because

it’s a more guaranteed loan and if you

have money to put down or in money in

reserves to cover an appraisal gap you

know you can be very competitive so i

wouldn’t worry about that

well we got uh kelly over here who says

that you can always a refi with the va

v8 doesn’t like fixers a lot of hurdles

so i guess that kelly is speaking from

the experience that’s that is the

downside i mean it’s a condition issue i

mean you do have to have a livable house

that doesn’t have any condition issues

that isn’t majorly unpermitted right so

so if there is a downside definitely you

know the va makes sure that you’re not

buying junk right but if you’re if

you’re buying in a condo and the condos

approved very smooth easy process i’ve

done a ton of them

awesome awesome heidi is there anything

you want to add to this that that we’ve

missed regarding uh financing options

via loan strategies best practices

anything you want to add

um i mean yeah this has been covered i

think but


most challenging thing is in this market

if you’re doing a low down payment loan

like va

it’s almost expected that you’re going

to waive the appraisal contingency

so if the buyer doesn’t have the

reserves to do that they i mean they

often are just continually beat out for



that’s just kind of rough right now with


and then the other thing is just making

sure the condo is approved there can’t

be any litigation going on in the condo


anyway it’s just knowing which condos

are approved which aren’t if you’re

going for a condo

um but that’s really about it and va

loans here on maui have been closing and


actually been closing as fast or faster

than some other conventional loans these

days which is interesting because i

think some people have the perception oh

it’s going to be really difficult

because it’s va and it’s

that’s not what i’ve seen recently so

that’s good


that that’s an inch i mean that’s a

great point because um it’s interesting

there’s an extra step in the va loan

process when the appraisal gets done it

actually eventually has to get approved

by the va department or whatever um but

what’s interesting in this market why

we’re able to close va loans faster is

because the appraisers are have a faster

turnaround time deadline on the

appraisals when they have to be back

versus conventional loans so they’re

they’re they have a shorter window to do

the appraisal and get it back whereas on

conventional we’re looking at like three

four weeks sometimes on the conventional

side so we’re actually able to do va

loans faster in this market because of


interesting stuff very interesting stuff

and uh joseph is a happy camper thanks

really liked the program and jeremy

saying a va a one week turnaround time

for the appraisal uh jeremy would know

because he’s getting it so jeremy did

you get your your appraisal license or a

certification or classes or is are you

still in route i’d i’d like to know fill

us in uh awesome uh great great job

everybody uh let’s move on to the the

next next topic that we got over here

this one is coming out of out of maui

so uh this is from uh michela who’s from

nashville and joseph uh

and they’re they’re asking hey you know

how do you afford

how do you afford paying

the number one how do you afford how to

afford it in hawaii but i think the real

interesting question is how do you avoid


inflated housing prices so my my my

quick snarky answer is well don’t buy it

that’s how you avoid playing inflated

prices if you’re going to buy it

you’re going to end up paying whatever

the price that that that the market is

going so

when when someone you know when someone

comes in and they’re they’re maybe

they’re like shell-shocked as far as uh

you know the prices and the the price

range going on and it’s too expensive

how do they afford it dylan how do you

respond to that

oh that’s all a matter of perspective

right um

the way you afford avoid paying enough

uh inflated price is not waiting until

the interest rates go up and prices

continue to appreciate so

um you may feel like you’re paying too

much now but if you wait a year and

interest rates go up one percent and

price appreciation continues 10 plus

percent you’re going to be paying

significantly more and have less

borrowing power and paying more per

month for

um the same house because the interest

rate went higher so

i would say not waiting is the way that

you avoid it

never thought about that not waiting

scott how do you respond to that people

say look i can’t you know i can’t afford

it how do i avoid you know how do i

avoid paying this inflated price if they

believe it’s inflated what what’s your


yeah i mean it is perspective you know

if you’re coming from an area where you

can get half acre uh parcel with a brand

new home at 3 000 square feet for 300

000 you’re obviously going to get a

little bit shell shock part of that is

working with someone like us who where

we were very good about being able to

educate the client

being able to educate you on the market

what to expect because yeah there’s an

adjustment period you have to get used

to it and you have to understand what’s

here um

you know it’s as far as affordability


it is what it is you know you’re either

going to qualify or not you either have

the income or you don’t we can go

through that process and kind of see

what you do qualify for and then if

there are issues then the qu part of the

question is is you know do you are there

certain things that you can sacrifice on

do you need to adjust what your needs

are or your wants are to you know how

important is home ownership for you at

that point

awesome thanks scott heidi how do you

respond to that when someone says hey

you know this is a crazy price how am i

gonna know how can i avoid not having to

pay this price or how can i afford these

crazy prices in maui what’s your


well i mean keep in mind the asset that

you own in maui when you sell it

you’re selling it in maui so it’s just

it’s really important to just look at

the market that you’re buying in and

get a good value in that market in that



you cannot compare it to other markets

while you’re looking

um and then as far as i mean how do you

afford it

i mean real estate’s expensive it’s

always been expensive


you just have to decide if it’s

something that you want to own and

jump in i mean the good thing about real

estate is you can live in it

i think the thing too is like i mean you

you’re touching a simple point and it’s

it’s overlooked it’s it’s so it’s so

obvious but it but i think it it means a

lot which is well number one you live in

it which is which is you know you’re

where you are but it’s also it it you

know you’re

if you’re able to hold on to the pr if

you haven’t over bought where you’re in

a bad financial situation if you kind of

you know if you can afford it

it’s especially in hawaii there’s a good

chance that you know if you can hold on

to for a few years you’re going to be

able to sell it for more than you bought

it for now whether that’s one year

you’ll be so you know one year or

whether it’s five years you’re going to

be able to sell for more than you bought

it for so it is you know one of the best

terms i’ve ever heard is like this is a

force it’s a for savings account right

it’s a for savings account and if you

could get that part you can get over it


and here and here’s some just real world

perspective right i sold i sold my house


a year ago a little more than a year ago


when we sold it for 450 i thought man

this is crazy that someone’s gonna buy

this old house in this neighborhood they

paid over over what we were asking for


and it sold

and then today there’s like houses right

next to it selling for 600 right so that

person that bought that house is feeling

like a genius today i mean in my

professional opinion i feel like that

was kind of like expensive at the time

and you know less than 18 months later

they probably made a hundred plus

thousand in equity in that house so

at that time it may have felt like a lot

but now you feel like a genius so you

know it all depends on where you are in

your timeline

and and it all depends on the conditions

no one would have i don’t think you know

i remember you know when when when covet

first struck right and like the asteroid

hit the planet right

we were like man you know what what is

going to happen we kind of didn’t know

until there was a little bit of a you

know a trend line started but really you

know there were a lot of people that i’m

sure there were a lot of people who lost

a lot of money betting against what was

going to happen i’m sure there’s a lot

of people who thought that the market

was going to crash and it did the exact

opposite and i don’t know it would have

been it would be fun to know if uh who

accurately predicted that there was

going to be such an increase in the uh

that you know that there i’d love to

know if anyone accurately predicted what

was going to happen in hawaii’s real

estate market i think everyone was

thinking crash maybe because we’re we’re

still sore from the 2008 uh uh the 2008

asteroid uh but uh everybody thought it

was gonna crash and it did not so you

never know right you never know dylan

right and uh the happiest people are the

ones that bought in 2020.

anybody well you’re not going to want a

house in 2020 thinks they’re a genius so

you’re you are not kidding

absolutely right

uh it’s uh those are those are those are

great moments if you if you can get to

them oh hey man we’ve i completely

forgot we didn’t do our diamonds and

deals geez i so i’m so frazzled you know

the power i’m still like freaking out on

the power outage so why don’t we do this

real quick so let’s do this real fast

and uh we will we’ll skip the the

closing thoughts i do want to get to our

diamonds and deals uh let’s move on and

uh door of faith love this heidi this is

a court what what is this heidi

so this is out in haiku um

on a very dramatic sea cliff it’s two


um large five bedroom home and an

attached ohana there’s an infinity pool

as you can see in that one picture


it’s a diamond and a deal at

just about two and a half million it is

under contract by the way

um so but yeah just a really incredible


um it’s spring-fed water

and there is fiber optic high-speed

internet so you can work remotely out


wow that that is that is i that’s i

heidi uh we’ll see but i think that’s

the winner for today that is

unbelievable on that almost looks like

an airstrip if i if i zoom it looks like

like a landing field over there that one

straight thing whatever that is whatever

it is it’s awesome what an amazing place

and we we just talked about those uh

those thousand foot cliff drops that

how’s that for a thousand foot clipped

off straight into the ocean with that

infinity pool unbelievable

uh hawaii kai scott what are we looking

at over here

yeah this was a that’s a pretty unique

one or really cool and came on yesterday

um so it’s

it’s in hawaii kai it’s in the valley um

mariners valley and it’s on a fifteen

thousand a little more than fifteen

thousand square foot lot which is really

big for the area this is a rim lot it

butts up against the hillside and the

valley so part of the lot is level and

you you do have the pool you got four

bedrooms two and a half bath it’s over

2200 square feet into your living space

renovated you got these soaring ceilings

a lot of light it’s a really nicely done


and then the second part of the property

that’s not level it terraces up and goes

up the hillside so you got these little

perch areas where you can kind of

oversee the valley and entertain from

and uh and you got fruit trees and

things so it’s super private you have no

back neighbors it’s all conservation

land that’s in behind you but yet you

have this you know really nice level

portion as well and a good size home

great for entertaining and for kids and

with the pool and it’s listed at 1.495


i’d say that’s a diamond and a deal uh

at 1.4 uh now this is kalama valley is

this that is that where this is it’s

mariners valley so if you’re going to

earners home road right to the back so

you’re really close to where the

shopping centers are and everything in

the marina so you’re not tucked too far

back in hawaii kai it’s a really good

location really good so a good location

that is a uh i i’d have to say knowing

what i’ve known what little i see about

the market that seems to be actually a

really good price diamond and a deal

pool with a 2200 square foot home

awesome all right what do we got left to

hear uh banyan’s a four four four

bedroom five bath on banyan’s bay 3.5

dylan 303.49 dylan what is this

yes look at that that all it’s a it’s

like a three bit or almost a four-story

house there

right on the point and this is a

surfer’s paradise so if you’re if you

like the surf there is basically one big

bay in kona that has two of the best

surf spots so banyan’s on is to the

south of this house and then lyman’s is

to the north and banyan’s is like the

best short board kind of barreling

closest thing to pipeline that we kind

of have on the big island and then

lyman’s is a really it’s got to be kind

of big but it’s beautiful long left

that’s a great longboard wave or um you

know it’s a real a real mellow break but

it’s got to be big when it breaks

because because it’s really deep so just

a super cool location i mean four

bedrooms five baths i mean you know the

knives at every story just ridiculous

you get that picture on the top

top left like just windows just right on

the ocean and it’s out on a point so

when you look left and right i mean it’s

like over 180 you know 180 degree ocean

views pretty much so yeah just a real

rare one doesn’t come stuff like this

doesn’t come up very often and that that

that looks absolutely amazing and and

paul says it’s banyan’s so it sounds

like paul serves up paul are you surfing

banyans and it sounds like you might be

serving banyans awesome hey again great

uh great job today look it’s we’re one

minute shy let’s just do some really

quick closing thoughts this has been a

great uh a great setup over here uh

let’s let’s play with this so what’s our

closing thought for today let’s let’s go

down let’s go from bottom up heidi scott

and dylan heidi what’s your closing

thought for today


just take the time every day to

recognize the good things in your life


be grateful and it’s it’s something i

try to think about because

there’s always something good in the day

always something good in the day and be


amen to that uh hawaii makes it easy

scott what’s your thought of the day

i just wanted to wish everybody a happy

halloween i was going to get a costume

but i ran out of time it would have been

fun being on here with a really goofy

looking costume but

happy halloween everybody

hey you had your uh that’s that’s right

you you were the guy that that that had

the fun the fun christmas hat of course

how could we forget how can we forget

and uh thanks paul paul has done that

and and uh

excellent and uh lin says uh enjoy

always catching the live stream aloha

friday yeah welcome lin and hey folks uh

welcome lyndon if you’ve got any closing

thoughts love to hear your closing

wisdom pop them in the comments uh of

course we all we all look forward to the

great dylanism every every other friday

dylan what’s your closing thought for

today so my thought for the week i heard

this this weekend it was like really

stuck with you and i added to my list so

the worst thing you can be is a level 10

player in a level 5 opportunity and it’s

business related but i think about it in

life too right if you want to live life

to level 10 but you live in a place that

only lets you do it to level 5 you got

to change your opportunity you got to

change your environment right so don’t

be a level 5 player don’t be a level 10

player in a level 5 opportunity

you’re going to be a level 10 player

goal to be a level the same is true in

in business and career right i mean if

you’re not reaching your full potential

where you’re at and you have more

potential go someplace else yeah

absolutely well well well said mahalo

tom we’re glad that you’re a part of our

show and glad that you stuck it all the

way through i i came across my another

favorite proverb i don’t come i don’t

come across these often but when i do i

do want to share them i came across a

great thing in proverb the book of

proverbs i highly recommend it whether

you’re religious or not it’s of amazing

wisdom in the in the book uh the human

mind may devise many plans but it is the

purpose of the lord that will be

established and what that means to me is

that is that basically you know you

could you can make whatever plans that

that you want but but it is the plans of

whatever you’re connecting to whatever

higher power you connect to connecting

to a higher power those are the plans

that are established you may think of

one thing or another but those higher

plans in other words align yourself to

higher plans that’s my thought for for

the day all right folks well i think

that’s about it we’re going to we’re

going to close this one up i want to

thank you all for giving your your thank

you for being here auntie joyce uh and

and paul

and uh who else who else we gotta bring

in janine hallelujah indeed janine uh

pam great pen great to have you here uh

bernard welcome great uh great that you

are a part of it amen and aloha that’s

bernard’s working with scott and uh judy

thanks judy i’m great thank you judy for

giving a plug to joining the elender

hana all right folks uh we’re going to

say goodbye let’s do a quick quick round

clockwise scott i mean dylan scott and

heidi go hello everybody have a good


have a good weekend


aloha everybody thanks again thanks ray

and thanks heather oh ray good to see

you again all right folks y’all take

care aloha