I)n C)ase Y)ou M)issed I)t:

The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate show is archived on YouTube and Facebook.

Every other Friday at 9am Hawaii time, our expert team answers your questions about Hawaii real estate.

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

05:23 Corona Virus Update 626
15:17 Big island Hapuna for 500k
18:34 What does $200-$250k buy
26:10 Price range to rent on Oahu
27:26 What to bring then moving
35:18 Can ship car with boxes
36:49 Captain Cook property
39:07 Kakaako condo
44:14 Airbnb for LGBT
48:23 Buying rentals in kona
50:24 Are foreclosures coming
54:55 Non resident buying condo on oahu
59:54 Cheaper places to rent in oahu
1:00:39 Best place for retirement
1:02:23 Is Ewa Beach nice area
1:02:52 Can get tested on island
1:03:41 Oahu best for medical care

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