We had what could be the most comprehensive discussion about how the downturn will affect Hawaii real estate values. You can jump to the start of the discussion right here and watch the whole thing if you want to be educated on what’s going on.

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Show start 7/8/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 7/8/22
Cats are living the dream on Lanai
Big Island News & Market Update 7/8/22
Maui News & Market Update 7/8/22
Oahu News & Market Update 7/8/22
How is the economic downturn affeciing Hawaii Real Estate
Lending is nothing like the early 2000s
Advice if you’re looking to buy a home to live in
Why Maui’s market is resilient in downturns
Gubernatorial candidate claims he will build thousands of new homes
Is there a reference guide to manage the condo-hunting period?
Price drop examples on Big Island
We are in an adjustment period
How do you keep salt air from destroying your cars?
What’s the secret to keeping geckos out of your house?
How are forebearances affecting mortgage markets?
What should sellers be doing in a cooling market?
What’s one cause of high housing prices?
Example of Hawaiians unable to build on their own land
Manoa residents don’t want elderly care home
Neighbors complain about goat-dozers used instead of bulldozers
Very little equity risk in the market right now
What’s the take-away for today’s market conditions facing a downturn
How new Home Construction affects market conditions
Recession does not mean housing crisis
Can I rent out a tiny house in my back yard?
Maui 2/2 Oceanfront $1.2M
Lanikai hillside $14.8M
Big Island 4/2 on 1 acre $1.19M
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