Experts from across the state of Hawaii answer your Real Estate questions.

Real estate topics covered this week including a discussion about whether you should move to Hawaii now, or save and come later, deciding whether or not to make Hawaii your legal residence, and a really special announcement!

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Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

00:00 Pre-show starts 12/11
06:11 COVID update
14:30 Real Estate Market update as of 12/11
15:11 Oahu Real Estate Market Update
17:58 Big Island Real Estate Market Update
20:44 Condos in Kona with storage to fit Kayak?
22:00 Maui Real Estate market update
22:59 What do you think of HGTV shows Hawaii LIfe or Hawaii Hunters?
29:01 Is it better to make Hawaii your legal residence instead of other states?
31:29 Is there a specific hotel to stay at for quarantine?
32:39 Should you move to Hawaii now or save and move later?
44:01 How are the public schools on the Big Island?
50:30 Should you spend time visiting all the islands before buying a home?
52:22 Do you need a Hawaii driver’s license to get kamaaina discounts?
53:47 Maui 5 bd cottage and barn property
55:13 Oahu 2bd 1ba condo
57:27 Big island 3 acres
1:01:11 Is Oceanview on Big Island a strange place
1:03:01 Closing motivational thoughts
1:07:08 Launching
1:10:57 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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