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Show Start 4/28/23
Intro- Ashliey Wasson
Intro-Dylan Nonaka
Kanakapila – Amy Hanaialii
News Update 4/28/23
Hiking Adventures
Locals bragging rights culture
Big Island Market update 4/28/23 Big Island
Maui Market update 4/28/23
Oahu Market update 4/28/23
Do people commute from Island to Island for work?
Millenial Takeover Apocalypse?
Daily Commute to Kauai from Oahu?
How to get long-term rental in Hawaii
Oahu Long-term rental tips
Maui Long-term rental tips
Big Island Long-term rental tips
Oceanfront Maui $7.9M
Oahu 2bd/1ba condo $405k
Kona 2 vacation rentals
Closing Motivational Thoughts

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