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The next Islander Ohana cohort starts on January. If you want to live in Hawaii, this is the program for you.  Why?

Avoid the disaster of a huge mistake – for free

According to government statistics, approximately 50,000 people move to Hawaii every year and 60,000 leave.  Some of those folks came here on a hope, prayer, and a dream looking to find paradise but instead discovered a disaster involving financial ruin, relationship loss, or career destruction. 
But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Joining the Islander Ohana gives you access to the first course to see if Hawaii is right for you. And if you finish that first course and realize Hawaii isn’t right, you can stop right there and get a full refund!

Here’s what alumni Darryl from Texas said about the program:

“Our family of six was ready to buy sight-unseen during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. After 8 months of research, we sold our house and almost all of our belongings. While waiting for a property to open up, we were able to take a breath…pause…and consider again all the facets of moving to Hawai`i by joining the Islander Ohana…Everyone’s experience and situation is different in the group, but with the help of the Islander Ohana, we were able to make a confident decision that Hawai`i is still right for us, albeit not “right now” with so many little ones we have.”

Darryl from Texas, Winter ’20 Islander Ohana Alumni

It’s easier when you’re with friends

The Islander Ohana cohorts meet every two weeks via 5 online conferences.  You’ll learn and share from each other and make new friends that are on the same journey as you. You’ll also get to meet all the Islander Alumni via our private Facebook Group and participate in our regular Islander Ohana meetups. This means you will instantly have a connection to a group of people with common interests and a common base of knowledge on day 1 of your life in Hawaii.  Priceless! 

Learn in weeks what normally takes decades

There’s a joke in Hawaii about how little newcomers know. People will say something like, “Well I’ve only been here for 10 years so obviously I’m clueless about such and such”. And it’s true. 

Hawaii has an incredibly complex culture and values that most who move here fail to learn with predictable results. And we have a solution to that.

Part of the Hawaii Islander Transformation Program includes 6 self-paced courses that we review in our 5 live conferences.  You’ll gain the wisdom and experience gained over nearly 40 years of living in Hawaii that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s what our alumni Joan from Colorado Springs (who now lives in Hawaii) said,

“You might think you already know everything that’s pertinent to your move. Believe me you will learn things you weren’t even aware of. It’s a different mindset than living on the mainland. It’s wonderful to interact with others who may have, or have already had the same questions you have. I feel the Ohana Cohort is a valuable tool in your move and is money well spent.”

Joan from Colorado Springs. Fall ’21 Islander Ohana alumni and living in Hawaii
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Start with great connections to find a job

Getting a job in Hawaii is all about who you know in addition to what you know. We’ll leave the “what” to you and the Islander Ohana will help you connect with the “who”.  We’re in partnership with Hawaii’s largest employer and that in conjunction with our course “Ace the job interview” will give you the best possible chance for success. We can’t guarantee you a job, but we will give you the tools and connections to give you the best chance for success.

Get 100% rebate when you buy a home in Hawaii

Members of the Islander Ohana that use our network of experts to buy their home in Hawaii will get a rebate of their membership fees at closing. If you’re seriously planning to buy a home in Hawaii, joining the Islander Ohana and receiving all of its benefits (not the least of which is our course “Buying a home“) becomes free. 

Start your journey today

Meeting up with people just like you who are planning on living in Hawaii and going through this program together is a truly rewarding experience and I can’t wait to go through the program with you in this next cohort. Join me and others like you that are on this adventure!

Serious about Hawaii? Join us

Anyone can move to Hawaii – it’s a cheap one-day ticket to land here.  Only a tiny fraction of people actually end up living in Hawaii and that’s what joining the Islander Ohana is all about.