We answered this video from Melissa of Thornton, CO:

Are there many places to hike where I can bring my dog on leash? By hiking, I mean with a decent decline/incline for a good workout of probably 4+ miles, and not just “walking” on mostly level ground–I consider that trail walking, not hiking LOL! My shih tzu puppy, Ripley (yes as in Ellen Ripley), LOVES hiking here in Colorado (her sister Arya happily lounges at home on the couch when Ripley and I go hiking), & I want to take her hiking when I move to HI eventually. I’m mostly interested in living on probably Oahu, the Big Island, or Maui, as I would like access to good K-12 schools, and I also do ballroom dancing. She loves playing with moving water too, so any trails that encounter streams or waterfalls would be great! We don’t mind doing the same ones most of the time.

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