Here’s a first look at the trail and waterfall at Sacred Falls Park on the Northeast side of Oahu. The waterfall trail has just re-opened in January 2015.

UPDATE – My mind must have made this up because I want it so bad. I swear I heard my buddy say they re-opened the trail, which makes no sense to me, but he has video and all so I made this post. Apparently it is not open again.

From my buddy’s YouTube video:

Kaliuwa’a Falls is a multistage falls totaling over 1,100 feet high and is located along the Kaluanui stream in Hau’ula, Oahu. This video shows only the 80-foot stage which is accessible by foot. On Mother’s Day (May 9) in 1999, a landslide resulted in many deaths and injuries, prompting the State of Hawaii to close the trail until today.