You’ll discover many things you won’t need after moving to Hawaii. Hawaii offers a lot to its inhabitants. It’s got a plethora of hiking activities, lots of beaches and of course the sunny weather.  We’ve talked about things you’ll need when moving to Hawaii, but let’s talk about things you won’t need anymore once you move to paradise. 

 1. You won’t need winter boots after moving to Hawaii

You won’t need winter boots anymore for trudging through the snow!  There’s no snow here!  Although there are some fashion outlets here that can fulfill your need for fashionable boots, as far as necessities go, you won’t need them anymore.  People typically wear “rubbah slippahs” here, with no care to covering their little toes.  Not to mention, it would probably get too hot for you to be wearing boots everywhere!  It wouldn’t make sense if you did that!

moving to Hawaii

Snow boots don’t need to take up any more room in your closet. Pixabay image. No attribution required.

2. You won’t need trailers and RVs after moving to Hawaii

You won’t need a trailer because you won’t be going on a cross country road trip.  Although we have an interstate, you won’t be able to travel to other states without a flight, that’s a fact.  Trailers also don’t have any room in the islands because they would require a big enough property to park them on, and properties in Hawaii are relatively smaller because there is less of it.  Not to mention, there are not trailer parks to take them, too!  

3. You won’t need snow blowers after moving to Hawaii


Image is in public domain.

Instead of snow blowers, you’ll most likely need a leaf blower.  Mango trees are popular in Hawaii, and if you plan on having one in your backyard, be prepared for the big leaves that fall often.  The trade winds in the islands also contribute to leaves falling and blowing all over the yard.  Plumeria trees are also very popular, which shed leaves a lot, too.  Investing in a leaf blower would not be a bad idea! 

4. You won’t need All wheel drive after moving to Hawaii

All wheel drive is a necessity for driving through snow, mud, or rough terrain.  Although Hawaii has beautiful terrain, you won’t be driving on it.  Hawaii has little to no “off-roading” adventures that you can embark on.  Although a huge part of Hawaii is public land, like the beaches, that doesn’t mean you can access it with a vehicle.  Compared to places like Reno, where there are obvious off-roading routes, Hawaii doesn’t have any accessible routes, you’d have to drive through someone’s backyard and after that, most of the terrain so overgrown by vegetation, things you don’t want to run over.  All wheel drive is also unnecessary because there is simply no snow to have to drive through!  

5. You won’t need coats after moving to Hawaii

If I haven’t already emphasized enough how much we don’t have winter in Hawaii, I’ll do it again.  You won’t need any coats here because the coldest it gets in December is 75 degrees, sometimes!  One day it was 65 degrees and everyone thought it was the apocalypse, until the sun came out in the afternoon!  Light clothing and comfortable active wear will keep your body in a relaxed, comfortable state.  The most you’ll need is a very light jacket for the rainiest coldest days of the year. Thick winter coats would actually probably give you a heat stroke.  

moving to Hawaii

Wearing a winter coat in Hawaii would probably just give you heat stroke. Pixabay image. No attribution required.

These are just our top 5 things that you won’t need when moving to Hawaii, but I’m sure there could be more depending on your lifestyle on the mainland!