Hawaii’s has a healthy lifestyle throughout the islands.  There are a few components such as our proximity to the ocean (like literally, we’re in the middle of the Pacific,) the warm climate and popular lifestyle activities.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle #1: Fresh fish

Fish Auction@Pier 38 by Chie Gondo is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

Fresh fish is a common dish on dinner tables in Hawaii. Fishing is also a common livelihood for many locals here. It’s sold at almost every grocery store, including Costco! Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet because of its supply of nutrients, protein and vitamin D. It’s also got omega-3 fatty acids which are great for the brain. The fact that Hawaii specializes in delicious fresh fish is a key part of our healthy lifestyle.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle #2:Ocean access

There is easy and abundant access to the ocean throughout all of the islands. The ocean is like our gym. It provides great workouts like surfing, paddling, stand up paddling – or just swimming laps across the beach. Swimming laps in the ocean is not like swimming in a pool. The waves and currents make for a challenging workout. However, the great part about all of this is that it’s a low-impact sport. Unless you’re surfing winter swells on the north shore of O’ahu that are over 12′ tall, it’s a sport that’s easy on the body. In addition to this, the water is warm throughout the year so you can work out in the outdoors for 365 days of the year.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

Ocean access is everywhere. Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle #3:Outdoor lifestyle

Watersports aren’t the only sports in Hawaii. Hiking and exploring the islands are also popular. Locals enjoy sunshine throughout the year and because many people have dogs here, they’re always outside. Everyone is out walking their dogs around 6pm every day or going for an evening job. It’s naturally an outdoor lifestyle. One of the things that may be motivating this culture is the fact that everyone is in bikinis every weekend. So we’ve all got to be bikini ready all the time! No pressure! You may feel intimidated at first but you’ll be tan and in shape within a few months of practicing this outdoor lifestyle every day.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

Outdoor sports happen year-round, paddling is one of the common ones. Image is in public domain. source https://www.dvidshub.net/image/1509244

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle #4: Healthy living

The bikini and outdoor lifestyle leads to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being active, people are also eating very healthy. For example, one of the most popular afternoon meals is a fruit bowl. You’ll see fruit stands across the north shore and many many local chains that specialize in fruit bowls and smoothies. It’s everyone’s go-to. Instead of stopping for fried chicken and fries, we stop for fruit bowls. Not to say fried chicken and fries aren’t offered in Hawaii, but fruit bowls are pretty damn popular.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

Fruit Bowls are abundant in the islands. Image Copyright Celina Ma Photography. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle #5: Diverse climate

Although it’s warm all year round, we experience high humidity during the summer months and high precipitation during the winter months. The high humidity may feel uncomfortable but it’s great for moisturizing your skin and hair. It also makes for a heated outdoor workout during the summer months! Not to mention, climate can change throughout one island. For example, the north shore of O’ahu can be rainy compared to the sunny south shore (or vice versa.) It just all depends.

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

Hawaii sees high winds, high humidity, high sunshine and high rain – sometimes all at once! Image is in public domain.