Things that make living in Hawaii awesome #1: you will always win every envy comparison

When people are asking you about your hometown and you describe recreational activities, weather, popular locations, food, etc. you’ll quickly realize that you will win every comparison.  When you’re comparing weather, nothing beats Hawaii’s year round tropical climate.  When you’re comparing recreational activities, nothing compares laying out on a beautiful beach under the Hawaiian sun.  When you’re comparing food, nothing beats the abundant supply of fresh sushi in the islands.  As you develop this conversation with people, you’ll quickly learn that people are envious of those who get to call Hawaii home. You get to tell people that in the midst of February you were out at the beach sun tanning in 80 degree weather.  People who don’t have that can get jealous of you.  It’s one of the many things that makes Hawaii awesome.  It’s almost a bragging right.  

For those that genuinely enjoy the seasons and diverse weather and climate,you might not win that conversation!  However, most people don’t like getting into a cold car to night, or scraping ice off their car in the morning.  

Things that make living in Hawaii awesome #2: knowing that you live in the greatest place on earth

Hawaii is perceived as a neutral like paradise fantasy location to some. For example, when traveling outside the country (outside the U.S.,) listing Hawaii as your hometown is a mysterious island paradise. To most foreigners, people don’t even see Hawaii as part of the U.S. It’s interesting. When in Europe and you mention that you’re a U.S. citizen, that may prompt some distasteful looks from those around you. However, a “Hawaiian” resident could welcome some warm invitations.

Also, the first question people ask you when you say you’re from Hawaii is “so why are you here?” because everyone knows that Hawaii is the greatest place on Earth, so why would you leave? You’ll explain your story and why you decided to move away and then you’ll realize yourself that Hawaii really is the greatest place on Earth. It’s in that moment of self realization that everything sort of comes together.

This is one of the many things that makes living in Hawaii awesome. You get to carry the sense of Hawaii aloha with you around the world – and people notice it. For most people, they see Hawaii as paradise. The term “paradise” can mean a lot more than just warm weather and sunny beaches – it’s a state of relaxation, too.

hawaii awesome

Hawaii truly is a magical place.

Things that make living in Hawaii awesome #3: you have an aura of special when on the mainland

This brings me to my next point – you have a special aura on the mainland when people know that you’re from Hawaii. They suddenly view you as a surfing Hawaiian wearing flowers in your ear and bikinis all day long. Of course, that may be true on the weekends, but that’s enough for people to view you differently.

Others may instantly assume that you adore Hawaiian pizza and wear nothing but grass skirts. You’ll have to correct them quickly. It still all contributes to this notion that people from Hawaii are just different altogether. People think we live in this amazing sunny place that’s always beautiful – and it’s true.

cautions at beaches in Hawaii

You’ll stick out.