Cromwells is Centrally Located

The beach is close to places like Kahala Mall, Waikiki and some popular eateries. It is centrally located to these places that make it a hot spot beach to go to. This is one reason why locals love Cromwells Beach. One of my favorite things to do is pick up a poke bowl from Foodland or acai bowl from Lanikai Juice and head to the beach. Although acai bowls tend to melt and make a mess before you get there, it’s still fun to do. Like I have mentioned before, it’s a popular thing to bring food to the beach and eat it there – but make sure to take all of your trash with you. Leaving behind wrappers and plastic is not cool!


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Cromwells is not Packed

Cromwells, because of its hidden nature, is relatively not packed compared to other nearby beaches.  Waikiki is a great example of a beach that is packed all the time, with little to no space on the beach for relaxation during the packed times of the year.  In the summer, you’ll see news stories about how packed Waikiki is. We have had sand retention issues in losing large amounts of sand reserves due to the volumes of tourists visiting the Waikiki beaches. Officials have enacted efforts to create artificial sand to fill the beaches, to avoid empty reserves and sand-less beaches.  We don’t have this issue at Cromwells. It’s not nearly as packed, even on the weekends. I always seem to find nearby parking, even during the winter months.

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Cromwells Beach Has Amazing Sunsets

Cromwells is on the East side of the island but because the shore is facing the South, you can look across to the West and catch amazing sunsets. It truly is phenomenal. I love watching the sunsets here, I think they are amazing. The golden hour provides for amazing photography lighting for pictures on the beach and is just a really beautiful time in general. Cromwells is a great place to catch the sunset on the East side, along with China Walls, if you don’t want to drive to the West side of the island. I’ve seen people gather on the beach on the weekends just to watch the sunset go down. It is really beautiful.


The weather is so nice, you’ll just want to drink mimosas on the beach all day long! Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Cromwells beach has Calm Waters

Cromwells beach has safe, calm waters for those who just want a dip in the water.  It’s also got a surf break, but that’s a far paddle out. I love going to cromwells for this reason -it’s calm waters.  If I don’t want to worry about getting swept out to sea for the day, I head to cromwells because it’s a safe beach for this kind of activity.  Usually I just like to float around on my back, it’s relaxing. Some beaches, like Makapuu, are not made for these kind of relaxing things. Makapuu is made for body surfing.  Cromwells, though, offers calm tides and relaxing ocean waters. Because of this, sitting on the sand near the shorebreak doesn’t pose any risky “rogue wave” dangers, unlike some beaches on the North Shore.   

segregation in Hawaii

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