Surfing is an iconic part of Hawaii’s facade and that’s why bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu is so much fun. Everyone knows that the best surfing in the world is done in Hawaii where you can surf all year long in warm water, big waves and beautiful scenery. Surfing has been around for a long time and has grown in TV popularity over the years. Surf champions are heros in their hometowns, especially John John Florence. John John Florence won world champion this year and the entire North Shore is decorated with signs congratulating him.

Bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu

Although the North Shore is home to one of the most famous surf competitions in the world, the South shore of O’ahu has some great surf spots as well for bodyboarders. I personally love Sherwoods Beach in Waimanalo. Sherwoods has ample parking every single time I’ve gone there. It’s separated from Waimanalo beach so there are rarely big crowds. The sand is so fine you’ll just want to roll in it, and the water isn’t nearly as strong as the nearby Makapuu Beach. It’s got some great waves to toss you around and give you a fun spin, but there aren’t any strong currents that could whip you out to sea. There isn’t much long boarding going on at this beach, the only real surfboards I’ve seen have been short ones that are good at tricks. If you’re planning on long boarding, find somewhere else.


Even on a cloudy day, it still looks nice.

The best part about bodyboarding here is the waves are frequent and fun. They’re not as strong as Makapuu so you can have a lot of fun if you’re a beginner. Beginners won’t have to worry about getting whipped out to sea by a gnarly current. However, there aren’t any lifeguards at Sherwoods so you’ll still need to practice caution with your ocean experience, as you always should. If you do want to bodyboard here, I would recommend bringing along a good pair of fins and a bodyboard. You could do without the fins, as I’ve done before, but the fins make it a whole lot easier to travel in the water. Also come equipped with sunscreen. I’m a big proponent of lathering sunscreen all over me, especially on my face. I use thick zinc sunscreen on my face to prevent bad burns, because those are the worst. People think that burning themselves will help tan them but in reality, you’re just burning off that layer of skin cells faster and the tan won’t last as long. If you want a nice deep tan that will last for weeks, use coconut oil and sunscreen and don’t spend hours in the sun per day.

swing on the beach

I love this swing at Sherwoods. It’s so cute.

Another great thing about Sherwoods is that even if you’re not in the mood to bodyboard, you can still enjoy the water. I’ve done this numerous times, and playing around in the water can still be a lot of fun. Sherwoods is also a great beach to just lie on the sand and enjoy the sun because the sand is so fine and on a hot summer day the cool breeze coming off the ocean feels so good!