My favorite best Instagram views of Hawaii

Once while I was in California someone commented to me on the fact that when they think of Hawaii, they think of the best Instagram views of Hawaii. Hawaii’s gorgeous beauty and amazing outdoor venues make for some sick photography adventures and Instagram posts. There are certain local Instagram accounts that are especially popular and most islanders know of. Jay Alvarrez and Nainoa Langer are some examples. These two have built a social media reputation for themselves complete with YouTube videos of their adventurous lives. Their photography and videography can really blow you away.

1.Jay Alvarrez

My first best Instagram views of Hawaii is taken at a hike that is now illegal, the Deadman’s Catwalk. This hike is on private property and has been off limits for a while but law officials have recently clamped down on the hike. The hike’s most iconic feature is its’ launchpad for hang gliders. This launchpad has since been removed in an effort to discourage hikers from going up there. 

2. San Lorenzo Bikinis

San Lorenzo is one of the largest brazilian bikini companies in Hawaii, and one of the classic originals. Every girl has at least one kini from San Lorenzo, including myself. It’s definitely an iconic store that represents the kini kind of lifestyle’s strong presence here in Hawaii. My second best Instagram views of Hawaii is a classic shot of a beautiful girl on the beach in Hawaii with barely anyone in sight. San Lorenzo’s Instagram is filled with these and if you scroll through you’ll surely find more cute bikinis.

3. Nainoa Langer

Nainoa Langer is a young video artist that has a sick Instagram and YouTube account. His video work is really amazing. My third best Instagram views of Hawaii was taken on some secluded beach on O’ahu with really clear waters, it looks like the West side on a clear day, or potentially Waimanalo area on a sunny day. Of course this picture has been highly edited to adjust its exposure and saturation but for the most part that beauty all belongs to Hawaii.   

4. Nainoa Langer

I absolutely love Langer’s work, if you can’t tell already. My fourth best Instagram views of Hawaii is taken on the South Point of the Big Island, one of the most popular diving spots for locals. It’s a pretty high jump. I’ve never done it before but I see it all over my Instagram. This is definitely one of my favorite shots of the cool place because it’s just so iconic and so “Hawaii.”

5. Shanger Danger

Hawaii has great opportunities for cute couple pictures. This is one my favorites because it’s got islands in the background and of course the girl in the picture is wearing a skimpy brazilian bikini, just like every typical island girl. It’s also unique because most couples that take this picture on the mainland are surrounded by big buildings or urban environments whereas here there’s nothing in the background but the blue ocean and beautiful Hawaii. My fifth best Instagram views of Hawaii picture is on Sand Island, which is one of the islands off Lanikai.

6. Justin Shiigi

My sixth best Instagram views of Hawaii is so darn cool underwater. It’s also pretty difficult to get this kind of shot because of the delicate atmosphere. You have to get the right lighting to capture the bubble and the person in the picture also has to be careful not to pop the bubble. I’ve seen a few of these kinds of shots on Instagram but this one is one of my favorites.

7. Shanger Danger

My seventh best Instagram views of Hawaii is not taken at Lanikai Beach, I’m pretty sure it’s at Waimea Canyon. Anyway, it’s such a sick shot of the entire canyon with a cool view. I’ve seen pictures similar to this one from this angle of someone dangling their feet over a huge drop. This is one of my favorite angles by far.