A really easy hike, to say the least. This is the kind of hike that your small 9-pound poodle could easily do.


Aside from how easy this hike is, it’s conveniently equipped with ample parking and nearby beaches. I would recommend parking at the Halona Blowhole Lookout. Bring a full water bottle, comfortable running shoes and wear sunscreen! This hike is so easy you could probably do this in high-waisted shorts and a bikini (never forget that Instagram aesthetic right.)

Koko Head Arch Hike

Super awesome breeze and some sweet views!


Trail information

After parking, start walking and take a left out of the lot. Cross the road to get to the other side of the street and look for the mile 15 marker sign. This is where you’ll begin your ascent. The beginning is the trickiest part because it does take some climbing strategy. However, once you’re on top of the ridge it’s smooth sailing from that point on. Once you get past the tricky part and get up on the ridge, the trail is pretty obvious from here. Keep on following that trail, you might even run into some people. For the most part this hike is never busy but it’s nice to meet some fellow adventurers. It’s a little difficult to spot the actual arch, you’ll definitely have to look for it because although it is massive, the colors in the area all blend together. Once you’ve finished most of the ascent, you’ll have to employ some more strategy with climbing underneath the handle to get that Instagram picture. It can be a little slippery. I would suggest going down and around the left to get under that arch. When you’re done and ready to get back down, go down the same way you came up but be very cautious when getting out from under that arch; crab-walk it if you have to. I brought my poodle the first time I did this hike and he was even slipping a bit, and he’s a pro at hiking.

Koko Head Arch Hike

Koko Head Arch Hike from the top


I think the best part of this hike is the sudden breeze that you’ll feel. Even on a hot day at noon, you’ll stay pretty cooled off because of this wind. You can do this hike at any point in the day and not have to worry about the heat because of the cool breeze up here. The views of the coastline are pretty killer when you’re walking on the ridge. Take some time for pictures because “pics or it didn’t happen,” right? The hike itself is pretty short, it only takes 45 minutes round trip so you definitely have time to stop and enjoy the moment.

Koko Head Arch Hike

Follow this ridge up and down to reach the Koko Head Arch


When you’re done with the hike you can hop on down to cockroach cove right below to cool off!


Overall this hike is easy and convenient. It’s only 45 minutes round-trip, complete with parking and a nice breeze – and it’s legal (unlike some other¬†hikes on O’ahu). This trail is dog-friendly kid-friendly for sure!

Koko Head Arch Hike

Walking along the ridge to reach the Koko Head Arch.