A video question / answer session where I respond directly to inquiries received on my contact form from people considering moving to Hawaii and living on one of the islands.

Living in Hawaii Question / Answer Sessions:

1. Retired at 50, Couple Moving from Northeast to Hawaii and Living Small

Question: My wife and I are moving to Hawaii winter. We are done living with debt, having stuff, pressures of having to meet a certain standard.

Maui is where we are looking. Our goal is to live small, simple and stress free. Or as much as we can. Getting away from the northeast is the first step.

We have done 4 months of research and decided on Hawaii. Maui is top on the list. Then Kauai, Hawaii then Oahu. This will allow us to slow down, getting rid of all debt, focus on family and be happy. We want to live in a tiny house. My wife is a writer and I am a network administrator.

Thoughts, idea and any help would be helpful.

Video Response:

2. Retired Couple with $7,000 Per month on Oahu

Question: Aloha Peter, We are retiring at 50 to Honolulu. We have calculated our month net at around $7000. Here is the question :)

We can save money by buying a smal studio, at Waikiki Marina Condominium 386 sq. ft. $259K,for example. More left for fun, right? BUT, I am so afraid we’ll go stir crazy in such a small space.

May be a better way is to go with a 1 bdr. In Eaton Square at about $400K. We’ll be comfortable coming home, but higher mortgage. Is it even possible to live n a hotel room long term without going crazy? I never tried.

My husband is retired military so shopping for groceries and stuff at the local bases will save us money. What is your opinion on what is the best way to go here? Mahalo.

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3. Recent College Grad, Paying Off Loans, Living Small

Question: Hey Vern! My name is JM and i am a recent graduate from Penn State University and am currently in my first “big boy” job. I am a supply chain engineer and many of my skills revolve around using programs such as excel and doing data management. Essentially I look at data to figure out how to save money and optimize distribution networks, transportation routes, and inventory holdings.

Whether or not you understood that I cant be sure haha. I am emailing because along with the “big boy” job i have a spirit of adventure and not living the normal lifestyle. I want to live in an adventurous place where i can work to live and not live to work.

I have read all the articles about moving to Hawaii and getting a job. However, a lot of that is marked for 2010. I am great with finances and I have been entertaining the idea of moving to Hawaii with my friend. So the question is, is it possible for a guy who has some serious student loans to pull this off? I do not need fancy things and can live off a 200 dollar a month food budget here in PA no problem, do you in your personal opinion think this is even close to possible?

Video Response:
Moving to Hawaii – Video 3

4. Virgin Islands or Hawaii – Haven’t Been to Either

Question: So I just discovered you blog about an hour ago. I’ve been reading a few things and I watched your moving to Hawaii videos breaking down your book. I want to read your book too and plan on ordering it from Amazon. Anyway, I’ll get to my point here. I’ve been looking into moving away from home, which is in Missouri. The tropical lifestyle is what I definitely want. I’ve been saving and researching. I’ve narrowed it down to Hawaii or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Their both American territories which will make it easier for permanent residency and getting jobs without work permits. Your blog has been very helpful thus far. With finding housing in Hawaii do they rent out places that are already furnished? Just temporary living situations while I work on finding work and everything. The Virgin Island has this wonderful website dedicated to helping people move there and all the info they would need. It’s been a little harder to find something like that for Hawaii. But thank you for this blog. I will definitely be using it to help in my decision making.

Video Response:
Moving to Virgin Islands or Hawaii – Video 4

5. Bunch of Quick Questions

Question: This is just a few quick questions answered from people asking about Hawaii.

Video Response:
Moving to Hawaii – Some Random Questions and Answers – Video 5

6. A 23 Year Old Woman Looking for Place to Call Home

Question: Hey there Vern! So happy I came across your website. I am a 23 year old woman looking to move to Hawaii.

Quick overview – I have lived in California, Nevada, Oregon and just moved to Chicago a little more than a year ago. The winter weather was far worse than I could have ever prepared for. I am looking to make another move, most likely occurring in 1-2 years or as soon as I feel like I have saved up enough.

I am single, a yoga teacher, background in marketing/investments (no degree though) and have worked many odd jobs. I don’t have any children or people who will be depending on me if I move. I wouldn’t mind working as a cashier/server or things of that nature at all. Are those types of jobs pretty available? I checked craigslist for job offers and a lot came up, but since I don’t know the area well it was hard to get a feel if those jobs could work out for me or not.

I really want to move to Hawaii because from the times I’ve visited like you said it is completely amazing. I love the climate and I am a very laid back person and I think I would fit in well.

I have been looking on craigslist for housing just to get a feel, living alone will be out of my budget so I looked at shared housing for $500 or less a month which is do able for me.

I would sell my car and buy a bike or electric scooter. Would you advise against the electric scooter since you said insuring it can come at such a high cost?

I have only been to Maui twice and have never experienced the other islands so I know I should look into those. My brain is a little scattered so apologies for my spastic message.

I am really just needing a change of environment and after having moved so many times I’m still in search of the right place to call home. Hope to hear from you very soon! Be well.

Video Response:
Moving to Hawaii – Video 6