Wow, the blues of the water here are just spellbinding. I did not spend too many days at Sandy Beach in the water. Not out of the water either really. The sand at the beach hurts when the wind blows hard, so it isn’t any fun to lay out there. But it is quite fun to watch the bodyboarders and bodysurfers hurl themselves down waves that are set to detonate in the shorebreak in just seconds. Watching the spectacle, you have to wonder how in the world some of them are able to stand up and keep going. Necks break, arms and shoulders break, legs break, everything breaks at this place, not just the shorebreak.

Give Sandy’s a pass if you’re not a very skilled bodyboarder or bodysurfer. The waves are very difficult to read and the chance of injury is great.

Blow it up big by clicking on it, you won’t believe how incredible it is. If you’re using a MacBook retina screen, you’re going to love this.

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