When in Hawaii, there’s some necessary clothing you’ll need to enjoy paradise at its fullest! Here are our top 5 most needed clothing in Hawaii.

Clothing in Hawaii you’ll need #1: Bikinis

You must have plenty of bikinis if you choose to live in Hawaii! The bikini market in Hawaii is unique and expensive. I own at least 45 different bikinis, and I love mixing and matching. One-pieces have slowly become very popular in the islands. You’ll want a selection of bikinis to make sure you’re wearing a different one each time you go out. Bikinis are a fashion statement, especially because people in Hawaii spend so much time at the beach. The popular bikini brands are boutine la, san lorenzo bikinis and benoa swim. Those are just a few, but you can find many more online.

Clothing in Hawaii you’ll need #2: Shorts

Shorts are a MUST in the islands. When you’re going from the beach to a hike, shorts and a bikini top are seriously my go-to. Jean shorts can be pretty uncomfortable so I opt for Soffee shorts. The material is soft and the shorts are cheap. It’s a good combo. High waisted shorts are very popular in Hawaii. However, the jean material can get uncomfortable in the heat. They might be nice for an indoor activity, but if you’re spending your time indoors in Hawaii, you’re wasting your time!

clothing in Hawaii

Board shorts are the prime choice of beachwear for boys.

Clothing in Hawaii you’ll need #3: Trucker hats

Everyone has a trucker hat. There’s a reason for it. They are soft, comfortable and can easily be thrown in the washer. They also allow for air ventilation so that you don’t get a sweaty head sitting in the sun! I have a trucker hat, and it’s become my beach hat. If it gets tossed in the water, it won’t sink, which is super helpful! Trucker hats come in super cute colors with cute sayings. They can be a little on the pricey side, but to be honest, everything is pricier when you land in Hawaii.

Clothing in Hawaii you’ll need #4: The Original Pali Hawaiian Sandals

Known to most as “Jesus sandals,” the original Pali Hawaiian sandals are simple and cheap. I used them as my go-to beach shoes because I don’t care if I get sand stuck in its crevices. They are so ugly it doesn’t even matter. They are also so ugly that no one will steal them from you at the beach while you’re in the water. These sandals are also signature icons for Hawaii. They have slowly become popular for the mainland crowd and are now sold online in different colors, actually.

clothing in Hawaii

This is what comes up when you search for “homeless hawaiian sandals,” available at palihawaiiansandals.com!

Clothing in Hawaii you’ll need #5: Beach dress

Beach dresses are similar to summer dresses. They are flowy and loose-fitting with bright designs or patterns. I have several beach dresses, I’ll wear them if I’m going out to eat after the beach. Although I usually just wear shorts and a bikini top (no shoes,) and I still get service, if I’m going to a nicer restaurant, I’ll wear a dress. Most fast food places in Hawaii will give you service without shoes or a shirt, but it’s always good to cover up if you’re going to a nicer restaurant. Beach dresses are also just stylish for the setting. It’s always good to have one on hand!

Beach dresses are essentials for beach fashion. public domain source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-haired-woman-in-white-lace-long-sleeve-mini-dress-standing-on-seashore-206281/