My focus for 2012? Hawaii and revving up Aim for Awesome to cover the parts of Hawaii that make the most sense, and that have the most interest. You’ll see the redesign shortly if you aren’t seeing it already. My categories, and structure of the site has changed to focus on those areas I want to emphasize for the site. The logo is brighter, the branding, coming along. I still need a better logo – so if anyone has any ideas about how to incorporate more of Hawaii into it – I’ll listen. I’ll use you to create the logo if you have a great idea.

Specifically, my goals for focusing on Hawaii in 2012 include:

  • visiting the Hawaiian islands in mid-summer, 2012
  • adding a lot of content that will help visitors decide whether they can live in Hawaii
  • adding a lot of content to help people move to Hawaii and get started with their new lives
  • forming bonds with the owners of some great Hawaii sites
  • filling Aim for Awesome with great content like nobody else has

I have this amazing friend, his name is Patrick. I won’t go into everything he’s done in the past couple years to go from rock bottom to top of the world, but I will share one thing with you.

He just sold his website for over $200,000. He had it for about 4 years. He posted like crazy to it – sometimes up to 20 posts per day. He was quite serious about making it work. After about 3 years he was making $1,000 per month in ads. Then just 90 days later that had doubled. Who is to say how much he would have made if he kept it, but no matter really – he just made $200,000, one-fifth of a million dollars.

It hit me hard. First I was floored. When I first started Aim for Awesome, I figured I’d be like Steve Pavlina and create a helpful personal development site. My real love was writing about Hawaii, but, not being there was making me think that I’d best write about something else. Then something happened… and I found myself naturally just writing everything about Hawaii that I know. If you’ve lived in Hawaii for any amount of time, you know a lot too. It’s a process of figuring out what you know that you could share. I even ended up writing, “Moving to Hawaii – 2011” – an ebook for Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers.

Today this site has been focused on Hawaii for the last couple years. Patrick said I need about another 1,000 posts to make it an authority site. Good posts – not junk 400 word posts.

When I asked myself – do I have it in me to write another 1,000 articles about Hawaii? The answer was, yes. I have it. I’m going to knock this out and see what happens.

Another motivator for me in 2011 – to help me focus on building Aim For Awesome as a premiere Hawaii-focused site was the fact that I almost sold it off for very little money.

I’d been considering writing ebooks full-time instead of writing here about Hawaii. Someone offered about $3,000. I almost took it! hahah! What a joke that is, now that I look back, but, it was a giant motivator to start cranking.

If you are sitting there right now, somewhere in Hawaii, and you’re considering what to do with your life… maybe I can help.

Or, maybe we can help each other.

I need a lot of photos and videos of Hawaii for this site. They can be scenery, people, workplace, just about anything. They should be interesting and show some side of Hawaii – especially corresponding to the main links you see at the top of this page. Beach shots. Park shots. Attractions. Sports. Locations… ala wai canal, highrises, Diamond Head, boats, cars, trucks, picnics, fish, activities like diving, snorkeling, stores, inside mall shots, etc. I need just about everything related to Hawaii.

If you are an amateur photographer or like to shoot video there in Hawaii where you live – write me!

If you are a writer and want to write guest spots on AFA about something to do with Hawaii – write me!

If you recently moved to Hawaii and want to tell all about it – write me!

Best of luck and life in 2012!


Peter Kay