What should you plan for family visiting you in your Hawaii retirement?

Will your family come out to visit you?  What are some rules of thumb you should consider?  How should this affect the kind of house you buy?  This video will help you consider this important aspect of retirement.

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so you’ve got hawaii on your list of
places to retire is it right for you
speaking of family
a lot of people are under the impression
that if they retire in hawaii that
family is going to be visiting them i
got some bad news
ain’t gonna happen let’s talk about it
i’m peter kaye and i’ve been living the
dream in hawaii since the 80s i connect
with people that want to live in hawaii
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okay so in retirement or anything
family’s not coming to hawaii here’s the
only count on existing family members
that have already been repeat visitors
to hawaii if they come to hawaii often
they’re going to continue to come to
hawaii often the rest of family
they might come and see you once
you know as part of their if they ever
wanted to go to hawaii for a vacation uh
they’ll come now
because you’re gonna save them some
money probably right they’re gonna stay
with you
save some hotel money
maybe save some car money
so it’ll be worth it but that’s about it
now like i said
i’ve lived in hawaii since the 80s do
the math
a lot of years and i’ve got a big greek
family on the mainland now
i would say that most of them have come
to visit most of them
it’s been on their honeymoon not of all
one family has come twice two families
have come twice or more two families
have come three times and one
comes back every year
but that’s my daughter
and she was born and raised here
so what you quickly will find out after
you’ve moved here is that the kids will
come rarely if at all or they’ll only
come once i think dylan summarized it
best i hate to break it to you but your
kids are not going to visit you as often
as you think they are that’s almost 100
of the time i feel get that feedback
here’s the bottom line
you will be going to the mainland 10
times more
then family will be coming to visit you
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and get on it you might wonder well why
not why doesn’t family come over often i
got four reasons number one
hawaii’s really expensive
this is not gonna be cheap
and uh
you know if you’re talking about maybe a
family of four to come out to hawaii
it’s gonna cost a lot airfare alone
is gonna set them back thousands number
not everybody loves hawaii the way you
do you know chances are they’ve only got
time for one vacation a year
and they might take one vacation to see
but it ain’t gonna be every year number
there’s other places that people want to
go to on a vacation they don’t just want
to make hawaii the only place and number
you know
they’re not that into you
you know it’s one thing to drive over
the river and through the woods to
grandmother’s house it’s one thing to
drive there
it’s another thing to spend thousands of
dollars on a long flight to get there
you know you’re talking at least a full
day of travel just to get to hawaii for
the most part and a visit to you that’s
going to cost them a lot so how does
this affect your retirement plans i’d be
curious about this uh leave me some
and tell me how
knowing having a better understanding
about family not visiting you in
retirement does that change your plans
at all let me know if family is a really
big part of your life
and in your retirement
you really want to be surrounded by
why is not for you
not the right place now i’ve got another
video on the channel that you should
check out that talks about a broader
picture about family and goes into
detail uh look into that just search on
my channel
family in hawaii so if you’re okay
coming to hawaii
and knowing that your family is not
going to be visiting
well that has an effect on things for
don’t get the big house now i talk about
the right kind of house that you should
get in another video in this series so
check that one out so if you’ve been
thinking that i need the big house with
the ohana or extra area because my kids
are going to be here all the time it’s
probably going to be a huge waste of
money especially in hawaii where we’ve
got some of the most expensive
real estate in the country so you’re
over that part so now you’re going to
get a condo instead a small condo one or
two bedroom just enough for the two of
you what do you do when family does
not enough room well dylan gave us the
easy solution to that maybe just rent a
big house for two weeks once a year once
every two years you know when you’re
when your family comes to visit and they
don’t have to be in your house now we
talk about what you need to get for the
right house for you
in another video in this series you want
to check that one out that’ll give you
all the tips that you need but the
bottom line
for retirement planning that you need to
if you want to live in this beautiful
place like i’m right now
is that family visits
are few and far between and you should
plan accordingly take that into account
i’ve got a playlist for retiring in
hawaii you want to check that out we
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right district
financial planning living modestly all
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and i’ve been living in hawaii most of
my life
i didn’t want to wait to retirement
but if retirement’s what you got in
go for it aloha