Don’t be fooled by Hawaii’s beauty – our water can be deadly.  Here’s the easy way to stay safe.

Every week in Hawaii, people either get hurt, have to be saved, or worse, drown in Hawaiian waters.   I give you 2 simple tips to follow in this video that will keep you safe.

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you know every week in Hawaii people are
getting pulled out of the water by
lifeguards and you know they’re either
dead or they’re on their way to the
hospital and the sad part about this is
that most if not all of these really
unfortunate accidents could have been
avoided but you’re hanging with me Peter
K and I’m gonna give you two of the
really simplest most basic things that
you can do that will practically
guarantee you won’t get hurt in the
water you won’t drown
all right Aloha I’m Peter K and I moved
to Hawaii in the 80s when I was 21 years
old and I have been living the dream
ever since
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so how can you enjoy these stunning
beautiful beaches in Hawaii without
because there’s a lot of visitors that
drown every year so do these two things
every time you go in the water number
sit and watch the water okay huge
mistake that people make is you know
they’re barely they’re barely at the
beach and you know they’re jumping in
the water
big mistake so what you really want to
do especially especially if you’re going
to this beach for the very first time
but you should do it every time I mean I
do it every time I go body Surf makapu
and I’ve been body surfing makapu for
almost 40 years now every time to this
day when I go to makapu and you should
do it at any Beach is this
you sit at the Sand
and you watch the water
for about 20 minutes right what yes 20
I’m gonna go to the beach and I’m ready
to jump in the water and I gotta sit
there for and wait for 20 minutes what
am I gonna do what you’re gonna do is
you’re going to watch the water because
what happens is this is why a lot of
people get hurt what happens is
you’re in a you know you’re in the ocean
right and swells waves are coming in
swells these waves
they come in what’s called sets a set of
waves and what happens is in between
sets the water could look very flat and
very safe
but what you may not know is you could
be in between a set
and if you jump in quick and it’s a big
surf day you won’t know it because
you’re in between sets so guess what
you’re in the water having to go to a
and then bam a set comes that you didn’t
and it’s big
and trust me if you’ve never been in big
water before it is the scariest thing
sit by the beach 20 minutes especially
if you’ve never been there before watch
the water
wash the water and what are you looking
for you’re looking for a set if a set
comes in that’ll tell you what you’re
going to be facing it’ll give you a
really good idea of the conditions and
you know I got to tell you this actually
happened to me when I first got here I
went surfing with a buddy we looked out
it looked great we jumped in and that
was a huge mistake it was a big day and
we got caught
obviously I didn’t drown but I’m
speaking from personal experience there
was another time
I never forget this I’m on the beach
and I watched the family family of five
never forget this and they’re walking
along the shoreline
having a good old time
wonderful skip scap Splish Splash
didn’t watch the water they were in
between sets a huge wave came huge wave
came and they were near the shore wave
comes up
comes up to this family
comes up to about thigh up the water
came up to their thighs but then the
water was it was going back down pulls
the family down
now they’re in they’re in the water now
second wave comes and it was huge and I
saw the whole family
literally gets swallowed up by a wave
literally it was a big wave and they
almost drowned if it wasn’t for the good
graces of experts that know that water
that jumped in and saved their lives
they would have been dead because it was
a big day not to be messed with
heed my advice
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okay the number one thing you need to do
to stay safe at the beach
talk to the Lifeguard
do this every time
do this every time now look guys if
you’re a guy you’re watching I know
you’re not going to do it because guys
don’t ask for directions right we’re not
going to go talk to the Lifeguard either
okay put down your pride talk with the
Lifeguard you’ll learn something they’re
really cool by the way the lifeguards
are like total bad man
these guys they have saved lives in some
of the nastiest water in the world some
of the roughest water where people drown
every year these guys are cool so go
talk to the lifeguards ask them about
the conditions they know this beach up
and down they know this speaks like the
back of their hand they will give you
some really good tips they’ll tell you
where the current is they’ll tell you
what to stay away from they’ll tell you
about dangerous conditions you want to
talk to the Lifeguard before you go in
the water you know what you don’t
realize about the waters in Hawaii is
conditions can radically change I mean
radically change almost on a daily basis
maybe not so much daily but certainly on
a weekly basis I mean one week
it could be like flat like a lake
and then the next week
it could be
literally kill or surf literally killer
and the lifeguards they know these
conditions because they go there every
day they work there
so you want to tap that expertise go
talk to a lifeguard do it every time
even if it looks like everybody’s splish
splashing in the water you know what
there could be
there could be like poisonous jellyfish
in in the water and people don’t know
about it so that’s why you want to
definitely talk to a lifeguard before
you go in I can’t stress that enough
people don’t do it and they could have
saved them they could have saved their
lives by doing that quick recap
wait outside and look at the water for
20 minutes
watch for a set of waves coming in watch
for the conditions to change and number
two talk to the Lifeguard have them tell
you about what’s going on all right you
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place on Earth
I’m living a dream I’ve been surfing I
go surfing like once or twice a week and
I’ve been doing it for 40 years this is
this is the dream
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