A picnic at Cromwells Oahu is an awesome idea because Cromwells is an awesome beach. I spent about a third of my summer there this past summer and continue to spend a lot of time there. It’s a great beach that usually has good parking. It doesn’t have long shorelines like Sherwoods does, but I like how you get an unobstructed view of the sun when you’re here. The sun hits this area hard and at high noon, you can get a really nice tan. A lot of girls love taking skimpy bikini pictures here and the scenery is perfect for this.

Directions and parking

If you’re coming off Kalanianaole Highway from the East side, you’ll want to take the Kahala exit and turn left at the stoplight onto Kilauea Ave. Follow this road for a while and turn left on 22nd ave and then another left onto Diamond Head Road. Follow Diamond Head Road until you reach the intersection with Kahala Avenue, and you’re going to go straight. You’ll be in a neighborhood by now and if you drive a little, you’ll see the beach entrance and a bunch of people in bikinis, and you’ll know you’re here. If you get lost, google maps can pull up Cromwells for you, so don’t worry, you’ll get there. This area is a very upscale part of town, with million dollar homes on the beach. There are break-ins in the area, so I would recommend taking your valuables with you down to the beach because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There aren’t any showers at this beach so be prepared to fill your car with sand and drive a sandbag on wheels after this. It’s worth it, though. The walk down to the beach is a little long compared to other beaches and the walk along the shoreline is kind of long, too. I like to sit against the rock wall past the initial entrance. If you keep walking down the beach, you’ll find more people.


The walk down to the beach.

The picnic at Cromwells Oahu

Picknicking at Cromwells is such a fun thing to do. My girlfriends and I pick up some poke bowls and sit on the rock wall here and watch the sunset. I love it. Although the sun sets in the west, you can still get a pretty good view of it. Also, there are a ton of palm trees along this beach hence the sunset gives them all a sweet-looking silhouette that’s perfect for Instagram shots! Sunset times obviously change throughout the year. During the winter it’s typically around 6pm and during the summer it’s obviously much later. I would recommend getting to the beach about an hour and a half prior to sunset time so you can enjoy the light before it goes dark. Once you’re done enjoying the view, make sure to clean up all of your trash and take it with you. There aren’t that many trash cans at this beach so it’s important that you bring it all with you when you leave.

My favorite part about Cromwells is its seclusion from the general public. Typically only locals go to this beach so it’s a nice escape.