Here are our top 5 free things to do in Hawaii!

Free thing to do in Hawaii #1: Go to the beach!

If you’re gonna live in Hawaii, you got to go to the beach! Beaches in Hawaii are considered public property, hence you don’t need to pay to enter/park at any of them. The only beach in the entire state that you’ll have to pay for is Hanauma Bay, and that is because it is considered a natural reservation, maintained and protected by the state. However, the beach is free for those with a Hawaii state I.D. Visitors still have to pay. You can do so many things at the beach. You can have a beach picnic, go surfing, play around in the water, and soak in the sun.

Free thing to do in Hawaii #2: Go hiking!

If you’re gonna go to the beach, you should go hiking before you hit the beach. My favorite combo is hiking-beach-lunch. A hike after the beach is the best way to wash off all that sweat and dirt. You’ll enjoy the cooling water’s effects on you and it’s really just a great feeling. Hiking trails, just like the beach, are also considered public hence you won’t have to pay for hiking. Some places may charge you for parking, but I’ve only ever had to pay for parking once. There are some hikes that are illegal, such as the “stairway to heaven” hike, but this is because half of the mountain fell off a few years ago, so it’s been roped off for public safety. Although some people still manage to do the hike, the denizens of the local neighborhoods have displayed trying efforts to keep people from parking in their streets for the hike.

Free thing to do in Hawaii 3: Do a photo shoot on the beach!

People in Hawaii are known for their Instagrams. Some of the most popular Instagram profiles feature pictures of Hawaii. Hawaii is truly a gorgeous place that can offer you such great scenery for a photo shoot on the beach. You’ll see couples take their wedding or engagement photos on the beach. Mothers who are expecting also take advantage of the scenery. The beautiful beach background can be difficult to find anywhere else, so enjoy it while you can!


The best beach on the East side ever. Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Free thing to do in Hawaii #4: Have a sunset picnic at China Walls

One of my ultimate favorite things to do while I lived at home was pick up a poke bowl from foodland and watch the sunset at China Walls. China Walls is the only location on the East side of Oahu that you can view the sunset – and it’s a good view, too. This activity can be free if you choose not to buy a poke bowl, but instead bring food from home. You don’t even need to bring food if you don’t want to! The main goal is to get the sunset. To do this, I would arrive an hour before the sunset time, this gives you a good amount of time to enjoy yourself. You’ll be able to play around in the water and eat some food before the sunset starts.

shakas in the sunset

I absolutely love watching sunsets at China Walls. Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Free thing to do in Hawaii #5: Watch the stars on the beach at night

The sound of the ocean waves at night is very calming. If you’ve never experienced this before, I highly recommend that you do. Beaches are fairly unpopulated at night, so it could be a romantic night for you and your significant other to enjoy. A bottle of wine and the stars makes for a good night! However, I know beaches don’t become accessible after midnight because it’s actually illegal. Although beaches are public property, a recent law now prevents people from being at the beach at night.

rock bridge

The bridge made of rocks! . Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.


It’s important to have a list of things to do, but even more important to know what free things to do when you’re in Hawaii!