Recently we had our latest of a half-dozen requests to provide information about advertising a Hawaii-based real estate company on Aim for Awesome (.com). We have resisted advertising requests in the past for one simple reason – we don’t like the user experience that comes with having 2-10 competing companies all vying for the most eyeballs, and (AFA) suffering for it by taking away from the user’s experience.

Below is how, ideally, we’d accept advertising on this Hawaii-focused site.

Aim for Awesome can be branded by your company, to look as if it is your website. Another option is, you could buy the site outright for $14,900 (offer good through 2012). There are over 450 pages of content, all listed in Google’s index. AFA was started in 2006 and enjoys a high level of traffic from Google and other search engines. This site is focused on Hawaii, and in particular – moving to and living in Hawaii.

Branding this site could take many forms. One plan might be to put a 720×90 banner above or below the header, a 300×250 visual ad at the top of the sidebar, and another ad above the first paragraph of content, or within the content after the 1st, 2nd or 3rd paragraph (graphic or text).

This would give 3 ads per page and would be easy to implement. The rate for something like this would be about $675 per month with a substantial discount if pre-paying for one year (down to $600/month). Pre-paying one year will also bring the added benefit of locking in that rate for one more year as well – if you choose to renew the agreement.

The primary reason for you choosing to brand this site, over just buying one or two ads, is that you will not face competition from any other companies advertising on the same pages. There will ONLY be your company represented on

This is ideal for us too because we don’t need to seek other advertisers, nor do we have to clutter up the site with banners and text ads from competing companies.

To sweeten the deal…

If you pre-pay for one year of site branding with your company ads – for $7200, we will also give you a full page ad within the best selling ebook, “Moving to Hawaii – 2012” as a bonus.

If you’re interested in advertising possibilities, like that explained above, or some other idea – please contact Peter at

Aloha and Best of Life to You!