Experts from across the state of Hawaii answer your Real Estate questions.

Real estate topics covered this week includes important news and a special segment all about renting in Hawii.

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00:00 Pre-show starts 1/22
04:55 Hawaii News Update
18:47 Big Island Real Estate Market Update
20:40 Oahu Real Estate Market Update
22:54 Maui Real Estate Market Update
29:41 What about selling Maui condo
33:25 All about renting in Hawaii
36:32 Rent vs. Buy in Hawaii
39:07 Finding a place to rent on Oahu
44:13 Owning a rental for investment
46:05 Renting with pets
48:55 Words of wisdom on renting in Hawaii
51:55 How much down payment to be competitive
56:22 Best neighborhoods on Oahu
59:30 Is there a real estate market bubble developing
1:06:52 Featured Maui single family home
1:08:22 Feature Oahu Property 2bd condo
1:10:35 Big Island 3 acre estate
1:13:03 Closing motivational thoughts

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