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The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate show is archived on YouTube and Facebook.

Every other Friday at 9am Hawaii time, our expert team answers your questions about Hawaii real estate.

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

06:02 Corona Virus Update
09:54 Real Estate Market Update
14:32 COVID impact on leasehold
21:13 Can agents show properties despite virus lockdowns?
23:20 How do you manage inspections with properties bought site unseen?
24:40 Thoughts on 3 acre lots in Kohala, Big Island?
26:40 Is insurance an issue with properties with volcano damage?
29:25 Will Hawaii reopen to visitors this year?
31:32 How much better is it if you are a cash buyer?
33:03 Will COVID lead to lower real estate prices?
34:21 Can you choose from several utility companies or is it a monopoly?
35:48 What is the permit process like on Oahu?
39:30 Can I get a rental with pool and view?
46:47 Compare cost of building on a lot vs. buying a home
48:49 Cost of utilities differ per island?
50:04 Which neighborhoods on Oahu have fiber optic internet
51:19 How do illegal property improvements affect new owners?
54:16 Do architecture plans have to be approved by local Hawaii architects?
56:29 Diamond and Deal: Property with incredible views

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