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The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate show is archived on YouTube and Facebook.

Every other Friday at 9am Hawaii time, our expert team answers your questions about Hawaii real estate.

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

04:42 COVID update 9/18
08:07 Market Update 9/18
27:28 Are Tiny Homes viable in Hawaii?
36:44 Question on citizenship claims and tax filing
41:45 Capital gains for residents vs. non-residents
44:00 Advice for brand new real estate agents
45:14 Dylan on work ethic
48:58 Do senior citizens pay taxes in Hawaii
49:36 Difference of districts of Big Island
50:51 How Hawaii climate affects different sections of the islands
51:37 Magical story on the drive to Hana
53:45 Dylans experiences born and raised on Big Island
54:46 Pros and cons of new construction in Hawaii
57:40 Is setting up Airbnb frowned upon by locals in Big Island
59:17 3 bedroom Kona $385k
1:00:46 Beachfront dream home in Maui
1:01:55 1 bedroom condo Diamond Head
1:04:15 How do you know you’re next to an Airbnb

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