Here are some recommended books about life in Hawaii. Disclaimer – the first one, I wrote myself!

1. Moving To Hawaii – The Good, Bad, and Ugly! by Vern Lovic. This is a nearly comprehensive book about living in Hawaii and what it would be like, and how you might go about moving there to live. There are over 60,000 words and it has been updated for 2016 with new sections on Golf and Shopping that some of you will find very helpful! See it at Amazon by clicking the book cover above or the link below.

2. Stories of Hawaii – Jack London. Though using some words that have been deemed politically incorrect over recent years, his stories are absolutely amazing for giving the reader the feeling of Old Hawaii. I have read this and his other stories countless times, just immersing myself in the environment and living it through his eyes. The stories were written in the early 1900’s and are still very entertaining today.

3. The House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii – Jack London. Just like the book above, and with some of the same stories, and many new ones. Get both books if you like one of them.

4. The Hiker’s Guide to Hawaii – Stuart M. Hawaii has some great hiking trails, this book is a good one to have. Alternatively, there are a couple of great websites on Hawaii’s trails too.