I love getting your questions like this one from a subscriber that filled out our content survey form:

Are all the locals rude and hateful to people from the lower 48? I’ve had some negative experiences that have decreased my interest in relocating there.

The simple quick answer is “No, not all”.  It’s almost like asking “Are all New Yorkers driving maniacs?” But let’s get past the obvious and get a little more sublime.  Yes, you may get a rude, or perhaps even hateful (though frankly I’ve never had a single hateful experience from a local and I’ve been here since the 80s) experience with a Hawaii local.   Why?

So I asked our local girl Aina who was born and raised in Hawaii to give us her perspective and I think you’ll find it insightful as it comes from nearly a first person experience, as if to say, “Yeah, I live here, you’re visiting, and here’s why I’m not always the cheery person you might have come to expect”.

It’s a good read and should give you some important insights on the reality of living life here day-to-day in the Hawaiian islands.