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Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/22/20

Update: +6 cases today keeps us at around a 1% growth, keeping the curve pretty flat. World-wide growth rates continue to slow. The clear downward trend of the last 14 days indicates that our existing safety measures in place at essential businesses are effective in holding the virus at bay.   It’s reasonable to consider

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/22/202020-04-22T12:31:41-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/19/2020 weekend update

Saturday gave us a spike in new cases and +1 death in Maui. Our 14 day trendline is clearly pointing in the down direction, we’re beating global averages as well as comparison states. Total Cases:580Current Growth Rate:1.0%3 Day Average Growth Rate:2.4%Current Home Isolation:114Current Hospitalization:52 Bar chart showing how Hawaii compares to other states of similar

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/19/2020 weekend update2020-04-19T14:48:56-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/17/2020

We’re now releasing more people from isolation than we are getting new cases. I’m now more troubled by the lack of a disclosed plan, tentative thought it may be, about how we #maskUpAndWork  The global growth rate has been slowing everywhere, including now Japan.  Hawa’’s growth rate running about 2% right now, and our numbers

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Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/16/2020

What’s the plan for returning to work? Our % new cases has been steadily dropping for the entire month of April, deaths have remained unchanged for 5 days, and those released from isolation continue to climb. Can we even begin the conversation about the plan to re-open? I try to follow the media releases but

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/16/20202020-04-16T12:21:48-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/15/2020

Growth is slowing around the world while Japan still struggles. Hawaii growth curves well below comparison countries and our infection percentages far below states with similar population. What do you think is the best way to start the conversation on getting back to work?  What’s a good hashtag? “#maskUpAndWork” Total Cases:530Current Growth Rate:2.5%3 Day Average

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/15/20202020-04-15T12:19:14-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/14/2020

New graph today showing how Hawaii compares to states with similar populations. I finally found data showing total tests made and now can display our % positive of total tests. It’s hard to pick good comparison states but based on the sample, Hawaii is doing very well on all numbers. Japan continues to accelerate in

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/14/20202020-04-14T13:22:00-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/13/2020

Today’s +5 cases is a new record-breaker for smallest % increase.  My opinion: it’s time to have an open conversation on how we’re going to open up for business again.  Not saying we need to open right now, as Japan’s recent spike indicates there is peril in relaxing too early, but at the same time

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/13/20202020-04-13T12:31:58-10:00

Hawaii COVID-19 Update for 4/9/2020

4/9/2020 daily COVID19 Hawaii charts update: Celebrate a victory! Big moves in the right direction today! (Keep in mind - I’m not questioning the numbers from DOH/Global sites, just copying them.  So they may be wrong and if there is something to add please put it in the comments. Today it really felt like Christmas

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